Full Form of CFO

Full-Form of CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

The full form of CFO is Chief Financial Officer and is is a senior level officer of the company who is accountable for the overall finance functions of the company and has the authority to make the financial decisions for the company.


This is not limited to maintaining the accounts or reviewing the financial numbers. Instead, over the past years, the chief financial officer’s role has diversified, and a CFO is expected to utilize his financial knowledge and experience to drive the company towards growth and success. As a result, this can be seen playing the following roles in a company.

  • Planning strategies for the growth of the company by making important and relevant financial decisions. The decisions should be in line with the long-term goals of the company.
  • Acting as a leader and taking ownership of the company’s financial results and planning the future course of action.
  • Identifying the strengths of the team and utilizing those strengths for the better financial performance of the company.
  • Being the face of the company for dealings with the banks, investors, customers, and suppliers as chief financial officers are one of the company’s senior-most persons.

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Qualifications Required for CFO

In general, a bachelor’s in accounts or finance field or having degrees like MBA, CMA, CPA is considered a criterion for the appointment of a chief financial officer apart from the considerate amount of experience in the finance field.

Skills Required for CFO

Skills Required for CFO

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#1 – Leadership

The chief financial officer is a senior-level executive expected to lead a team of members, and therefore, it is very important for him that he advises his team whenever required and brings the best out of his team.

#2 – Understanding

He should have sound knowledge and understanding of the company’s business operations to ensure that correct financial decision can be taken at each functional level.

#3 – Planning

He should be able to make plans and strategize towards the company’s financial growth and ensure its execution.

#4 – Good Communication

As mentioned earlier also, the chief financial officer acts as the face of the company. Thus, while dealing with outsiders, he must portray good communication skills.

#5 – Technical Knowledge

The chief financial officer shall have sound technical knowledge in finance so that he can make correct financial decisions.

#6 – Risk Management

Not only a chief financial officer is expected to plan strategies for the future, but it also manages the risk as and when it arises.

Key Responsibilities of CFO

Responsibilities of Chief Financial Officer

CFO Job Prospects

This is one of the highest and important positions in the company. This is a position that one holds after having so much experience and knowledge. Companies will not let go of their good CFOs even in the hardest economic scenarios as CFOs are those persons who can plan to move the company away from the financial tension. Thus, job prospects are very bright for CFOs as almost every company hires a CFO to head their finance division.

CFO Salary

As stated earlier, the chief financial officer is one of the top positions in the company. Being such an important position, These are highly paid employees of the company. As per one survey, the average salary of a chief financial officer is the U.S. comes out to a whopping amount of $3,71,548 as of April 2019. Quite interesting, right?


Becoming a chief financial officer of a company will take a lot of experience and knowledge. The efforts that you make to reach there will surely be worth it. Also, do not forget the important responsibilities that await a CFO.

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