Becker CMA Review

Updated on March 27, 2024
Article byHimani Bhatt
Edited bySusmita Pathak
Reviewed byDheeraj Vaidya, CFA, FRM

What Is Becker CMA Review?

Becker CMA Review is a renowned web-based prep course for the CMA examination. It offers exclusive content, impeccable instruction, and a personalized learning experience through its intuitive CMA prep software. Undoubtedly, Becker has earned the trust of over one million aspirants.

Becker CMA Review

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It partners with the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) to ensure the study materials reflect the latest updates to the exam content. With an enhanced exam review, mobile app, and revamped user experience, Becker offers you nothing but the best. 


Becker CMA Review Courses Explained

Becker CMA Review offers programs that prepare aspirants for the Certified Management Accountant examination. Becker partners with many firms to provide CMA course at partner pricing rates. Becker also offers a 14-day free trial period. It lets you familiarize yourself with its exam prep technology, teaching method, and study material. If eligible, unsuccessful Becker students may also repeat the review course at no additional payment.Pursuing CMA certification is an arduous process that demands absolute attention, relentless practice sessions, and comprehensive domain knowledge. Therefore, you must seek thorough planning and preparation with Becker to bag the prestigious label. Over one million applicants believe in Becker for guaranteed results. 

It makes you exam-ready with a unique learning experience, excellent prep tools, and preeminent instruction. In addition, it offers detailed practice questions, interesting video lectures, amazing add-ons, and extraordinary student support for assured exam success.  Exclusive features like Becker Promise and Money back guarantee indicate trust in the prep material. Precisely put, you can rely upon the industry bigwig for a seamless CMA exam prep journey.

About Becker

Becker is an industry hotshot with 60+ years of experience in the prep course marketplace. Its team of well-trained instructors harnesses decades of industry experience to bring an augmented CMA learning experience. 

It puts forward single part courses along with two CMA review course packages: Advantage and Pro. You can either pay the total amount in a go or choose no interest 6- or 12-month installment plans with flex pay. In addition, the Pro package users enjoy a few exclusive features like unlimited access, one-on-one tutoring sessions, and a one-year CPE subscription. 

Becker offers simulated exams with the same timing and structure as the actual CMA examination. Moreover, the LiveOnline virtual classes guarantee an interactive studying process. The Advantage users may directly upgrade to the Pro package for $600 or $50 per month installment plan. 

Its fully-featured mobile app is available on Apple and Android devices. The auto-sync to your computer and mobile digital devices allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted learning experience. Dissatisfied Becker users may return the product within ten days and obtain a full reimbursement. Note that Becker’s CMA course is unavailable in Nevada. 


Some of the characteristics of Becker CMA Review are as follows:

#1 – Updated quality content 

Becker’s alliance with the IMA confirms the availability of the updated study material. In addition, it offers an outright coverage of ICMA (Institute of Cost and Management Accountants) Learning Outcome Statements to ensure you learn relevant concepts.  

All study materials, including textbooks, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), essay questions, and simulated exams, are designed keeping the exam format in mind. The mock tests convey an authentic exam-like feeling. Its competent instructors develop unique questions to ensure comprehensive curriculum coverage and progressive learning. As a result, you know what to expect at the testing center and stay confident.

Updated quality content 1

#2 – Excellent user interface

Becker has employed its proven Adapt2U technology to modernize the CMA prep course interface. As a result, this self-study format has user-friendly navigation, a well-structured learning experience, and performance metrics.

The exclusive Proficiency Badge tracks your proficiency level around different concepts and sections. It lets you instantly deduce your strengths and weaknesses.

#3 – One-on-One live tutoring

The Pro package users may access the personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions with CMA-certified instructors. You can analyze the hard topics, clear all your doubts, and acquire professional assistance in the required areas through these sessions. Becker’s real-time CMA certified support team is always at your beck-and-call from day one. 

#4 – LiveOnline virtual classrooms

Becker offers real-time access to trained instructors with an organized schedule to facilitate learning on the go. In addition, its live webinar courses come with live instruction so that you can study anytime, anywhere. 

LiveOnline virtual classrooms

#5 – Bite-sized video lectures and SkillMater Videos

Becker’s engaging and explanatory video lectures target one topic at a time to ensure better comprehension. Moreover, the teaching slides let you follow along and jot down key points. The SkillMaster videos offer short videos on CMA exam tips and strategies, step-by-step guides to essay questions, etc.

Bite-sized video lectures and SkillMater Videos 1
Bite-sized video lectures and SkillMater Videos 1-1


Becker brings forth two CMA course packages: Advantage and Pro. Let’s examine them in detail. The single part online CMA course costs $899 each with flexible financing plans for $74.91 per month. 

Particulars Advantage Pro
Pricing $1499 $2099
Flexible payment options $124.91/month $174.91/month
Access period 24-month access Unlimited access
2-part review course Available Available
500+ flashcards Available Available
Digital textbooks Available Available
Bite-sized video lectures Available Available
4000+ MCQs Available Available
76 essay questions Available Available
76 SkillMaster videos Available Available
Upgraded content (mapped to the ICMA Learning Outcomes Statements) Available Available
Simulated tests that copy the CMA exam experience Available Available
Adapt2U tech Labs Available Available
Success coaching Available Available
Unlimited practice exams Available Available
Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database Available Available
Academic support Available Available
Printed textbooks Available
LiveOnline virtual classroom Available
One-on-One academic tutoring sessions (five one-hour sessions) Available
One year CPE (Continuing Professional Education) subscription Available

Important note: CMA textbooks are printed on demand. Hence, the entire period for the receipt is nearly ten business days once the materials are released for shipment. 

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Pros & Cons

Becker CMA Review programs have been designed such that they make aspirants an expert of the subject. However, there are a few disadvantages of pursuing these courses. The benefits and limitations of these courses include:


1. Unlimited custom-made practice tests

From a large repository of multiple-choice questions, you can generate countless unique practice tests that are either randomly organized or adaptive. The test can be personalized or random.

The adaptive practice tests target your weak areas and give you enough practice before attempting the simulated exams. Exposure to varied questions gives you a fair idea of the questions you may find on the real exam. Also, it helps you to work on your time management skills.

2. 14-day free trial period

Becker offers a 14-day free trial period. It lets you access the prep materials for one complete unit per test part. It includes MCQs, flashcards, essay questions, digital textbooks, customized review sessions, and unlimited practice exams. 

The Adapt2U technology determines your expertise level along the way to improvise the weaker areas. In addition, the trial period is synched to the paid package to ensure continuity in the learning process.  

3. Becker Promise

Becker’s tuition waiver program allows unsuccessful students of the Individual course part and Advantage package to procure a three-month course extension for no extra payment. Only the eligible applicants may claim this one-time offer for all entitled sections at once. 

The eligibility requirements include:

  • Conclude at least one simulated test with a minimum of 50% right answers
  • Complete 90% of MCQs and essays correctly
  • Submit the CMA Exam score report to display that you attempted the individual test part but failed. 

Becker Promise is not exclusive to your original format and may be used for any arrangement available at redeeming. For additional access beyond the three months, you may either buy an added three-month extension for a single part or upgrade to the Pro package. 

4. Exceptional customer support

Becker values their students and leaves no stone unturned to present outstanding student assistance. You can contact its academic support staff and receive a personal reply within up to two days. Furthermore, the success coaches offer insights on planning, goal-setting, and course guidance. 


1. New in the market

Becker has recently refurbished its CMA test-prep technology and study content. However, compared to Surgent and Gleim, Becker is relatively new in the CMA exam prep market. On that account, there are no proven pass rates, accurate figures, or client testimonials, for that matter. 

2. Relatively Expensive

With the cheapest package available for $1499, Becker’s CMA exam review courses are quite pricey. However, the other prep providers like Surgent, Gleim, and Wiley offer almost the same options at relatively affordable rates. It holds back the CMA aspirants on a budget to pick Becker as their exam prep partner. 

Notwithstanding, you can apply for the occasional discounts and flexible financing options to make it bearable. 

Free Demo: A Walkthrough for the Candidates!

Becker’s CMA prep software uses adaptive technology to design a structured study routine, organize and adapt your study content, offer customized practice tests, and track your progress. Besides, it enables you to schedule your Live Online/Live Classes as well. 

Let’s walkthrough the free demo class. Here is the dashboard you would see on logging in.  

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 1

1. Select the preferred CMA exam part to begin your learning process.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 1-1

2. Click the desired study unit from the list. Each unit consists of a number of modules with lecture videos and MCQs. After completing every unit, you may also undergo custom-built adaptive review sessions to check knowledge gaps and progress to date. Your performance is displayed in the form of a proficiency badge, i.e., the stars beside each module.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 1-2
Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 1-3

The proficiency dashboard presents your expertise in each unit, module, and the overall exam part.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 1-4
Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 1-5

3. To start reading, select Digital Textbooks under the Resources tab. You can also choose the teaching slides for viewing. Besides, you can pick the preferred unit and module on your dashboard to watch the related lecture videos.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 1-6
Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 1-7
Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 1-8

As demonstrated below, you can set the video pace, switch on/off the captions, like the video, and auto-play the next one.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 1-9

4. To access 76 SkillMaster videos, you can select the SkillMaster Video icon (second from top) appearing on the right side of your Becker CMA Review dashboard.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 10
Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 11

5. Click the Unlimited Practice Tests icon (third from top) on your dashboard. Select the New Test tab to create a random or personalized set of practice tests. 

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 12

Select the Mode, number of MCQs (minimum 10 and maximum 100), exam section, preferred unit (all or a single one) to begin the practice session.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 13
Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 14

6. To browse through its collection of 500+ flashcards, select the Flashcard icon (fourth from the top) from your dashboard.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 15

You can pick the preferred exam part and unit to access its flashcards.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 16
Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 17

7. To check your performance, click the Performance Dashboard icon (second last) on your dashboard.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 18

8. Scroll down your dashboard screen to view the latest Live Online/Live Classes and available seats. Click on View to check out all upcoming sessions and register in advance

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 19
Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 20

9. Go to Additional Resources on your dashboard and access Exam Tracker, Unlimited Practice Tests, Getting Started Video, Glossary, and Course Updates

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 21

10. Click the Contact Support icon on the top right side of your dashboard to avail student support, the Bell icon to review notifications, and your Profile icon for other resources.

Becker’s CMA prep software - Step 22

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q#1 – What are Becker’s CMA course packages?

A – Becker presents two review course packages: Advantage ($1499) and Pro ($2099). It also puts forward standalone review products at $899 per part.

Q#2 – Does Becker offer a CMA course mobile app?

A – Yes, Becker offers a fully-featured mobile app compatible with any electronic device. You may download it from the Play Store or App Store. Moreover, the app comes with progress synching to ensure you can easily pick from where you left off.

Q#3 – How many practice questions are included in the Becker CMA course?

A – Becker CMA course has over 4000 MCQs, 76 essay questions, 76 SkillMaster videos, 500+ flashcards, and various other add-ons. Additionally, you can access LiveOnline virtual classes and success coaching sessions, along with digital and printed textbooks.

This article has been a guide to what is Becker CMA Review. Here, we explain the features & products of the Becker CMA Review, along with the pros & cons. You may also have a look at the below resources on CMA to learn more –