Simple Budget Template

Simple Budget Spreadsheet – Shows Periodic Income and Expenses

Simple budget template refers to the budget which is prepared to handle the finances by a person where the budget starts with entering all the sources of income for the period under consideration like monthly, weekly, yearly, etc. and then listing down the bill against which payments are due along with all the other expenses incurred during the period and lastly deriving at the savings during the period by deducting total expenses from the total income.

Simple Budget Template

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About the Simple Budget Template

  • It is the simple Worksheet of generally one page which shows the periodic income and expenses. These income and the expenses are not listed in detail transaction wise; instead, they are grouped into some of the handful of categories, which can highlight the crucial types of the income and expenses of the individual broadly.
  • It is so because bifurcating and listing down all the expenses is a time-consuming process and will not make the budget simple any longer. The budget, which is simple in the real terms, will let the person know its budget in a very few time.


Following are the different details that are present generally in the template:

#1 – Heading:

At the topmost area of the template of the simple budget, the heading simple budget template will be written. Such heading will provide a clear understanding to the user of the template that the template pertains to the simple budget. This heading, as mentioned, will remain intact and will not be changed from individual to individual.

#2 – Summary:

This summary contains the details of the total income and details of the total income. These details will be taken automatically from the value arrived in the below-mentioned steps.

#3 – Income:

Under this, all the income of the individual will be mentioned. It is further divided into the following categories:

  • Net Salary or Wages received in Hand.
  • Additional income received from other sources like side business income etc.;

The total of both the above income will give the figure of the total income of the person during a particular period.

#4 – Expenses:

Under this, all the expenses of the individual will be mentioned by categorizing them in the specific groups. It is further divided into the following categories:

The total of all the above expenses will give the figure of the total expenses of the person during a particular period.

#5 – Savings:

The savings of individuals will be calculated by subtracting the total expenses from the total income.

#6 – Allocation from Savings:

Under this, the savings calculated will be allocated for different purposes. An individual can modify these areas where the savings are to be allocated, along with the percentage of such allocation as per their situation. The amount will be automatically calculated using the specified percentages.

How to Use this Simple Budget Template?

Following are the steps to use the template:

  • Individuals using this template will have to enter all the details as required in the fields that are not already pre-filled.
  • For this first detail of the income that includes Net Salary or Wages received in Hand and any additional income received from other sources has to be entered.
  • Along with the details of income, all the expenses incurred have to be entered by grouping them into categories. E.g., rent paid on the property, Grocery expenses, Utility expenses, Transportation expenses, Medical expenses, Education or Knowledge, up-gradation expenses, Entertainment Expenses, Travel Expenses, Interest Payments, Debt repayments, Credit Card Expenses, Shopping Expenses, and Miscellaneous Expenses. However, if the individual thinks that there is some other category that counts for an essential portion of its expenses, then it can be added additionally in the template.
  • After that, the total of all the expenses is deducted from the total income earned to know the total amount left i.e., the savings.
  • Now the template will automatically provide the summary as well as the allocation of the savings of the person. The individual can also modify this area of allocation or percentage of allocation according to their requirements.

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