Autofit Row Height in Excel

Excel Autofit Row Height

We all know excel has a default row height, but not many know how this default row height is determined. The default row height is determined based on the font size we have set when the Excel file is opened, and if no changes are made to the default settings, then the default font name is “Calibri,” and font size is “11”, so row height is 15 points which are equal to 20 pixels.

Often, after we start working with the worksheet, we may need to adjust the rows and columns width & height according to the data structure. We can change the default height and width of rows height as per our requirement. So in this article, we will show you how to use excel autofit row height.

Autofit row height basic 1

To see the row height click on the bottom of the row header; it will display the row height of the selected row.

Autofit row height basic 1-1

How to Change Default Row Height?

We can change the row height in excel from 0 to 409 points, so a common way of changing the row height is dragging the row border upwards to decrease the row height and drag downwards to increase the row height.

Autofit row height Method 1

As you are dragging, you can see the changing points & pixels of row height on a real-time basis.

Autofit row height Method 1-1

Once the row height is fixed, we can apply the same formatting to other rows by using format painter excelFormat Painter ExcelFormat painter in Excel is a tool used to copy the same format of a single cell or a group of cells to the other cells. You will find it on the home tab in the clipboard more. For example, look at the below rows.

Autofit row height Method 1-2

Now I will change the second-row height to 24 points.

Autofit row height Method 1-3

Now our new height looks like this.

Autofit row height Method 1-4

Now I want the same row height for the remaining row as well. Select the entire row by pressing the Shift + Space key.

Autofit row height Method 1-5

Now click on the “Format Painter” option under the HOME tab.

Autofit row height Method 1-6

Now apply the format painter brush to all the rows.

Autofit row height Method 1-7

Now leave your left click on the mouse and see the magic.

Autofit row height Method 1-8

It has changed the row height of the remaining rows as per the row height of the selected row i.e., row number 2.

AutoFit Row Height in Excel

Like how we have changed the row height as per our preference, similarly, we can auto adjust the row height by just a click of the button.

Auto adjustment of the row height depends on the data size of each cell of the row.

Steps to Autofit Row height in excel are as follows.

  1. For example, now we need to adjust the row height of row number 2 to auto-adjust.

    Autofit row height Method 2

  2. Place your cursor at the bottom of the row.

    Autofit row height Method 2-1

  3. Double click as soon as you see the above four side arrow key and you row will be auto-adjusted according to the contents of the row.

    Autofit row height Method 2-2

  4. Similarly, to auto adjust the row height for remaining rows, we need to select all the row first.

    Autofit row height Method 2-3

  5. Now double click on the bottom of any selected rows, and all the selected rows will be auto-adjusted.

    Autofit row height Method 2-4

We can also auto adjust the row height using the other two methods i.e., “Manual Method” & “Shortcut Method.”

After selecting the rows that need to be auto-adjusted under the HOME tab, go to the “Format” option, click on the drop-down of the “Format” option.

Method 2-5

From the drop-down options, choose the option called “AutoFit Row Height.”

Autofit row height Method 2-6

Now all the selected rows height are auto-adjusted.

Method 2-7

One more method is using excel shortcut key optionsUsing Excel Shortcut Key OptionsAn Excel shortcut is a technique of performing a manual task in a quicker more i.e., ALT + O + R + A. After selecting the height of the row that needs to be auto-adjusted, press the above shortcut key, and your row height will be auto-adjusted.

Autofit row height Method 2-8

Do not hold keys but press one after the other to auto adjust the row height.

Things to Remember

  • The default row height depends on the font size we set when we open a new workbook.
  • Row height depends on the size of the content in the rows.

This has been a guide to autofit row height in excel. Here we discuss how to autofit row height in excel with different methods along with practical examples. You may learn more about excel from the following articles –

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