Claritas vs IMC – Comparing The Certifications

Claritas vs IMC – Comparing The Certifications. If you look at both of these, you will find them affordable courses with a lot of benefits. Yes, you need to choose between these two. And we will guide you in the following ways. But before that you need to understand something else.

  • First, you should opt for Claritas® Investment Certificate if you want a lot of flexibility. Because it’s pretty easy to clear and the mode of exam is also very convenient. IMC  (Investment Management Certificate) is also very good. However, IMC is little stricter than Claritas®.
  • Second, Claritas® and IMC both have almost zero entry barriers. So, if you choose to do any one of them or both, there’s no exam requirement. You only need to be good in English.
  • Both are the courses for people who want to add some knowledge to their knowledge portfolio. They cannot replace the value of doing CFA or CPA or other financial domain programs. Having said that, the value of both these courses is quite good.

Now let’s look at all the details of Claritas® and IMC and decide for yourself which suits you best. In this post we explore the following;

  1. Claritas vs IMC Infographics
  2. What is Claritas?
  3. What is IMC (Investment Management Certificate)?
  4. Key Differences between Claritas® and IMC
  5. Why pursue Claritas?
  6. Why pursue IMC?

Claritas vs IMC Infographics

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Lets understand the difference between these two streams with the help of this Claritas® vs IMC Infographics.

Claritas vs IMC infographics

What is Claritas?

  • Claritas® is one of the best investment courses in the world. And it’s organized by one of the best institutes in the world – the CFA institute.
  • The best part of Claritas® program is that you don’t need to have any entry requirement or any prior qualification to be able to sit for the exam in Claritas®. The only requirement is that you need to be good in English to understand the material and to give the exam.
  • Another beautiful thing about Claritas® is that it’s only 100 hours program and you can do it at your pace. CFA Institute will provide with all the materials (including eBooks and mock tests). You just need to prepare and sit for the exam within 6 months from the day of registration.
  • The exam for this course is just 2 hours. You need to sit for 2 hours exam and need to answer 120 multiple choice questions and you’re done.
  • The fees for this course are very affordable. Getting a globally recognized course within this range is really a boon.

What is IMC?

  • If you want to boost your career or want to be called expert in the investment domain, choose this course. This is more popular in UK, but it has relevance in all over the world. And it’s organized by CFA Society, United Kingdom.
  • It consists of only two units and you merely need to study for 180 hours.
  • The exam methodology is unique and helpful for students. Students can attempt 4 times in a year. As the percentage of marks is great, most of the students pass this exam without any issue.

Key differences between Claritas vs IMC

There are few differences between Claritas® and IMC. Let’s look at few of the differences.

  • Fees:

The fees for IMC are a little bit higher than the Claritas®. Even if the difference is of only few thousand dollars, sometimes it makes a huge difference (hint – what if you don’t clear IMC in one go).

  • Convenience:

Claritas® is much more convenient than IMC. If you want to pass Claritas®, you only need to sit for one two hours exam and that’s it. But for IMC, you need to sit separately for Unit-1 and Unit-2 examinations.

  • Entry requirements:

Both of the programs don’t require any prior qualification. But to complete IMC, it’s recommended that one should complete her bachelor’s degree program.

  • Comprehensiveness:

If you notice the syllabus of Claritas® and IMC, few subjects are similar. But syllabus of IMC is more precise whereas the curriculum of Claritas® is more comprehensive.

Why pursue Claritas?

There are few fundamental reasons for which students should pursue Claritas®.

  • It was found from the candidate survey that most of the candidates (almost 76%) want to pursue Claritas® because they want to increase the knowledge of the industry.
  • 43% of the candidates did the course because the course is affiliated with one of the top notch institutes in the world – CFA institute.
  • 30% believed that Claritas® course would give them a boost in confidence in carrying out tasks in their present domain of work.
  • 27% wanted to do the course because they could understand the value of getting a global professional network handy as a value addition of the course.
  • 24% wanted to improve their career graph and thus they went for Claritas® course.
  • Moreover, you need to find your own reason why you want to pursue Claritas® course. But the above survey covers almost everything students should do the Claritas® course for.

Why pursue IMC?

  • Students should pursue IMC because it is one of the top-rated investment courses in the world. And it is very much flexible for students who are working professionals as well.
  • The syllabus of IMC is very much precise. You don’t need to study any subject. There are only 2 units. Out of which there are total 17 topics. You can study at your own pace. Only thing is you need to sit for exam within one year of the registration date.
  • You will see that IMC doesn’t only teach you about investment; it also covers management studies as well. Knowing about investment is not enough. You need to know how to manage things in a professional setting as well. So, IMC is a culmination of both the course which makes it unique and attractive to its students.

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Business Philosopher Jim Rohn said that – “No matter what you do, make sure everything that you do is the product of your own conclusion.” So, take this advice to heart. Claritas® and IMC both are excellent course. But after going through the courseware, you need to decide which applies to your setting. Choosing a course over other courses is an overwhelming task. Thus, we gave you the details of what you should pay heed to and what you should ignore.

But here’s what we think you should do. These are the hypothetical situations and they may or may not work in your own professional career. If you want to get an entry to investment domain or want to do a starting course in investment analysis, there is nothing more comprehensive course than Claritas®. Moreover it doesn’t require any prior qualification and you also don’t need to have any work experience in the same domain. So, if you’re working for IT, you can shift and do this course and join an organization which will let you take care of the investment analysis domain.

If you want to go for something core-based investment course, do IMC along with CFA. If you do both IMC and CFA, nothing is more lethal than that.

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