CMA vs CS – How Do They Differ?

CMA vs CS – How Do They Differ? Yes I agree, it is important to compare two different courses if you have confusion about what needs to be done. And two major financial courses are definitely not easy to decide between. Notes given below can help you with your confusion as the comparison below will make it easy for you to decide about your future.

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  1. CMA vs CS Infographics
  2. What is Certified Management Accountant (CMA)?
  3. What is Company Secretary (CS)?
  4. CMA vs CS Exam Requirements
  5. Why pursue CMA?
  6. Why pursue CS?

CMA vs CS Infographics

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Lets understand the difference between these two streams with the help of this CMA vs CS Infographics.

CMA vs CS infographics

What is Certified Management Accountant (CMA)?

If you want to pursue a course with a professional documentation that can earn you good value in the fields of advanced management accounting and for financial management areas. CMA is a certification that gives you and your profession international or global recognition. It will confirm your knowledge in the domains of financial planning, decision support, analysis, control and professional ethics these skills and knowledge are extremely important in the finance industry across the globe. This certification globally recognized course and is offered by the institution call the Institute of Management Accountants which is a US based institute. CMA is offered in more than 100 countries and more that 45000 CMAs have been certified till date. To become a CMA you have to meet a number of criteria especially a commitment to learn continuously through continuing professional education.

For more details, you can look at this Nuts & Bolts of CMA Exam

What is Company Secretary (CS)?

This job is not typically a clerical or a secretarial job; in fact it is none of these. A company secretary position is one of the senior management position in any company be it a private sector company or a public sector one. A company secretary makes sure that the administration of the company is efficiently handled making sure that the compliance the regulations and the statutory requirements are met and also making sure that the decisions of the board of directors are implemented. It is just the name that sounds clerical however there is huge difference in the designation and the job role of a company secretary. Meeting regular legislations and regulations laid down by the government the company secretary also makes sure that the board of directors are reminded and do follow their legal responsibilities. A CS is also called a company named representative on legal papers who make sure that the company and its board of directors operate its functions within the set laws.

CMA VS CS Exam Requirements


  1. You need to firstly have a bachelors degree of 3 to 4 years maximum from an accredited college or an accredited university.
  2. You then need to have two full and continuous experience of applying the principals of management accounting and financial management in domains such as preparing financial statements, financial planning and analysis, monthly closure, quarterly closure and also annual closure, auditing, budgeting etc.
  3. Even after becoming a certified CMA you need to still have 30 hrs of CPE credits along with 2 hours of ethics to maintain the annual IMA membership with an active status.


  1. To become a CS you need to be a 10+2.
  2. After you complete your high school you need to pursue a 3 stage course which includes the foundation, executive and the professional program.
  3. In case you are joining the course after clearing your graduation you can start directly with the executive and professional program.

Why Pursue CMA?      

To work towards one of the rarest courses like CMA is defiantly a pleasure and this pleasure comes to you with definite hard work. This certificate gives you the certification of a US based institutes which is international recognition in financial management fields and in advanced management accounting besides to maintain your membership you have to be committed to CPE. After being certified you can easily work for various domains in the finance industry for either a public or a private sector company. CMA certification signifies the knowledge you possess in various domains of the industry. The certification can be pursued in more than 100 countries and as of now more than 45000 members are registered as a CMA worldwide.

Why pursue CS?

Being a CS gives you an amazingly rewarding career both professionally and financially for you can work as an independent professional as well as with a company. This course is a correspondence course which means you do not need to attend any sort of classes to crack it, studying at home and by yourself is the way you do it. You can crack this course in a time span of 3 1/2 years however once you register your registration is valid for 5 years. There are more than 35000 registered CS out of which 6500 are independent professionals the others have been employed by companies at good packages to start with.

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