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Abenomics Absolute Advantage Absolute Advantage Vs Comparative Advantage Accelerator Effect Accommodative Monetary Policy Affirmative Action Agflation Agglomeration Economies Aggregate Demand (AD) Aggregate Expenditure Aggregate Production Function Aggregate Supply Agricultural Economics Allocative Efficiency Anti-Dumping Duty Anti-Money Laundering API Economy API Marketplace Applied Economics Arc Elasticity Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Asian Financial Crisis Assemble To Order Austerity Austrian Economics Autarky Automatic Stabilizer Autonomous Consumption Autonomous Expenditure Average Propensity to Consume Bailout Balance Of Payments Formula Balance of Trade Balance of Trade vs Balance of Payments Balanced Budget Balanced Budget Multiplier Balanced Growth Balanced Trade Baltic Dry Index (BDI) Bank Of Japan Bargaining Power Of Buyers Bargaining Power of Suppliers Barriers to Entry Barriers To Exit Barter Base Year Batch Production Beggar-Thy-Neighbor Policy Behavioral Economics Behavioral Economics Beige Book Bertrand Competition Black Economy Boom and Bust Cycles Brent Crude Bretton Woods II Bretton Woods System Brexit BRICS Countries  Broad Money Brownfield Investment Budget Deficit Budget Line Budget Surplus Buffer Stock Business Cycle Business Economics Business Ecosystem Buyer’s Market Cap and Trade Capital Controls Capital Deepening Capital Flight Capital Formation Capital Inflow Capital Outflow Capital Receipts Capitalism Capitalism Examples Capitalism Vs Communism Capitalist Economy Captive Market Carbon Accounting Carbon Credit Carbon Market Carbon Offset Carbon Tax Cartel Case Shiller Index Cash Management Bill Caveat Emptor Centrally Planned Economy Certificate of Origin Ceteris Paribus Checks And Balances Circular Economy Circular Flow of Income Circular Migration Classical Dichotomy Classical Economics Clean Energy Closed Economy Coase Theorem Collusion Command Economy Commercialization Common Market Common Pool Resources Communism Communism vs Fascism Communism vs Socialism Comparative Advantage Comparative Advantage Examples Comparative Advantage Formula Comparative Statics Competition Policy Competitive Advantage Competitive Equilibrium Competitive Market Complementary Goods Composite Demand Concentration Ratio Conflict Theory Conscious Capitalism Conspicuous Consumption Consumer Confidence Consumer Confidence Index Consumer Goods Consumer Goods vs Capital Goods Consumer Price Index (CPI) Consumer Spending Consumer Surplus Consumption Consumption Function Contraction Phase Contractionary Monetary Policy Core Inflation Corruption Cost Of Living Cost of Living Calculator Cost of Living Index Cost Push Inflation Cottage Industry Countertrade Countervailing Duties Cournot Competition  CPI vs RPI (Top Differences) Creative Destruction Credit Easing Critical Infrastructure Cross Price Elasticity of Demand Cross Price Elasticity of Demand Formula Cross Rate Crowding Out Effect Crown Assets Crude Oil Overview Cultural Economics Currency Appreciation Currency Basket Currency Board Currency Crisis Currency Depreciation Currency Devaluation Currency Market Currency Pair Currency Peg Current Account Deficit Current Account Formula Current Account vs Capital Account Customs Union Cyclical Unemployment Dallas Trimmed Mean Data Economics Deadweight Loss Deadweight Loss Formula Dear Money Debt Burden Debt Ceiling Debt Deflation Debt Sustainability Analysis Debt Sustainability Framework Debt to GDP Ratio Debt Trap Decoupling Deficit Deficit Financing Deficit Spending Deflation Deflation vs Disinflation Deglobalization Degrowth Delivered At Place Delivered Duty Paid Demand Demand and Supply Analysis Demand Curve Demand Estimation Demand For Money Demand Function Demand Schedule Demand Shock Demand Theory Demand Variability Demand-Pull Inflation Demand-Side Economics Demerit Goods Demographics Demonetization Dependency Ratio Deregulation Derived Demand Determinants of Demand Determinants Of Supply Developed Economy Developing Economy Development Economics Difference Between Economics and Business Difference Between Perfect and Monopolistic Competition Digital Goods Diminishing Marginal Productivity Direct Investment Discouraged Worker Discretionary Income Discretionary Spending Diseconomies of Scale Disequilibrium Disguised Unemployment Disinflation Disposable Income (DPI) Disposable Income Formula Division Of Labor Dollarization Domestic Market Don’t Fight The Fed Doom Loop Dove Economic Policy Advisor Dual Economy Dumping Duopoly Durable Goods Durable Goods Orders Report Dutch Disease Duty vs Tariff Dynamic Scoring Earmarking Easy Money Policy Econometrics Economic Analysis Economic Assumptions Economic Bubble Economic Collapse Economic Concepts Economic Depreciation Economic Development Economic Efficiency Economic Equilibrium Economic Examples Economic Expansion Economic Exposure Economic Factors Economic Forecasting Economic Growth Economic Growth Rate Economic Growth vs Economic Development Economic Incentives Economic Indicators Economic Inequality Economic Integration Economic Justice Economic Liberalism Economic Man Economic Moat Economic Model Economic Nationalism Economic Nexus Economic Profit Economic Recession Economic Recovery Tax Act Of 1981 Economic Rent Economic Sanctions Economic Scarcity Economic Shock Economic Shortage Economic Stability Economic Stimulus Package Economic Substance Economic Surplus Economic System Economic Theory Economic Union Economic Utility Economics Economics Formula Economies of Scale Economies of Scale vs. Economies of Scope Economies of Scope Economist Economy EDLP Efficiency Wages Egalitarianism Eggspensive Elastic Demand Elastic vs Inelastic Demand Elasticity Coefficient Electronic Money Embargo Emerging Industry Emerging Market Eminent Domain Employment Rate Employment To Population Ratio Endogenous Growth Theory Endogenous Money Engel’s Law Enterprise Fund Environmental Accounting Environmental Economics Environmental Kuznets Curve Equalization Payment Equation Of Exchange Equilibrium Price Equilibrium Quantity Equity Efficiency Tradeoff Equity in Economics Eurocurrency Eurodollar European Debt Crisis European Economic Community European Monetary System European Stability Mechanism European Union Eurozone Evolutionary Economics Ex Works Excess Capacity Exchange Control Exchange Rate Formula Exchange Rate Mechanism Exogenous Growth Theory Expansionary Monetary Policy Expansionary Policy Expected Utility Theory Expenditure Approach for GDP Experience Curve Export Export Credit Agency Export License External Debt External Economies of Scale Externalities Factor Cost Factor Market Factor Price Equalization Factors of Production Fair Wages Fannie Mae Fascism Vs Socialism FDIC Fed Balance Sheet Fed Put Federal Agency Federal Budget Federal Discount Rate Federal Funds Rate Federal Open Market Committee Federal Poverty Level Feed-In Tariff Fiat Money Finance vs Economics Financial Economics Financial Stability Financial Stability Board Financialization First World Country Fiscal Cliff Fiscal Deficit Fiscal Drag Fiscal Policy Fiscal Policy vs Monetary Policy Fisher Index Fixed Exchange Rate Flash Purchasing Managers’ Index Floating Exchange Rate Flow Of Funds Indicators Foreign Aid Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Foreign Exchange Reserve Foreign Portfolio Investment Freddie Mac Free Enterprise Free Market Free Rider Problem Free Trade Free Trade Agreement Free Trade Area Frictional Unemployment Friedman Doctrine Frontier Market Full Employment Full Form of BOP Full Form Of BPL Full Form of CAG Full Form of CRR Full Form of FDI Full Form of FIPB Full Form Of FRBM Full Form Of IFC Full Form Of IMF Full Form of INR Full Form of NRI Full Form of OECD Full Form of PFI Full Form of UIDAI Full Form of WTO Functions Of Money Fungibility G7 – Group Of Seven GDP Deflator GDP Formula GDP Per Capita GDP Per Capita Formula GDP vs GNP Gender Wage Gap General Agreement On Tariffs And Trade (GATT) General Equilibrium General Fund Gentrification Geopolitical Risk Giffen Goods Gig Economy Global Economy Global Finance Global Recession Global Trade Globalization Glocalization GNP Gold Reserve Gold Standard Goldilocks Economy Goodhart’s Law Government Grant Government Intervention Government Shutdown Government Spending Gravity Model Of Trade Great Depression Great Gatsby Curve Great Recession vs Great Depression Green Accounting Green Climate Fund Green Monday Greenback Greenspan Put Gresham’s Law Grexit Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Gross National Income Growth Curve Growth Rate Happiness Economics Hard Brexit Hard Currency Hard Landing Hard Sell Hawkish Monetary Policy Headline Inflation Health Care Financing Health Economics Heavy Industry Heckscher-Ohlin Model Helicopter Money Help-Wanted Index Henry Hub Herfindahl-Hirschman Index Heterodox Economics HM Revenue And Customs Hollowing Out Home Market Effect Homo Economicus Hong Kong Monetary Authority Hoover Index Horizontal Market Horizontal Well Hot Waitress Economic Index House Price Index Household Responsibility System Housing Bubble How Is Currency Valued? How The Government Makes Money ? Human Capital Human Development Index Hyperinflation Imperfect Competition Imperfect Market Import Import Duty Import License Import Quotas Import Substitution Industrialization Income Effect Income Elasticity Of Demand Income Elasticity of Demand Formula Income Inequality Income Per Capita Incoterms Index Number Indifference Curve Industrial Goods Industrial Production Industrial Revolution Industrial Sector Industrialization Inefficient Market Inelastic Demand Inelastic Demand Examples Inelastic Goods Infant Industry Argument Inferior Goods Inflation Inflation Expectations Inflation Formula Inflation Targeting Inflation vs Deflation Inflation vs Interest Rate Inflation vs Recession Inflationary Gap Inflationary Pressure Informal Economy Infrastructure Infrastructure Investment Innovation Economics Innovation Hub Input-Output Analysis Input-Output Tables Institutional Economics Interest Rate Effect Interest Rate Policy Intermediate Goods International Business International Economics International Finance International Fisher Effect International Monetary System International Trade Investment Theory Invisible Hands In Economics IS-LM Model ISM Manufacturing Index J-Curve Jobless Claims Jobless Recovery Jobs Growth Incentive Joint Demand Joint Supply K Percent Rule K-Shaped Recovery Keynesian Cross Keynesian Economics Kleptocracy Knowledge Economy Kondratieff Wave Krugerrands Kuznets Curve Kyoto Protocol L-Shaped Recovery Labor Economics Labor Force Labor Force Participation Rate Formula Labor Market Labor Productivity Labor Standard Labor Theory of Value Labor Union Laffer Curve Lagging Indicators Laissez-Faire Laspeyres Index Law and Economics Theory Law of Demand Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility Law of Diminishing Returns Law of One Price Law of Supply Law of Supply and Demand Leading Indicators Leading vs Lagging Indicators Legal Monopoly Legal Tender Leontief Paradox Lerner Index Life Cycle Hypothesis Likert Scale Limited Government Liquidity Preference Theory Liquidity Trap List Price Living Wage Living Wage vs Minimum Wage Long-Run Long-Run Aggregate Supply Lorenz Curve Luxury Item M1 Money Supply M3 Money Supply Maastricht Treaty Macro Environment Macroeconomic Equilibrium Macroeconomic Factor Macroeconomic Model Macroeconomic Policy Macroeconomics Macroeconomics vs Microeconomics Make to Order Malthusian Theory Managerial Economics Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price Maquiladora Marginal Analysis Marginal Efficiency Of Capital Marginal Product Formula Marginal Product of Capital Marginal Product of Labor Formula Marginal Productivity Marginal Propensity To Consume (MPC) Formula Marginal Propensity To Save Marginal Rate of Substitution Marginal Rate Of Technical Substitution Marginal Rate of Transformation Marginal Revenue Formula Marginal Social Cost Marginal Utility Marginalism Maritime Law Market Cycle Market Dynamics Market Economy Market Forces Market Mechanism Market Penetration Market Power Market Price Market Saturation Market Timing Marshall Plan Marxism Mass Customization Mass Production Mature Industry Medium Of Exchange Menu Costs Mercantilism Merit Goods Microeconomics Microeconomics Formula Middle East And North Africa Middle Income Countries Minimum Efficient Scale Minimum Wage Minsky Moment Misery Index Mixed Economic System Modern Monetary Theory Monetarism Monetarism vs Keynesianism Monetarist Monetary Aggregates Monetary Base Monetary Policy Monetary System Monetary Transmission Mechanism Monetary Union Monetary Value Money Evolution Money Flow Money Laundering Money Multiplier Formula Money Supply Money vs Currency Monopolistic Monopolistic Competition Examples Monopolization Monopoly Monopoly Examples Monopoly vs Monopolistic Competition Monopoly vs Oligopoly Monopsony Moore’s Law Most Favored Nation Multiplier Effect Multiplier Formula NAFTA NAIRU Narrow Money National Currency National Debt National Income National Income Formula Nationalization Natural Interest Rate Natural Law Natural Monopoly Natural Unemployment Negative Growth Negative Interest Rate Negative Interest Rate Policy Neoclassical Economics Theory Neoliberalism Net Debt Per Capita Net Domestic Product Net Exports Net Factor Income From Abroad Net Foreign Assets (NFA) Net Importer Net International Investment Position Net National Product Neuroeconomics Neutrality Of Money New Economy New Growth Theory New Keynesian Economics New Trade Theory Newly Industrialized Country Nixon Shock Nominal Effective Exchange Rate Nominal GDP Nominal GDP Formula Nominal GDP vs Real GDP Nominal Interest Rate Nominal vs Real Interest Rate Non-Excludable Goods Non-Farm Payroll Non-Price Competition Non-Price Determinants of Demand Non-Rivalrous Goods Non-Tariff Barriers Nonrenewable Resource Nordic Model Normal Goods Normal Goods vs Inferior Goods Normal Profit Normative Economics Numismatics Okun’s Law Oligopoly Oligopoly Examples Oligopsony Open Economy Open Market Operations Optimal Currency Area Output Gap Overheated Economy Overshooting Model Paasche Index Palma Ratio Paper Economy Paper Money Paradox of Thrift Pareto Efficiency Pareto Improvement Paris Club Participation Rate Path Dependency Peace Dividend Peak oil Pent Up Demand Per Capita Income Formula Perfect Competition Perfect Information Perfectly Competitive Market Perfectly Inelastic Demand Permanent Income Hypothesis Petrodollar Phillips Curve Pigou Effect PIIGS Planned Economy Platform Business Plutocracy Political Economy Positive Economics Positive vs Normative Economics Post-Industrial Economy Post-Keynesian Economics Potential GDP Potential Gross Income Poverty Trap Price Cap Regulation Price Ceiling Price Controls Price Discrimination Price Effect Price Efficiency Price Elasticity Formula Price Elasticity of Demand Formula Price Elasticity Of Supply Price Fixing Price Floor Price Inflation Price Level Price Sensitivity Price Skimming Price Stability Price Stickiness Price Takers Price Transparency Price War Private Finance Initiative Producer Price Index Producer Surplus Production Economics Production Externality Production Function Production Possibility Frontier Productive Efficiency Productivity Growth Productivity Paradox Profit Maximization Profit Motive Protectionism Public Choice Theory Public Debt Public Finance Public Goods Public Infrastructure Public Sector Purchasing Power Purchasing Power Parity Purchasing Power Parity Formula Pure Monopoly Quantitative Easing Quantitative Easing 2 Quantity Demanded Quantity Supplied Quantity Theory Of Money Quota Race to the Bottom Racial Wage Gap Racial Wealth Gap Racketeering Ratchet Effect Rate of Inflation Formula Rational Behavior Rational Expectations Rationing Reaganomics Real Balance Effect Real Effective Exchange Rate Real GDP Real GDP Per Capita Real GDP Per Capita Formula Real Income Real Interest Rate Real Interest Rate Formula Recession-Proof Industries Recessionary Gap Redlining Reflation Regional Trade Agreements Regulatory Arbitrage Regulatory Capture Relative Income Hypothesis Remittance Renewable Energy Rent Seeking Repatriation Repo Rate vs Reverse Repo Rate Reservation Wage Reserve Currency Residual Claimant Resource Curse Retail Price Index Returns to Scale Revealed Preference Theory Revenue Budget Revenue Maximization Reverse Repo Rate Ricardian Equivalence Robber Baron Sacrifice Ratio Say’s Law Scrips Seasonal Adjustment Seasonal Unemployment Second Degree Price Discrimination Second World Secular Stagnation Seigniorage Seller’s Market Service Sector Shadow Accounting Shapley Value Sharing Economy Short Run Short Run Aggregate Supply Short Run Vs Long Run Shrinkflation Silk Route Single Market Single Payer Healthcare System Smoot-Hawley Tariff Social Capital Social Exclusion Social Good Social Insurance Social Justice Social Mobility Socialism Socioeconomics Soft Currency Solow Growth Model Sovereign Credit Rating Sovereign Debt Sovereign Default Special Drawing Rights Special Economic Zone Stackelberg Model Stagflation Stagnation Standard Of Living Standard Of Value Standardization State Aid Static Scoring Statistics In Economics Stimulus Check Store of Value Structural Adjustment Programs Structural Unemployment Subsidy Substitute Products Substitution Effect Substitution Effect vs Income Effect Sunset Industry Supercycle Supplemental Security Income Supply Supply Chain Supply Curve Supply Function Supply Schedule Supply Shock Supply vs Demand Supply-Side Economics Supranational Sustainable Development Systemic Risk Taper Tantrum Tapering Tariff Tax Revenue Tax to GDP Ratio Taylor Rule Technocracy Terms of Trade Theories Of Economic Growth Theory Of The Firm There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch Third World Third-Degree Price Discrimination Tiger Economy Tight Monetary Policy Trade Agreement Trade Barrier Trade Deficit Trade Efficiency Rule Trade Liberalization Trade Surplus Trade Union Trade Wars Trade-Weighted Exchange Rate Trading House Tragedy Of The Commons Transaction Cost Transfer Payment Transition Economy Transition Risks Trickle-Down Effect Trickle-Down Theory Triple Bottom Line Trough Two-Sided Market Types of Economic Systems U-Shaped Recovery Underemployment Underground Economy Unemployment Unemployment Compensation Unemployment Rate Formula Unitary Elastic Demand Universal Basic Income Urban Poverty Utilitarianism Utility Function Utility Maximization V-Shaped Recovery Value Added Reseller Veblen Effect Veblen Goods Veil Of Ignorance Velocity Of Money Velocity of Money Formula Vertical Market Veterans Administration Visible Supply Voluntary Carbon Market Voluntary Export Restraint Voluntary Unemployment Voodoo Economics Wage-Price Spiral Walras’s Law Wealth Wealth Effect Welfare Economics Welfare State Wholesale Price Index Working Class World Trade Organization WPI vs CPI X-Efficiency Zero Interest Rate Policy Zero Lower Bound Zoning Laws

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Economics is an area of social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of limited resources within a society. Besides, it analyzes the behavior and response of individuals, businesses, and governments in the event of scarcity. All this is made possible with the use of various tools, models, and principles. Economics can be divided into two parts - Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. While the former deals with the decisions affecting a national economy, the latter signifies economic choices made at an individual or business level.

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