Donation Tracking Template

Free Donation Tracking Template

The donation tracking template is a straightforward template that will help organizations to keep track of donations received. It is maintained by all organizations which receive donations.

Donation Tracking Excel Template

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About the Template

  • The template is straightforward. You need to keep track of the persons giving the donations and the method of payment. The total amount is also an indicator of the total donation received for the year.
  • Many big organizations receive donations for the work they do. It is vital to keep the pertinent details of the person donating and also the occupation of the person. There have been several instances where illegal money is routed to charities for making them look legal.
  • Tax authorities and Government regulators keep a close watch on the donations being received by the organizations. All the money received is intensely scrutinized, and any suspicion can lead to severe Investigation and even Jail Term of the charity, and also the person donating.
  • In the template shown above, the correct details of the person donating are maintained. If the donation is coming from a different country, then the organization may add another column as the country.
  • Each record of the transaction should be appropriately maintained by the organization to save itself from facing severe charges. Here in this template, the name of the person donating is the first criterion. It is essential as, without a name, the organization shouldn’t accept the donation.
  • The occupation of the person donating money is also significant. One needs to check the source of Income for the person thoroughly. If the person is earning money from Illegal sources, then that money will not be accepted in the form of donation.
  • The organization should check whether the person donating money has got itself registered as a taxpayer. Most of the time, people donate to save themselves from giving higher taxes. Tax saving is an essential driver for donations, so tax numbers should be recorded appropriately by the organization from the person donating.
  • The contact number is also an essential medium of communication. An organization may also keep the address as a reference for the future. The organization must check if the address and phone numbers are correct.
  • The donation can be made in several ways. A cash donation is very risky, and proper records should be maintained. The organization should properly maintain all the types of payment, and it should be available with appropriate reference in case of an audit.
  • The total donation of the month and year will help the organization to plan their expenses accordingly. If the organization keeps the data of all donations for previous years, then it will be easy for the organization to do an analysis of the money that they might predict to receive in the next year, so that expenses can be planned accordingly.

How to Use This Donation Tracking Template?

This template is easy to use. The organization needs to fill the name, address, tax no, and PH no of the person donating. In the donation type, you will see drop-down, and you need to select any of the below mentioned options:

  1. Cash
  2. Cheque
  3. Wire Transfer

It is a crucial step as this will help the organization to keep track of the Inflow, which will get difficult to track once the year ends. The next column is the month. This column is also drop-down, the organization will have to select any month from the options given below;

  1. JAN
  2. FEB
  3. MAR
  4. APR
  5. MAY
  6. JUN
  7. JUL
  8. AUG
  9. SEP
  10. OCT
  11. NOV
  12. DEC

The amount needs to be filled individually. Once the amount is filled, the last column will throw the entire donation received for the year. This template is straightforward to handle but is very important for auditing purposesAuditing PurposesThe primary purpose of an audit is to conduct an independent and unbiased verification of all financial and non-financial material information to ensure that it is in line with what the management has more. An organization will have to pay the utmost attention while preparing this template. All the details must be validated before entering. Any wrong input will be challenging to handle during the time of the audit.

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