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Updated on March 27, 2024
Article byHimani Bhatt
Reviewed byDheeraj Vaidya, CFA, FRM

Top 5 Best CIA Review Course

CIA review courses are digital preparatory programs for CIA exam applicants. The three-part test examines your understanding of internal auditing and has an alarming pass rate of only 41%. Henceforth, selecting the best CIA Review Course is critical to passing the rigorous CIA exam. 

Best CIA Review Course

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Many review vendors across the market offer excellent CIA programs with unique technology, pricing, and teaching methodologies. Nevertheless, different individuals favor different exam prep approaches. So, you must first discover your learning style, study plan, and available funds to make a perfect choice. 

With that in mind, here lies the pros, cons, and exclusive elements of the top five CIA review programs. Take a quick look and decide which one to pick. 


  1. Surgent CIA Review
  2. Wiley CIA Review
  3. Gleim CIA Review
  4. IIA’s CIA Learning System
  5. PRC CIA Review

#1 – Surgent CIA Review

Best Adaptive Technology with Top-notch Study Material

Brief overview

Surgent’s award-winning adaptive learning technology and the exam readiness indicator, ReadySCORE, deliver the perfect recipe for the CIA exam success. Your study sessions are optimized based on your strong and weak topics each time you log in on the learning platform, saving hundreds of study hours. Also, it claims to get you exam-ready 73% quicker than other review course providers.

The company offers the only truly adaptive CIA review package: Essentials Pass. The package includes a full three-part course with upgraded content aligned with CIA exam content specification outlines (CSOs), 2500+ multiple-choice questions (MCQs), unlimited practice tests, three PDF textbooks, etc. 

You can utilize the study material for the next 18 months on your desktop, mobile, or tablet. The automatic free upgrades ensure you learn up-to-date material. So, don’t wait up! Try out its five-day free trial period to get a head-start on your learning. 

  • Innovatory A.S.A.P technology
  • Daily Surge reflecting your progress through the course
  • Study planner
  • Free upgraded material
  • Desktop, mobile, and laptop-compatible coursework
  • Pass or refund guarantee
  • No audio or video lectures
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – Is Surgent CIA Review worth my money?

A – Yes, it is. Surgent CIA Review comes with PDF textbooks, over 2500 MCQs, and a pass or money-back guarantee. In addition, its brilliant ReadySCORE technology coupled with mobile-friendliness and free content upgrades presents assured CIA exam success.

Q#2 – What are the Surgent CIA Review’s pricing structure and financing plans?

A – Surgent’s CIA Review Essentials Pass is available at $499. You can also make payments over 3, 6, or 12 months with Affirm starting with just $46 per month. 

Ideal Choice: Surgent is best for students searching for a laser-guided review course with limited available time. 

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#2 – Wiley CIA Review

Experienced with the Largest Test Bank

Brief overview

Wiley Efficient Learning has 200+ years of academic history. Needlessly, its CIA review comes with the promise of unsurpassed quality and great results. The annually updated curriculum is mapped to the CIA Exam syllabus to ensure that you study only what is relevant. 

It offers two review bundles, CIA Review course and CIA Exam Review package, with occasional discounts and flexible payment plans. Both have study guides, the largest test bank with 6800+ practice questions, and focus notes. 

Nonetheless, the CIA Review bundle covers additional features like 34+ hours of instructor videos, exam planner, assessment questions, performance metrics, and one full-length mock exam per part. Students in doubt can also register for a 48-hour free trial period.

  • Brand value
  • Video lectures
  • Focus notes
  • Most practice questions
  • Progress tracking
  • Affordable
  • Mock exams
  • Extremely short trial period
  • Not comprehensive
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – Does Wiley also offer standalone CIA courses?

A – Yes, Wiley also offers three standalone CIA Review course products for $125 each. Part 1 comes with 750+ practice questions, Part 2 has a set of 1500+ questions, and Part 3 puts forward 4500+ questions.

Q#2 – Does Wiley have a Mobile app?

A – Yes, Wiley offers a fully-featured mobile app that syncs your progress across devices. It ensures both online and offline access to all the study materials. 

Ideal Choice: Wiley is perfect for students who want extensive practice sessions and engaging video lectures.

#3 – Gleim CIA Review Course

Options for Every Type of Learner

Brief overview

With its 40+ years of market presence, Gleim boasts of being the choice of more CIA aspirants than any other provider. More than 218 institutes prefer Gleim as their exam prep partner resulting in an admirable 72% satisfaction rate. The all-inclusive content coverage and reliable candidate support team confirm positive exam results.

Gleim’s SmartAdapt platform acts as your private tutor and offers a custom-tailored exam planner for assured success. In addition, it provides you with three review course packages, i.e., Test Bank, Traditional, and Premium. 

The features include in-depth answer illustrations, video sessions, digital and/or printed textbooks, exam quality MCQs, unlimited practice tests, a real exam environment, and a mobile-friendly interface. It also offers 24×7 email, phone, and technical support. 

  • Smart user interface
  • Audio and video interface
  • Huge library of Test Bank
  • Support with personal counselors and accounting experts
  • Multilingual support
  • Final exam review
  • Exclusive features only with high-priced packages
  • No proven pass rates
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – Does Gleim CIA Review offers unlimited access?

A – Yes, Gleim offers access until you pass guarantee exclusively with its Premium package. Notwithstanding, the Test Bank and Traditional packages have a limited guarantee period.

Q#2 – Can I try Gleim’s CIA Review for free?

A – Yes, Gleim presents a free demo of the Premium CIA review package. It provides 18-month long access to a single unit for Parts: 1, 2, and 3. Moreover, this includes CIA video lectures and outlines, test bank, adaptive online review, and audio lectures. 

Ideal Choice: Gleim is best for students on the lookout for personal coaching sessions, audio lectures, and final review. 

#4 – IIA’s CIA Learning System

The Value-for-Money Course

Brief overview

The Institute of Internal Auditors’ (IIA) CIA Learning System offers the three-part CIA bundle through self-study program, instructor-led courses, and corporate or group training. You can pick a preferable learning option based on your budget, support needs, and location.

The review course is designed to deliver an adaptable, interactive, and personalized learning experience. It encompasses customized study tools, progress tracking through quizzes, and learning options with time estimates. 

The comprehensive study materials with flexible tools ensure a smooth learning experience at your convenience. In addition, it has features like an electronic version of the study materials aligned with IIA’s authoritative sources, video tutorials, flashcards, a searchable glossary, progress reporting, quizzes, and practice exams. 

If you prefer in-person guidance, then instructor-led courses will be the perfect option. Besides, the corporate or group training allows you to enjoy savings while studying in a group with peers. In addition, you can access the online study materials for two years from the date of purchase. 

  • Adaptable learning program
  • Well-structured
  • Searchable glossary
  • Pre-test and recommended study path
  • Downloadable e-reader files, printed books, and embedded online e-reader
  • Relatively expensive
  • Tough for people with no accounting background
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – What is IIA’s pricing structure for standalone CIA review course packages?

A – IIA’s standalone review packages are available at $295 each for IIA members and $325 each for non-members. You can also choose printed books as an optional add-on for $40 per part.

Q#2 – What is the access period for both standalone and bundle CIA review?

A – The standalone part comes with a one-year access period from the date of purchase. Moreover, the three-part kit users can utilize the prep tools for two years. 

Ideal Choice: CIA Learning System is better for students who are not on a tight budget and want a stress-free learning experience. 

#5 – Powers Resources Corporation (PRC) CIA Review

An Impressive List of Add-ons

Brief overview

PRC lives up to its claim of being the most effective and dependable CIA review. Its adaptive learning platform is compatible with all devices and is based on avant-garde technology. This way, you get a personalized path of success with no roadblocks. 

It provides you with four bundle review course packages: Basic, Essential, Standard, and Premium. All of them are aligned with the latest IIA outline of the CIA exam. So, you can stay assured of learning only the currently relevant content. 

Its curriculum undergoes frequent modifications, additional examples, and in-depth illustrations of the IIA’s Global Technology Audit Guides (GTAGs). It ensures a syllabus with upgraded and top-quality content. Its impressive list of features includes 3500+ questions, mock exams emulating the real exam environment, flashcards, eBooks, and an optional live course. 

  • Flashcards
  • Mock exams
  • Relatively affordable
  • More package options
  • Live classes
  • Adaptive technology
  • No video lectures
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 – Which of the PRC CIA review packages offer restricted access?

A – PRC CIA Essential and Basic Bundle offer restricted access. Both products are available in particular countries. You can only utilize these courses where you made the purchase. Note that the billing and shipping address will be regarded as the purchase location. Access attempts from anywhere else will be blocked.

Q#2 – Does PRC also offer live virtual classroom sessions?

A – Yes, PRC CIA Premium bundle users may access real classroom-like live virtual sessions. Its globally acclaimed instructors deliver over 70 live training hours. In addition, you can join the class from any smart device and also get online lecture handouts. 

Ideal Choice: PRC is best for students who want either a supplemental course or need a standalone course with a list of impressive add-ons. 

Comparative Analysis

Particulars Surgent Wiley Gleim CIA Learning System PRC
Pricing $499 $375-$750 $447-$949 $795-$895 $190-$1425
Financing plans Available Unavailable Available Unavailable Unavailable
MCQs Over 2500 Over 6800 Not specified Not specified Over 3500
Video lectures Unavailable Available (CIA Review course) Premium package Available Unavailable
Adaptive technology Available Unavailable Available (for Premium & Traditional packages) Unavailable Available
Access period 18 months 24 months Unlimited (for Premium package) 2 years 18 months (for Essential, Standard and Premium bundle)
Money back guarantee Available Unavailable Available (for Premium package) Unavailable Available
Unlimited practice tests Available Available Available Unavailable Unavailable
Free trial period 5-day trial period 48-hour trial period Free demo of Premium package (18-month access to one unit from each part) Available Free demo of CIA Part 1
Textbooks PDF textbooks Study guide (print or eBook) Digital/Printed textbooks Available ebooks

Bottom Line

As mentioned above, settling on the best CIA review requires you to gauge multiple aspects. So, what worked out for your best friend or colleague might not work for you. Match your study plans with the aforementioned top-rated review courses and pick the one that scores a perfect 10.

Always scrutinize characteristics like exam prep tools, practice tests, pass rates, adaptive technology, upgrades, pricing, and financing options. As long as you stay true to your study plan and goals, success is always ensured.

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