Interpolate in Excel

Interpolation in Excel

Interpolation in excel helps us to find the value between two points on a line of graph or line of the curve. In simple words “Inter” suggests that look inside the data that we already have. Not only in statistics but also in the field of Science, Commerce, business it is used to find or predict the future value which falls between two existing data points.

Example of Data Interpolation in Excel

In order to understand the concept of Data Interpolation in excel, let’s look at the below example. In a farmhouse, a farmer is growing paddy, and he keeps tracking the growth of the paddy.

You can download this Interpolation in Excel Template here – Interpolation in Excel Template

The farmer has recorded below-trend growth of the paddy in 20 days, where he has recorded growth once in every 4 days.

Interpolate in Excel Example 1

From the above table, a farmer wants to know how tall the paddy was on the 5th day.

By looking at the data, we can easily estimate that on the 5th-day paddy was at 2.5 inches. The reason why we can easily tell the growth of the paddy crop because it has grown in a linear pattern, i.e., there was a relationship between the number of days recorded, and the inches paddy has grown. Below is the graph to show the linear growth of the paddy.

Graph 1

The above graph easily shows the linear growth pattern of the paddy. But if the paddy has grown in a linear pattern, then it is tough to predict the 5th-day growth.

Graph 2

Based on this above curve, farmers cannot estimate what the 5th-day growth was. So, this is where our Interpolation Interpolation Interpolation is the mathematical procedure applied to derive value in between two points having a prescribed value. It approximates the value of a given function at a given set of discrete points. It can be applied in estimating varied concepts of cost, mathematics, moreconcept helps us to find the growth on the 5th day.

For interpolation, we have a below formula.

Interpolation Formula 1

Here we have two variables, i.e., X1 & Y1. “X” is the first set of values, and “Y” is the second set of values.

In our example of paddy growth first set of values is (4,2). Here “4” is the day, and “2” is the growth inches of the paddy.

The second set of values is (8,4). Here “8” is the day, and “4” is the growth inches of the paddy.

Since we need to find the growth on the 5th-day variable, “x” becomes 5 to the growth inches variable “y.”

So let’s apply the values to the above formula.

Interpolation Step 1

Now do the first step calculation.

Interpolation Step 2
Interpolation Step 3
Interpolation Step 4
Interpolation Step 5

Note “x” is equal to

Interpolation Step 6
Interpolation Step 7

So, on 5th-day paddy growth would be at 2.5 inches.

Linear Interpolation in Excel

The same Linear interpolation in excelLinear Interpolation In ExcelIn Excel, linear interpolation refers to forecasting or guessing the next value of any given variable based on current data. To execute a linear interpolation in Excel, we use the forecast function and the lookup function to create a straight line that connects two values and estimates the future value through more takes the same data to the excel as well.

Linear Interpolation 1

Now we need to find the growth inches for the 5th day, so x = 5.

Set 1 (x1, y1)

Set 2 (x2, y2)

So x1 = 4, y1 = 2, x2 = 8, and y2 = 4.

Enter these values in excel sheet cells.

Example 2

I have mentioned question marks for x1, y1, x2, and y2. Because with this simple data, we can easily find with just our eyes. But it is always a good practice to find these values through the formula. To find the “x1” value apply the below formula.

Example 2-1

Now to find the “y1” value apply the below formula.

Example 2-2

To find the “x2” value apply the below formula.

Example 2-3

To find the “y2” value apply the below formula.

Example 2-4

Like this using these formulas, we can find the values for all the parameters of the Interpolation in excel formula.

Next, to find the 5th-day paddy growth inches apply the below formula.

Example 2-5

So, as we have calculated manually with formula, also we got 2.5 as the answer. If needed, we can insert the line graphLine GraphLine Graphs/Charts in Excels are visuals to track trends or show changes over a given period & they are pretty helpful for forecasting data. They may include 1 line for a single data set or multiple lines to compare different data sets. read more for the data.

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This has been a guide to Interpolation in Excel. Here we discuss how to do Data Interpolation in Excel along with examples and a downloadable excel template. You may also look at these useful functions in excel –

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