Sort by Number in Excel

When a column or a data range in excel has numbers in it then we have an option of sorting the data by numbers in excel after using filter on the data range or column, number filters have various options the first being largest to smallest or vice versa and other being the options of conditional formatting such as equals to or greater than a value and others.

How to Sort by Numbers in Excel?

Sort by Number in Excel

In this article, I will take you through the method of sorting numbers in excel. Believe me. Not many people do not know about this cool technique. Then why are you waiting to go ahead one step more than your other counterparts?

In excel, the SORT option can be found under the Data tab. While sorting, we may need to sort on a column in one scenario, and in some cases, we may require to sort multiple columns at a time.

Sort by Number in Excel – Step by Step Guide

Here we will learn how to sort by number in excel.

You can download this Sort by Number Excel Template here – Sort by Number Excel Template

Sort Numbers in Excel Example #1 – Single Level Sorting

Single Level Sorting is nothing but sorting only one column at a time. Sort by employee name is one level sorting.

I have sales data based on the product. It includes product names and how many units sold in a month. I want to sort the sort based on the Units Sold column from largest to smallest.

sort number in excel example 1

Below are the steps used for sorting numbers in excel –

  1. Select the data from A1 to B28.

    sort number in excel step 1

  2. Go to the Data tab and Sort. Use the shortcut key in excelUse The Shortcut Key In ExcelAn Excel shortcut is a technique of performing a manual task in a quicker more to open the sort option. The shortcut key is ALT + D + S.

    sort number in excel step 2

  3. Now, the mandatory thing you need to do is make sure the “My data has headers” checkbox has ticked. If this box has ticked means, the selected data has headers otherwise;, your will header will be treated as the data only.

    sort number in excel step 3

  4. Click on Sort by drop-down list and select the word Units Sold.

    sort number in excel step 4

  5. After this, undergo the Order section and select Largest to Smallest. By default, excel already selected the order a Smallest to Largest, but we can change it according to our requirement.

    sort number in excel step 5

  6. Click on Ok to sort the data from largest to smallest. The below image is the result of that.

    sort number in excel step 6

Sort Numbers in Excel Example #2 – Multi-Level Sorting

Multi-Level Sorting includes many columns to sort at one. Sort by employee name and by department name. Here employee name is one layer, and the department is another layer.

Let us take one more example to understand better. In this example, I have the data of sales across four regions at a different time frame.

Example 2

The first column includes dates, the second column includes the region name, and the third column includes revenue numbers.

Now I require to sort the region-wise, and also I want to sort the revenue number from Largest to Smallest and.

This is not a single layer sort. It is a multi-level sorting. We need to include

Step 1: Select the data first.

Step 1

Step 2: Open the sort box by pressing ALT + D + S.

Step 2

Step 3: Under Sort by select region name and under Order select A to Z.

Step 3

Step 4: Now, click on Add Level to add one more layer for the Revenue column.

Step 4

Step 5: Now, under this layer, select Revenue first and then Largest to Smallest.

Step 5

Note: Firstly, excel will sort Region-wise data, and under this, it will sort revenue-wise from largest to smallest. By this sort, we easily get to know what is the highest revenue under each region.

Step 6: Click on OK to sort the data.

Step 6

Things to Remember in Sort by Numbers in Excel

  • We need to select the entire data range to sort. Otherwise, our data will be shuffled, and reports will go wrong.
  • We need to click the checkbox. My data has headers to tell the excel not to consider the first row as data.
  • We can use the numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest.
  • In the case of non-numerical data, we can sort from A to Z, Z to A. We can sort from
  • Dates can be sorted from Oldest to Newest, Newest to oldest.
  • We can add many layers to make the data alternation according to our wish.
  • In the case of sorting based on the cell’s color or font color, we can sort only once color at a time. I would suggest you use it if required.

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