Best CMA Review Course

Updated on March 27, 2024
Article byHimani Bhatt
Reviewed byDheeraj Vaidya, CFA, FRM

Top 5 Best CMA Review Courses

CMA review courses are technology-led prep courses for the CMA examination. The professional management accounting certification exam comprises two parts, each four-hour long. Being a challenging exam, determining the best CMA review course may help you gain the necessary support to earn the title. 

Best CMA Review Course

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You must appraise the individual course packages, prep technology, best feature, quality and quantity of study material, and pricing to make a mindful decision. The chosen prep course must complement your study needs, schedule, and budget. 

On that account, here lies a detailed discussion of the top five CMA prep course providers. Check out the pros and cons of each before picking the right exam prep partner!


  1. Becker CMA Review
  2. Surgent CMA Review
  3. Gleim CMA Review
  4. Wiley CMA Review
  5. CMA Exam Academy Review

#1 – Becker CMA Review

Impressive Content

Brief overview

Becker CMA Review has a reputation in the prep course industry backed by the trust of over one million CMA candidates. Being a strategic partner of the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), its credibility is undisputed. It provides the perfect mix of modern technology and traditional learning methods to bring forth two review course packages: Advantage and Pro

Becker offers quality content, exceptional instructors, and user-friendly prep software with a personalized learning experience. Its exclusive Proficiency badge tracks your efficiency level in different sections. It pinpoints areas for improvement and reveals the topics you have mastered. Besides, with its large repository of practice questions, you have the option of creating any number of customized practice tests. 

Furthermore, it also offers upgraded content with complete coverage of the ICMA (Institute of Cost & Management Accountants) Learning Outcomes Statements. Besides, you have access to success coaches who mentor you throughout your CMA prep journey.

Becker has 4000+ multiple-choice questions (MCQs), 76 essay questions, 500+ flashcards, video lectures, simulated exams, LiveOnline classes, unlimited practice exams, SkillMaster videos, simulated exams, etc.

  • Brilliant Adapt2U technology
  • User-friendly interface
  • Complete content coverage
  • One-on-one live tutoring (Pro package)
  • Unlimited access (Pro package)
  • Experienced professional instructors
  • Pricey
  • No pass rate data
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – Is Becker a good choice for US CMA?

A – Yes, Becker is a value-for-money CMA review course vendor. It has superb features like adaptive software, personalized tutoring sessions, an online test bank, 4000+ MCQs, and 76 essay questions. In addition, with exclusive elements such as LiveOnline classes and a 1-year CPE subscription (Pro package), Becker is the perfect choice for confirmed success.

Q#2 – What is the access period of Becker CMA review course packages?

A – Becker’s Advantage package comes with a 24-month access period. At the same time, the Pro package offers unlimited access to all the specified prep materials. 

Ideal Choice: It is best for students willing to spend over $1500 for a comprehensive course with upgraded content and other exclusive features. 

#2 – Surgent CMA Review

Focused Study Approach

Brief overview

Surgent CMA Review uses adaptive learning technology to design the shortest route to complete the CMA exam. It blends its award-winning A.S.A.P technology with AI-powered ReadySCORE to make you exam-ready within 70 hours.

The AI-enabled technology recommends customized study material to fill your knowledge gaps. It helps you study only the required content saving hundreds of hours of study. In addition, it develops a customized exam planner and reflects exactly when you are ready to ace the test.

It presents three review course packages with optional financing through Affirm: Essentials Pass, Premier Pass, and Ultimate Pass. Surgent claims that an average student concludes its program within 61 hours.

It comes with 3495+ MCQs, 65+ essay questions, 60+ short video lectures, and more exciting features. Like Becker, Surgent is also a strategic partner of IMA with upgraded study material. In addition, its mobile-friendliness ensures that you can study comfortably on the go. 

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  • Unlimited practice exams
  • Adaptive technology
  • Pass or money-back guarantee
  • Relatively inexpensive 
  • No live lectures
  • Extremely short free trial period (3 days)
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – What are the packages and pricing structures offered by the Surgent CMA Review course?

A – Surgent CMA Review course offers three products: Essentials Pass, Premier Pass, and Ultimate Pass. The Essentials Pass costs $699, the Premier pass is worth $999, and you can buy the Ultimate pass for $1699.

Q#2 – Is there any payment plan by Surgent?

A – Yes, Surgent provides flexible financing options through Affirm. Here are the details:

• Essentials Pass – $64/month
• Premier Pass – $91/month
• Ultimate Pass – $154/month

Ideal Choice: It is best for students on the lookout for a targeted study approach adaptable to their schedule.  

#3 – Gleim CMA Review

Affordable, Trustworthy, and Comprehensive

Brief overview

Gleim leverages its 40+ years of industry experience to sustain its 99% satisfaction rate. It is chosen by over 300 universities for CMA exam preparation and recommended by 97% of Gleim students. Moreover, the prep course paves a custom-tailored learning path to ensure complete content coverage. 

Gleim approaches you with learning materials designed to build an in-depth understanding of management accounting concepts. At its core lies the SmartAdapt online platform that takes on the role of your personal exam tutor, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and guiding you through your studies until you get exam ready.

Besides, the content is presented in different formats like digital and printed textbooks, audio lectures, and unique instruction videos. Furthermore, it also offers constant personalized support through a team of accounting experts and personal coaches.

Gleim brings forth three review course products: Mega Test Bank, Traditional, and Premium. In addition, Gleim’s list of features includes exam quality MCQs, the best essay question bank, unlimited practice tests, a realistic test environment, in-depth answer clarifications, and a lot more. 

The higher-priced packages also include exclusive features like audio lectures, Gleim instruct video series, MCQ and essay walkthrough videos, final review mode, mock exams, digital flashcards, etc. If you are still doubtful, you can try out its free premium review demo and decide if it serves you right. 

  • SmartAdapt technology
  • Personalized counselors
  • Large test bank
  • Free Premium review demo
  • Audio lectures
  • Award-winning student support
  • All-inclusive coverage
  • Inept for students without an accounting background
  • No live lectures
  • Unlimited access only for Premium users
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q – Is Gleim or Wiley a better option for the CMA review course?

A – Both Gleim and Wiley have their unique selling points. Gleim has exam-quality MCQs and the best essay questions with exclusive features like a final review mode. At the same time, Wiley is second-to-none in terms of practice questions and live lessons. So, it depends upon your learning style and preferences.

Q – What is included in Gleim’s free demo course?

A – The free demo course by Gleim covers video lectures and outlines, adaptive online review with SmartAdapt, the best test bank of exam-quality MCQs and essays, and audio lectures. 

Ideal Choice: It is best for students who want to try multiple learning styles and need personalized support. 

#4 – Wiley CMA Review

Results-driven Game Plan 

Brief overview

Wiley’s 200+ years of industry experience come with an 80% pass rate (almost double the global pass rate) on both CMA exam sections. It employs an award-winning adaptive learning platform that offers diagnostic exams, performance metrics, bite-sized lessons, and a personalized exam planner. 

Its Score Predictor gives you an idea of how well you are doing in each area by assessing your topic-wise performance. As a result, you identify and focus your efforts on parts that need greater attention, thereby reducing the prep time considerably.

It also provides one-on-one mentoring sessions for better student assistance. You can also enroll for live online instructor-led CMA classes held in 6-week series to clarify all your doubts.

Wiley offers two review product packages: Pro and Platinum. In addition, the Wiley CMA Review offers the largest set of 5500+ practice questions with brief explanations, 750+ digital flashcards, 66+ hours of online video lessons, and a lot more.

  • Largest set of practice questions
  • Unlimited access period for all packages
  • Free 14-day trial period
  • 11th-hour Final review with Platinum course
  • Mobile app
  • Free Microsoft Excel Course
  • Live lessons only for Platinum users
  • No audio lectures
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – Why should I choose the Wiley CMA review course to pass the exam?

A – Eight out of ten Wiley students pass both CMA exam sections. Hence, its 80% pass rate is way higher than the global pass rate of 40%. Moreover, its 99% satisfaction rate surely denotes the reliability of this prep course in the market.

Q#2 – Does Wiley cover everything on the exam?

A – Yes. Wiley’s study materials cover both CMA examination sections to ensure that nothing is left to be doubtful about. 

Ideal Choice: It is best for students or working professionals with a tight budget looking for a high-quality prep course. 

#5 – CMA Exam Academy Review

A Breath of Fresh Air

Brief overview

CMA Exam Academy offers a weekly-guided program with a two-part combo CMA review course. You can opt for an individual part review course as well. Founded by CMA coach Nathan Liao, it is backed by employees from leading firms. 

It utilizes a convenient 16-week study plan per part with weekly assignments and progress reports. It makes you exam-ready with less than 20 hours of a weekly study schedule. In addition, your training is released in weekly units in its members-only, private portal. 

CMA Exam Academy has notable features like 100+ micro-sized HD video lectures, an online test bank with 3000+ MCQs and 35+ essay questions with answers, exclusive weekly support calls, and a flashcards mobile app. It also offers a private CMA community to let you connect with fellow applicants.

  • Audio lectures
  • Excellent personalized coaching
  • Pass or refund guarantee
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • In-person exam test drive 
  • 1-year CPE subscription
  • Limited practice questions
  • No unlimited access
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – Does CMA Exam Academy have a payment plan?

A – Yes, the CMA Exam academy brings flexible payment plans for both combo and individual part courses. Note that the payment plans are available globally. 

• Combo review course package – $499 down payment with three monthly payments of $329 per month. 
• Individual part review course package – $300 down payment with three monthly payments of $129 per month. 

Q#2 – Does CMA Exam Academy offer a demo?

A – Yes, it provides a unique free-of-cost bonus lesson to interested students. You can also download free PDF samples of the CMA review textbooks and watch the test bank demo.

Ideal Choice: It is best for students who wish to get just the right number of questions or are looking for a supplemental review course. 

Comparative Analysis

Particulars Becker Surgent Gleim Wiley CMA Exam Academy
Pricing $1499-$2099 $699-$1699 $999-$1599 $1200-$1500 $997-$1794
Financing options Available Available Available Unavailable Available
MCQs Over 4000 Over 3945 2900 Over 5500 Over 3000
Essay questions 76 Over 65 40 44 Over 35
Video lectures All packages Premier & Ultimate packages Premium package All packages All packages
Audio lectures Unavailable Unavailable Premium & Traditional package Unavailable Available
Flashcards All packages (500+) Ultimate package Digital (Premium package) All packages All packages
Unlimited access Pro package Ultimate package Premium package All packages Maximum 2 years
Textbooks Printed (Pro) & Digital PDF Digital & printed Digital & printed (Platinum package) Digital & Printed
Student support Success coaching & academic support Virtual coaching sessions Email, phone, & technical support with personal coaching 24×7 customer support & instructor mentoring Unlimited coaching & weekly support calls
Money-back guarantee Available Available Available (Premium package) Unavailable Available
Mobile app Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Available Available
Pass rate Not specified Not specified Not specified 80% 90.24%
Free trial period 14-day free trial period 3-day free trial period Not specified 14-day free trial period Free demo

Bottom Line

Picking the best CMA review course in such a competitive marketplace is undoubtedly a tiring process. Thus, we hope that this guide helps you make the right decision. As mentioned above, each prep course provider has different benefits and drawbacks.

So, it all comes down to one question: what do you want? Evaluate your learning objectives, lifestyle, available study hours, budgetary preferences, and then make a move. Considering all these factors will keep you focused and make you choose the right card among the deck of prep course providers!

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