ACCA Exam Dates & Registration Process

ACCA Exam Dates & Registration Process – If you’re one of the ACCA aspirants, this article would be very helpful to you as this will act as a guide for your future reference. In this article, we will discuss the exam dates and registration process of ACCA exam in detail. If you read this article through and through, you would be able to skip the internet for looking for most important exam dates and how to do the registration for ACCA.

In this article, first we will discuss the registration process and then we will discuss various important dates that would be useful for your exam.

Without much ado, let’s get started.

ACCA Registration Process

As we normally know every year, there are only three windows of opportunity for you to sit for ACCA exam. But in this year, 2016, you would be given an opportunity to sit for exam four times a year. You will be able to sit for exam in March, June, September and December.

The best way to do your registration is to register online. It would be easier and most convenient for you.

ACCA Exam Start Application

source: ACCA Global

To be able to register for your ACCA exam, first you need to apply for ACCA membership. It would not take you more than 10 minutes to do the registration. All you need to do is to fill up the blanks as per the instructions and you would be done.

Make sure that you give the right contact details or email id; otherwise, ACCA wouldn’t be able to contact you. Once you register, you will receive a register ID. Until and unless you get that register ID, you won’t be contacted by ACCA. So till that time, if you want to amend any information, you would be able to do that.

Flexibility in filling up the ACCA application form

Suppose, you’re not able to fill the application process fully due to time constraint; what would you do then? You just need to save the application till you have filled up. Later, when you would be able to fill up the remaining part, you can come back and do that. Only one thing you would be requiring when you will come back to fill up the remaining part and that is your ACCA reference number. Once you save the application process (before filling it up fully), you would receive an email containing your ACCA reference number.

Benefit of applying online for ACCA

The best benefit of applying online is that you would be able to attach supporting documents along with the application. You will be given options to upload the important supporting documents and ACCA will also be able to process your application much faster than normal. Moreover, you would be able to know at which level you can start your study almost immediately after submitting your application.

If you have any question regarding the application process, you can visit the official website of ACCA and chat with the ACCA representatives to solve your issues and to receive answers for your queries.

Before you apply to ACCA

Before you apply, you need to gather all the documents to be able to make the process easier. Now what supporting documents you would be requiring for application?

Here is the list of documents you would need –

  • You need to have any proof of qualifications
  • Also, you should have a proof of identity
  • And you need have passport photograph

If you want to apply online and choose to upload the above supporting documents, then you can only complete your application by making the required payment.

Each file that you upload should be less than 2 MB and you won’t be able to upload more than 20 files. The recommended formats are plain text files format, doc format, xls format for documents and BMP, GIF, JPEG and TIFF format for images.

Would you need to sit for all the exams of ACCA?

This is the best part of ACCA. Very few courses would give you flexibility as ACCA provides. If you have already few qualifications, you may not need to sit for all the exams in order to get ACCA qualification. These are called Foundation in Accountancy awards. You would be able to get exemptions and that means that you would be able to start at the right level of ACCA according to your qualification.

But if you want to avail these rewards, you need to apply for exemptions while you register first as a student with ACCA. You simply need to provide your qualification details and the rest would be done by ACCA. The database will confirm what exemptions you can receive. Then you need to upload the official proof of the qualification you’re claiming that you have or pursuing (if registering online) or send the official proof (if applying by post).

Once the exemptions are being awarded, you need to pay the exemption fees during the early exam entry. This is one-time fee for covering administration cost. You will receive an exemption notification and also an invoice.

ACCA Exam entry

Once you reach this level, it’s time to think about registering for exams. If you choose the online path to register and upload your documents, the best way to pay is following –

  • The most common and prudent option is Credit/Debit card, if you don’t have access to other options
  • The second option is PayPal
  • Another option for payment is Alipay (ACCA ensures that if you face any difficulty in regards to paying through Alipay, you should contact their website –
  • You can also pay via cheque
  • You can contact your bank and can also pay through Banker’s draft
  • The last option to pay is by Postal Order

ACCA Fees and charges

You may wonder how much you need to pay for each level of registration process. In this section, you will get to know everything in detail.

ACCA has created a page for you so that you can know what would be your fees and charges for initial registration, examination fees and exemption charges.

You need to go to this page and according to your country, you would be able to view applicable fees and charges for ACCA’s initial and exam registration.

All the fees and charges would be in UK pound as ACCA’s head office is in UK, London. To give you an idea about how much fees and charges you need to pay for ACCA, have a look at the screenshot below for USA.

ACCA Exam Fees

Source: ACCA Global

According to the chart, you need to pay registration fees and exemption fees separately. If you apply online, you need to pay together. In US Dollar, you need to pay US $103 for initial registration; US $103 for re-registration and for annual subscription, you need to pay US $110. For exemption of knowledge exams, you need to pay US $94 and for skills exams, your payment would be US $121. But note that this is only applicable for USA and not for other countries. To check other countries, you can select your country and find out.

Let’s look at the fees for exams.


Source: ACCA Global

The above chart is applicable for USA only. You can find out the exam fees you need to pay by choosing your own country.

Now let’s talk about important dates.

Important ACCA Exam Dates

If you are an aspirant, it’s important for you to know all the important dates. Unlike previous years, ACCA is now being conducted four times a year. That means, by now you still have only two opportunities to tap into. If you have decided to sit for ACCA exam now, you have already missed the March and June exam. You can still go for December, 2016 only because the late registration date for September is already over (last date of registration was 8th August, 2016).

But to give you a good idea about the whole exam, we will give you the important dates for all four exam window in 2016 and also for March, 2017.

Before we talk about the exam dates, it’s important for you to know the subjects and the paper number so that you can easily relate.

Let’s have a look at that first. The subjects for ACCA are as follows –

Knowledge Level:

  • Accountant in Business (F1)
  • Management Accounting (F2)
  • Financial Accounting (F3)

Skills Level:

  • Corporate and Business Law (F4)
  • Performance Management (F5)
  • Taxation (F6)
  • Financial Reporting (F7)
  • Audit and Assurance (F8)
  • Financial Management (F9)

Essentials Level:

  • Governance, Risk and Ethics (P1)
  • Corporate Reporting (P2)
  • Business Analysis (P3)

Options (Two to be completed):

  • Advanced Financial Management (P4)
  • Advanced Performance Management (P5)
  • Advanced Taxation (P6)
  • Advanced Audit and Assurance (P7)

Now, let’s jump in and find out about the important dates for all windows of 2016 and March of 2017. You should note that F1 – F3 & F4 English & Global exams can be given by on-demand basis and you can apply for these computer based exams throughout the year. It’s done to increase the flexibility and convenience.

Moreover, during March and September exams, only limited variants of F4 to P7 would be available; whereas during June and December exams, all variants would be available.

ACCA Exam Date March, 2016

Have a look at the exam dates and variants in the chart below –

Dates F Series (Variants) P Series (Variants)
Monday 7 March 2016 F8 P7 (INT, UK, IRL, SGP)
Tuesday 8 March 2016 F7 P2  (INT, UK, IRL, SGP)
Wednesday 9 March 2016 F5 P1 (INT, SGP) P5
Thursday 10 March 2016 F6 ((UK, MYS, SGP) P3, P6 (UK, MYS)
Friday 11 March 2016 F9, F4 (MYS, SGP) P4


source: ACCA Exam Tips

In the above chart, the variants are given. You can check the paper number above to find out which subjects are mentioned in the chart.

INT = International, UK = United Kingdom, IRL = Ireland, SGP = Singapore, MYS = Malaysia

The result of March, 2016 was declared on 18th April, 2016.

ACCA Exam Date June 2016

In June, 2016, here’s the important dates mentioned below. Of course, you won’t be able to sit for June exam now, but you will get an idea if you plan to sit for ACCA exam in June, 2017.

June 2016 Exam Details
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
F2 F7 F5 F3 F1
F8 P2 P1 F6 F4
P7 P5 P3 F9
P6 P4

source: ACCA Global

The result of June, 2016 ACCA exam was declared on 18th July, 2016.

ACCA Exam Date September, 2016

We will look at the most important dates for exams –

ACCA September 2016 Exam Dates:
Dates F Series Variants P Series Variants
Monday 5 September 2016 F2, F8 P7
Tuesday 6 September 2016 F7 P2
Wednesday 7 September 2016  F5 P1, P5
Thursday 8 September 2016  F3, F6 P3, P6
Friday 9 September 2016  F1, F4, F9  P4

ACCA March Exam, 2016

source: ACCAexamtips

The result of ACCA September, 2016 exam will be declared on 17th October, 2016.

ACCA Exam Date December, 2016

This is the last window of 2016. Let’s look at the important dates of the ACCA December, 2016 exam –

ACCA December 2016 Exam Dates:
Dates F Series Variants P Series Variants
Monday 5 December 2016 F2, F8 P7
Tuesday 6 December 2016 F7 P2
Wednesday 7 December 2016  F5 P1, P5
Thursday 8 December 2016  F3, F6 P3, P6
Friday 9 December 2016  F1, F4, F9  P4

source: ACCA Global

The result for the December, 2016 exam will be declared on 16th January, 2017.

In these above charts, we have seen the important dates for exams of 2016. But to have a big picture, it’s also important that you know the date for early, standard and late registration along with the exam dates and result dates.

In the chart below, you would be able to get everything in one go. Keep this chart handy so that you can refer to it again and again –

ACCA Dates Big Picture

source: ACCA Global

Now let’s look at the important dates of March, 2017 so that if you want to sit for ACCA exam at that time, you can prepare in advance.

ACCA Exam Date March, 2017

Before sitting for March, 2017, make sure that you are informed about the exams availability during March, 2017 as only limited variants of F4 to P7 you would be able to sit for.

If you want to sit for March, 2017, you can start taking action right away. Let’s look at the registration dates for March, 2017 –

ACCA Registration Dates for March, 2017

source: ACCA Global

You are able to see that if you want to sit for March, 2017 exams, you can take the advantage of early registration right away.

Let’s have a look at the important exam dates –

ACCA March 2017 Exam Dates:
Dates F Series Variants P Series Variants
Monday 6 March 2017 F8 P7 (INT, UK, IRL, SGP)
Tuesday 7 March 2017 F7 P2 (INT, UK, IRL, SGP)
Wednesday 8 March 2017  F5 P1 (SGP), P5
Thursday 9 March 2017  F6 (UK, MYS, SGP) P3, P6 (UK, MYS)
Friday 10 March 2017  F4 (MYS, SGP), F9  P4

source: ACCA Global

The exam result for March, 2017 exam will be released on 17th April, 2017.

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In the final analysis

ACCA is the very flexible in creating an education structure which helps and supports students all across the globe. You can also pursue your ACCA while working full time in an organization. In that case, you need to opt for self-study program. To succeed in ACCA, you need to plan in advance and study hard. With the help of this article, you would be able to plan your preparation time beforehand and will be exam ready at the time of exam.

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