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Updated on April 16, 2024
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What Is A Price Comparison Template?

The price comparison template is the Excel template that exhibits the information based on the pricing details of the number of vendors. In this template, we can generate a list of items with the required quantity, description, and price per unit charged by the vendors.

Price Comparison Template

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For eg:
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In the template, we can create and input details like the items, quantity to be ordered, detailed descriptions of the goods to be ordered, and the price per unit. Then, if applicable, we can finally compute the total cost, including any taxes.

Price Comparison Template Explained

A price comparison table, as the name suggests, helps compare costs or prices at which the vendors and suppliers make the goods and services available to consumers. Once all the required information is filled in the relevant columns of the spreadsheet, we can easily analyze and select the vendor based on the vendors’ minimum cost. It also enables consumers to select goods or products by comparing the prices and selecting the lowest prices.

There is a basic price comparison template provided here that can be used and implemented by any commoner who buys basic goods and services daily at very reasonable prices. With the help of this template, any person can compare the prices from various vendors.

In this template, there are multiple columns. Every column is for different vendors. Prices of individual items are input, and one can find the total cost of vendors at the top of the vendor column.


You are free to use this image on your website, templates, etc, Please provide us with an attribution linkHow to Provide Attribution?Article Link to be Hyperlinked
For eg:
Source: Price Comparison Template (

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Any individual or company can perform the competitor analysis based on information in the template across multiple vendors and products. In addition, the template includes several columns that depend on the requirement of the concerned individual or company, or business.

  • One can customize the template by adding any desired information management would like to focus on. E.g., taxes applicable, shipping charges, and any critical information. At the same time, management can also reduce the columns by eliminating the vendors under consideration.
  • Management makes immediate decisions based on this template, which could be considered an initial step toward deep analysis and a strategic approach.
  • With this template’s help, the manufacturing company’s management can compare the bids from construction contractors and subcontractors.
  • We all use this template in quest of the goods and services with the lowest and most reasonable prices, so we do not end up shelling out an extra amount. One can make a well-informed decision using the price comparison template by comparing all the prices from different vendors.
  • An individual can use this template to evaluate the goods and services offered at different price ranges. Instead of buying the goods and services directly from any particular vendor, we can compare the prices of the goods and services available by comparing their price with the quality.
  • It is very useful for companies and businesses who, during business operations, are required to purchase many quantities of goods and services. Before they buy the goods and services, they look into their budget and decide accordingly by comparing the lowest prices from the vendors.


In today’s competitive world, all companies, including consumers, stand to gain the advantage of this template to make informed and strategic decisions. For example, a company engaged in business buying supplies in large quantities from several vendors can use this template to analyze the prices of goods before selecting the final vendor.

  • In addition to the companies, ultimate consumers compare the prices of the goods and services from the number of vendors they are supposed to buy the same, saving them considerable time and money. In addition, major events like weddings and parties have been using these templates to ward off paying any additional prices to the vendors.
  • Even if we have adequate and comprehensive knowledge about the market trends. This template enables us to perform competitive vendor analysis to see how pricing structures and products vary from other companies in the same industries.
  • One can customize it according to the requirements of the users. For instance, one can add columns to include the product descriptions, their quality and quantity, and other particulars impacting the decision-maker to make an informed decision.
  • In the case of companies, they can use this template to compare the prices of the goods and services produced by them and compare the same across other companies in the same industry. By doing this, they price the goods and services suitable for them to gain the market share and, ultimately, the bottom line.
  • Individual business owners can use this template to evaluate their position in the market by comparing the price of their product and comparing the same with the competitors. It has become a very critical tool in the hands of management to perform a competitive analysis to make an informed and strategic decision.
  • With the given template, it is very easy to select a particular vendor by selecting the lowest prices through bidding. The only thing required is to input all the required details, including the prices of each vendor, select the lowest bid from the vendor, and then compare the prices from all the vendors to make a cost-effective decision.

How to Make This?

To make a price comparison template, we must input all the details possible in the template.

  • At the very outset, on the top, we should input the template’s title under consideration. Then, we should create the template with the required number of columns and rows per the available information collected from the various vendors about the features of the goods and their respective prices.
  • Enter the titles of different categories at the top of the columns. Next, input the name of the product, its descriptions, the quantity, and other required information based on the users’ expectations, and we can further insert as many columns and rows to input the details.
  • The major advantage of this template is that we can customize them according to the requirement. If we miss the information in the template, we can easily download the same and insert the required number of columns and rows to input the desired information. In addition, if we think further that a particular vendor does not deserve any consideration, we can delete those rows and columns.

Free Price Comparison Template

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