Green Investments

What are Green Investments?

Green Investments are the investment activity which focuses on the projects or areas that are committed towards preservation of the environment such as Pollution reduction, Fossil fuel reduction, conservation of natural resources, generation of the alternative energy sources, project related to the cleaning and maintenance of air and water, waste management or any other type of environmentally-conscious practices.

The green investing funds can be raised by private equity firmsPrivate Equity FirmsPrivate equity firms are investment managers who invest in many corporations' private equities using various strategies such as leveraged buyouts, growth capital, and venture capital. The top private equity firms include Apollo Global Management LLC, Blackstone Group LP, Carlyle Group, and KKR & Company more, corporations, hedge fundsHedge FundsA hedge fund is an aggressively invested portfolio made through pooling of various investors and institutional investor’s fund. It supports various assets providing high returns in exchange for higher risk through multiple risk management and hedging more, or even individuals. Some green investment option with the investor includes securities, electronically traded funds, mutual fundsMutual FundsA mutual fund is an investment fund that investors professionally manage by pooling money from multiple investors to initiate investment in securities individually held to provide greater diversification, long term gains and lower level of more, and bondsBondsA bond is financial instrument that denotes the debt owed by the issuer to the bondholder. Issuer is liable to pay the coupon (an interest) on the same. These are also negotiable and the interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or even annually whichever is agreed more and can be offered by the governments as well sometimes for generating revenue to fund its projects or the businesses.

Green Investments

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Example of the Green Investments

Green Investment - Apple Example


Green investments can be in the form of securities, electronically traded funds, mutual funds, and bonds. For example, the Green bond issued by the company Apple worth $ 1.5 billion was the first-ever green bond which was issued by the technology company, and the same was highly popular. The bond even won the award by Environmental Finance in the year 2016.

Another example of the green investment includes the sustainability bond issued by Starbucks with the motive of sustainable agriculture improvements, which also gained high popularity.

Advantages of Green Investment

There are several different advantages of the Green Investments, providing the opportunity for the investors as well as for the company raising funds through these investments.

Disadvantages of Green Investment

There are some of the limitations and drawbacks as well of the green investments along with the advantages which are as follows:

Important Points

All the investors investing in green investments should be aware of companies that simply raise funds as green investing for the purpose of branding only and do not follow the steps which were promised initially by them at the time of raising funds. So the current, as well as the potential investors, should research in a proper way before making any investments about the companies, green fund prospectus, and other parameters such as annual filing of the stock. After analyzing, they should see whether investment includes companies that fit in their personal definition or area.


Green investments are an investment which includes securities, electronically traded funds, mutual funds, and bonds in which person issuing the instruments are involved in operations which have the ultimate aim of improving the environment. It can be any company, whether it is involved in the development of alternative energy technology or the company that has the best environmental practices etc. Under this, the funds are allocated towards those projects which work for the benefit of the environment.

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