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Free Simple Receipt Template

Once the payment has been received from the customers against the goods or services being bought from the supplier of the goods and services, the supplier is required to acknowledge in the form of a simple receipt.  A receipt could be written by hand or could be bought from the market. A receipt can also be created in an excel template with the help of spreadsheet tools.

Sales Receipt

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About Simple Receipt Template

Every business owner who enters in buying and selling of the goods or services is customarily required to issue a receipt as a token of acknowledgment of receipt of money from the customer for the future recording purpose.  Issuing receipt also helps business owners to keep track of the selling of the goods and services for any audit purposeAudit PurposeThe primary purpose of an audit is to conduct an independent and unbiased verification of all financial and non-financial material information to ensure that it is in line with what the management has more and his own at the same time. Business owners are nowadays using excel based templates to create simple receipts.

This template is simple and easy to make. Generally, it includes the following elements:

  • The date when the customer cleared his due amount;
  • The name of the customer to whom the goods and services have been rendered;
  • The total amount paid by the client or customer;
  • The description for which payment has been received;
  • The name and signature of the person who issues the receipt;
  • The detailed breakup of the invoice, including discounts and taxes, if any.

If the business is running on a large scale, tracking every transaction is very complicated. To ward off this deficiency, the companies can track the record of every transaction with the help of receipts they issued to the customers or clients.

It can be created, and it is a must to issue to every customer it deals with, no matter customer pay through cash or any mode of payments.

The receipts template should be organized in a particular folder, which can be referred later to calculate the total income being generated by the business, for tax calculation purposes, and for audit purposes, internal as well as external auditExternal AuditExternal Audit is defined as the audit of the financial records of the company in which independent auditors perform the task of examining validity of financial records of the company carefully in order to find out if there is any misstatement in the records due to fraud, error or embezzlement and then reporting the same to the stakeholders of the more. In other cases, if business issues receipts on paper and the same will be accumulated as the business grows. The owner of the business finds it hard to record the paper receipts. Excel-based templates are easy to create and very useful to store the same in one place no matter how many they are.

The following are the primary reasons for using excel based templates:

  • The professional layout of receipts: Excel has built-in options to generate the layout of receipts according to the requirement of the users. They can try and use a different layout for the receipts.
  • Customizable: The receipts created with excel based templates are fully customizable. We can edit and delete any elements if not required.
  • Future use: We can save these templates and use them for future references.
  • Taxation: We can use them to compute the amount of taxation.

How to Make this Template?

  • We can use Microsoft Excel to create templates as excel has several functions and formulas in it, with the help of which we can create any desired format of receipts. The reasons why we use the templates to create receipts are many. Some reasons which lead the use of excel to create the templates are due to automatic formula and functions. These reduce the calculation errors.
  • Companies or business owners should make sure the receipts issued to the clients are professionally designed. These must include all relevant information about the goods and services sold and clients’ info like name, his contact number, etc. The client can easily approach you with the help of receipts in case he needs to buy anything in the future.
  • Anyone can access to the professionally made receipts through online sources. More often, companies and business owners prefer to use excel based template to issue the receipts. The receipts are easily customizable to add or delete the contents of receipts any time with a matter of minutes. These receipts can be printed or can send through email or various applications to save the time of both customers and business owners. The users can directly download the receipts from the online or websites and edit according to their requirements.
  • A receipt is different from the invoice, but the format and the layout could be similar to some extent. Both share many things at the same time, but they differ as well. Invoice is something issued to the buyer of goods and services before making the payment for those by the customer. In comparison, the supplier issues receipt after the buyer makes the payment for the goods and services. Receipt, in simple words, is the indication of completion of the transaction on the part of both parties.
  • With the Microsoft Excel template, the business can create any receipt for any business or any personal transaction purposes.


The following are the factors which are considered as motivation factors behind the use of excel-based templates:

  • Excel-based templates are free to download and can be sent smoothly to clients.
  • With the help of excel based functions and formulas, the templates automatically calculate the total and sub-total of the amount.
  • Excel-based templates are fully customizable.
  • Professionally designed and layout with all required elements;
  • Excel-based templates can be easily printed and can be converted in Pdf.


There are plenty of receipts templates types that we can create in excel.

Following are few examples of the specific receipts template used more often:

  1. Rent Receipt: This is the receipt issued by the landlord to the tenant once the owner of the house collects rent as an acknowledgment that he received the money.
  2. Donation Receipt: It is very similar to the rent receipt. The only difference is that the party receiving the donation issues it to the party who donated the amount, for the purpose of which donation is sought.
  3. Cash Receipt: The cash receipt is very common. A business owner issues it to every single human being for the goods or services bought from them.

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