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363 Sale Absorption Rate Acceleration Clause Advance Payment Guarantee Adverse Possession Adverse Selection Affiliated Companies Agency By Necessity Agency Cost Agency Problem Agency Theory Alternate Director Annual Percentage Yield Appraisal Report Arbitration Articles of Association Articles of Incorporation Assessed Value Asset Based Lending Asset Financing Asset Protection Asset Stripping Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Associate Company Back Charge Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Costs Bankruptcy Discharge BATNA Bid Rigging Bidding War Board Diversity Board Evaluation Board Members Board of Advisors Board of Directors (BOD) Board of Governors Board Of Trustees Bond Vs Loan Borrowing Base Borrowing Capacity Bridge Financing Business Credit Score Business Expansion Business Finance Business Insurance Business Models Business Transformation C Corp vs S Corp C Corporation C-Suite Call Date Call Premium Call Price Callable Bonds Capital Capital Maintenance Capital Note Capital Reduction Capital Structure Capitalization Rate Cash Collateral Cash Concentration Cash Flow Lending Cash Pooling Cash-Out Refinance Change Advisory Board Change Control Board Chapter 10 Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Chapter 11 vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 15 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 vs Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Class Action Lawsuit Clientele Effect Closed Corporation Closing Cost Co-operatives Collateralization Commitment Fee Common Law Company Dissolution Competitive Bidding Conditional Sale Conduit Financing Consumer Proposal Controlled Foreign Corporation Corporate Action Corporate Bylaws Corporate Charter  Corporate Division Corporate Finance Corporate Finance Interview Questions (with Answers) Corporate Finance vs Investment Banking Corporate Finance vs Project Finance Corporate Fraud Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Code Corporate Law Corporation Examples Corporation vs Incorporation Cost Center vs Profit Center Cost of Refinancing Counteroffer Cramdown Credit Strategy Cross Collateralization Cross Default Cross Guarantee Cross-Border Payments Cross-listing Crossover Rate Crowdsourcing Cumulative Voting Cut-Off Date Cut-Off Score Debt Debt Capital Debt Consolidation Debt Consolidation vs Bankruptcy Debt Default Debt Financing Debt Financing Vs Equity Financing Debt Forgiveness Debt Instruments Debt Management Debt Market Debt Overhang Debt Relief Debt Restructuring Debt Securities Debt Service Reserve Account Debt Settlement Debt vs Equity Debtor In Possession Declaration Of Trust Defalcation Default Risk Premium Defeasance Deferred Interest Deficit vs Debt Del Credere Agency Delaware Corporation Deleveraging Difference Between Internal and External Reconstruction Difference Between Joint Venture and Partnership Discount Rate Discount Rate vs Interest Rate Discounting Documentary Collection Documents Against Acceptance Domestic Corporation Double Gearing Dunning Letter Economic Capital Effective Gross Income Encumbrance Entity Theory Equity Capital Equity Financing Equity Investor Equity Kicker Equity Release Equity vs Fixed Income Excess Cash Flow Exculpatory Clause Exempt Interest Dividends Expense Stop External Sources of Finance Factoring in Finance Family Limited Partnership Fee Tail Fiduciary Duty Finance Financial Capital Financial Controls Financial Guarantee Financial Instrument Financial Interest Financial Intermediary Financial Market Financial Strategies Financial Structure Financial Transaction Financial Transformation Financing Options Floating Charge Forfaiting Full Form Of AGM Full Form of Inc Full Form of LLC Full Form of MOU Full Form of ROC Full Form of SLA Full Form of SME Funded Debt Funding Liquidity General Partnership Gift of Equity Governance Issues Grantor Retained Annuity Trust Grantor Trust Gross Interest Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) Gross Rental Income Haircut In Finance Heads Of Agreement Hoarding Holdco Holding Company Holding Company Examples Homemade Leverage Imputed Interest In House Financing Incumbency Certificate Indemnification Independent Contractor Independent contractor vs Self-employed Independent Contractor vs Sole Proprietor Indirect Finance Insolvency Insolvency vs Bankruptcy Insurance Agent vs Insurance Broker Interlocking Directorate Internal Sources of Finance Internal vs External Financing | Top 7 Differences (Infographics) Investment Partnership Joint and Several Liability Joint Liability Joint-Stock Company Judgment Creditor Judgment Lien Keiretsu Lease vs Rent Legal Entity Lender Lender Of Last Resort Lending Ratios Lending vs Borrowing Letter Of Comfort Leveraged Finance Leveraged Recapitalization Liability Waiver Libel Lien Lien Waiver Limited Liability Limited Liability Company (LLC) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Limited Partnership (LP) Liquidated Damages Liquidation Liquidity Event Listing Agent LLC Operating Agreement LLC vs Corporation LLC vs. Inc (Corporation) LLC vs. Partnership LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship Loan Stock Long-Term Financing Marginal Cost Of Capital Master Limited Partnership Mediation Medium-Term Notes Memorandum Of Association Memorandum of Association Vs Article Of Association Memorandum of Understanding Merchant Discount Rate Mezzanine Financing Micro-Enterprise Modigliani Miller Theorem Multinational Company (MNC) Multiple Listing Service Musharakah Negative Gearing Negative Pledge Negotiable Certificate Of Deposit Negotiable Instruments Negotiated Sale Net Charge-Off NGO Non-Owner Occupied Non-Profit Vs Not-for-Profit Nonaccrual Loan Noncallable Nonprofit vs For Profit Organizations Not-For-Profit Organization Notice To Creditors Notional Pooling Novation Offtake Agreement Opco Optimum Capital Structure Outstanding Debt Overcollateralization Owner Financing Pari Passu Partnership Partnership Agreement Payment Bond Payment in Arrears Payment Management System Pecking Order Theory Penalty Clause Performance Bonds Perseroan Terbatas Positive Covenant Predatory Lending Price Appreciation Principal-Agent Problem Private Debt Private Foundation Private Limited Company Private Placement Professional Corporation Proxy Fight Proxy Vote Public-Private Partnership Publicly Traded Companies Purchase Order Financing Quality Of Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Appraiser Real Estate Commissions Real Estate Investing Real Estate Investment Real Estate vs Stock Investment Recourse Debt Refinancing Rehypothecation REIT vs REOC Rent Control Rent To Own Home Revenue-Based Financing Right Of Redemption Royalty Trust S Corporation Safe Harbour Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Schedule K-1 Security Interest Seller Financing Senior Debt Settlor Shadow Inventory Shareholder Activism Shareholder Structure Shareholders Meeting Shelf Registration Shell Corporation Short Sale in Real Estate Short Sale Vs Foreclosure Short Term Financing Side Letter Sight Draft Silent Partner Slush Fund Social Enterprise Social Impact Bond Sole Practitioner Sole Proprietorship Sole Proprietorship vs Partnership Special Purpose Entity (SPE) Special Resolution Staggered Board Stakeholder Stakeholder Theory Stakeholder vs Shareholder Standstill Agreement State-Owned Enterprise Subordination Agreement Subpoena Subsidiary Company Sukuk Supplier Credit Supply Chain Finance Surety Bond Systems Thinking Technical Bankruptcy Thin Capitalization Tort Law Troubled Debt Restructuring Trust Account Trust Fund Trust Indenture Trust Receipt Types of Bankruptcies Types Of Business Entities Unicorn Company Unlimited Liability US Bankruptcy Code Vendor Financing Viager Vicarious Liability Voluntary Liquidation Waiver Warehouse Receipt Wealth Maximization Wholly Owned Subsidiary Working Capital Loan Zombie Company

Corporate Finance Resources & Guides

Corporate finance is an ever-expanding field of finance that deals with strategic financial planning for the growth and development of a corporation. Moreover, the concept concerns the decisions made by the corporate management and their financial implications for business operations. The resources featured under this section will help you unravel the secrets of capital allocation (the equity capital and debt capital) and asset financing within a business.

Principles of Corporate Finance

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The wealth of corporate finance resources includes key topics like bridge financing, foreclosure, fixed capital, capital structure, equity financing, microfinance loan, and liquidation, among other things. Not only that, but you will also get hands-on knowledge on corporate finance's basic tools and methodologies for fund allocation to maximize the value to the firm. Also, navigate through our comprehensive selection of courses loaded with valuable analytical insights to build a career in corporate finance.

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