Ashish Kumar Srivastav

Ashish, a seasoned finance professional, content editor, and blogger, brings over a decade of expertise. As Editorial Head at WallStreetMojo, he mentors writers and ensures quality. A self-published author and with a passion for financial literacy, Ashish's extensive knowledge covers investment banking, personal finance, cryptocurrency, and more. His dedication to making a positive impact is reflected in his meticulous work and Google-certified digital marketing proficiency.

Ashish Kumar Srivastav


Investment banking, personal finance, corporate finance, budgeting, financial statements, asset management, risk management, portfolio management, cryptocurrency, and MS Excel

Work Experience

Ashish Kumar Srivastav is a professional content editor, a blogger, and a self-published author. His research-based writings range from finance to cryptocurrency, health & wellness to lifestyle, and travel to academics. Ashish is also keen on writing short stories, poems, and quotes and has his two eBooks published on Wattpad.

In his current role as Content Editor at WallStreetMojo, Ashish aims to empower people with the financial knowledge they need to plan, build, and manage their wealth. His responsibilities include training and mentoring content writers while reviewing and editing their works to ensure they follow the company's business direction.

With more than ten years of experience, Ashish has also provided services as a freelance writer to several clients, especially in the finance and blockchain industry. His passion for making a difference by writing extensively about financial topics makes him a reliable contributor to the team.


A graduate from the Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Ashish holds a Master's degree in Zoology and a Bachelor's degree in Biology. He has also earned certification in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google, Inc. When not hard-working, he enjoys music, movies, and video games.