Business Budget Template

Free Business Budget Template – (Track Expenses and Income)

The business budget template is a quarterly template that helps to see the deviation in the estimate of expense and income. It will be helpful for small businesses that want to keep track of expenses and income.


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About The Template

  • The template is to show the deviation from a budgeted expense and income for businesses. The template doesn’t contain the exhaustive list of all expenses and income. The addition of expenses and income can be done as per the convenience of the person maintaining the template.
  • The template starts with the proper display of month-wise profit or loss. It will help the person viewing the template to have an idea of the month-wise profit or loss. Every month there should be an expected valuation estimation of the profit or loss. So the topmost tier helps to display the projected total profit/loss and what is the actual profit/loss.
  • Every quarter separate template should be maintained so that the total quarterly estimation of profit/loss can be checked with the projected earnings of the business. Quarterly earnings are a critical estimate that decides the movement of the share price.
  • The template will help to show the deviation of actual expenses/income from the estimates. So whoever does the estimation should be able to correct their estimation from next quarter. Positive variance means performing more than estimation is a good surprise and will give a boost to the company’s share price.
  • In the above example, you can see that in the first quarter, the business has managed to garner profit for three consecutive months. In January, a large portion of the profit was contributed by “Income from Hedging.”
  • This kind of income is not sustainable, and businesses should be prepared in case they face loss in “Hedging.” “Interest IncomeInterest IncomeInterest Income is the amount of revenue generated by interest-yielding investments like certificates of deposit, savings accounts, or other investments & it is reported in the Company’s income statement. read more” is as per prediction for the whole quarter. So it indicates that money is invested in proper sources, and regular interest income flow is there.
  • This template will help to breakdown all expenses and income month wise. Following the trend will enable an analyst to prepare individual curves and can predict the movement of individual items for the next quarter.

How to Use Business Budget Template?

The template is simple to use. One just needs to plug in the expenses and income month wise. The profit and loss that is shown in the top section will be calculated automatically as the total expenses, and total income will be pulled from lower sections after the summation of individual items. Deviations from the predicted estimation will also be calculated automatically.

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