Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic

Difference Between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic

Ethereum represented by the ETH is the new chain which is original blockchain’s offset and takes the second’s time in order to confirm any transaction taking place whereas the Ethereum Classic represented by ticker ETC is an original chain and not the offset of any original blockchain.

The basic differences between Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic are the blockchain technology used. In this article, we look at the key differences between them in detail.

Ethereum (ETH) vs Ethereum Classic (ETC) Infographics

Let’s see the top differences between Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic.

Key Differences

  • Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic are the two different versions of the pre and post era of the Hard Fork.
  • Ethereum’s blockchain technology has evolved after the hacking of $50 million from the DAO. The supporter of ETC went with the same, old blockchain technology.
  • ETH was created in late 2013, but now it is much more evolved. ETC was born in the year 2016, but it is actually an old version (and not new).
  • Ethereum got evolved because the supporters wanted to support the investors that lost the money in the DAO. Ethereum Classic was born when a small group of people resisted going with the more evolved version of Ethereum.

Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic Comparative Table

Basis for ComparisonEthereumEthereum Classic
CreatedIt was founded in late 2013. Later in January 2014, the creator of Ethereum announced the launch at a conference.It came into the scene after the DAO got hacked and $50 million was stolen by the hackers. It is around May 2016.
Blockchain TechnologyIt is now run on a more evolved technology.It follows the same old blockchain technology.
Total SupplyIt has an uncapped total supply with a fixed supply per year.It has changed this and it has reduced the block reward by 20% at 5 millionth block number and 20% at every 5 millionths onward.
Pre & Post EraBefore the hard fork, Ethereum existed, but after Hard Fork, it has evolved to be more powerful.It was born after hard work. was a small group of people who believed that the same blockchain technology would work.


When the DAO got hacked and lost $50 million, Ethereum needed a solid technology to replace the old one. So, Hard Fork was born. But many traditional supporters of Ethereum didn’t want to go with the hard fork and they stayed with the old blockchain technology. And as a result, Ethereum Classic was born.

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