Combo Box in Excel

What is Combo Box in Excel?

Combo Box in Excel is a type of data validation tool that can create a dropdown list for the user to select from the pre-determined list. It is a form control which is available in the insert tab of the developer’s tab. In simple words it is a list box where we can put different list of values for selection whereas in VBA combo box is designed in a user form where we put our values in a list, in excel, and in VBA combo box has same functionality.


  1. Form Controls Combo BoxForm Controls Combo BoxExcel Form Controls are objects which can be inserted at any place in the worksheet to work with data and handle the data as specified. These controls are compatible with excel and can create a drop-down list in excel, list boxes, spinners, checkboxes, scroll more
  2. Active X Controls

#1 How to Create Form Controls Combo Box in Excel?

You can download this Combo Box Excel Template here – Combo Box Excel Template

Below are the steps to create form controls combo box in excel –

  1. First, we have created a month list in the worksheet.

    Combo in Excel - step 5

  2. First click on Developer Tab > Insert > Combo Box > Form Controls.

    Combo in Excel - step 6

  3. Select the Combo Box to draw in the worksheet.

    Combo in Excel - step 7

  4. Now, right-click on the combo box and go to Format Control.

    Combo in Excel - step 8

  5. Now, the Format Control dialogue box opens up. Under Control, option do the following changes.

    Input Range: Range of cells which contain values which will appear in your Combo Box

    Cell link: Put here the address of the cell where will appear the number of values from the list. It will help you in creating the functions of charts based on Combo Box.

    Drop Down Lines: Number of lines in Combo Box – it should be the number of values in a list or less.

    Combo in Excel - step 9

  6. Now your Combo Box is ready.

    Combo in Excel - step 10

#2 How to Create an Active X Controls Combo Box in Excel?

This kind of Combo Box is used in VBA CodingVBA CodingVBA code refers to a set of instructions written by the user in the Visual Basic Applications programming language on a Visual Basic Editor (VBE) to perform a specific more. This is an advanced level of the combo box, and you need a little bit of VBA knowledge. Anyway, let us go ahead and learn about this type of Combo Box.

To add Active X Controls Combo Box, follow the below steps.

click Developer Tab > Insert > Combo Box > Active X Controls
  • Step 2: Draw the Combo Box in the Worksheet.
Draw the Combo Box
  • Step 3: Right-click on the combo box and select properties.
Right-click on the combo box and select properties
  • Step 4: In this properties window, you can see all the properties associated with this Combo Box. Here you can change the name, size, font style, font color drop-down list, etc.
Combo in Excel - step 14
  • Step 5: Change the name of the combo box.
Change the name of the combo box
  • Step 6: Change the font type and size.
Change the font type and size
  • Step 7: Select the number of rows.
Select the number of rows
  • Step 8: Select Match Entry mode.
Match Entry mode on
  • Step 9: Give a link to the cell. So whatever the value you select from the drop-down, it will reflect in that cell as a value. In this example, the cell is E8.
properties window
  • Step 10: Exit from the Properties window and exit the design mode. That means designing of this combo box is done. If you again want to resign, click on this Design Mode
Combo in Excel - step 20

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This has been a guide to Combo Box in Excel. Here we discuss how to create Form Control Combo Box and Active X Control Combo Box in Excel along with practical examples and a downloadable template. You may also look at these useful functions in excel –

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