Excel Test

What is Excel Test?

Excel Test is the tool to measure the knowledge of the Excel and is usually conducted by the employers during the recruiting process. The aim behind it is to test the skill level in excel as it reduces human work and makes it very easy.

In this excel test, we provide you with the top 18 frequently asked questions (multiple choice questions) in basic excel.

Excel Test Questions and Answers

Following are the few question and answers of the excel test asked by the employers while recruiting the employees –

1 – What is the shortcut key for the AutosumAutosumThe Excel SUM Shortcut is a function that is used to add up multiple values by simultaneously pressing the “Alt” and “=” buttons in the desired cell. However, the data must be present in a continuous range for this function to function.read more?

  1. ALT and =
  2. CTRL and =
  3. ALT and S
  4. CTRL and S

Answer: (a)  ALT and =

2 – What is the formula for inserting the Random numbers in excelRandom Numbers In ExcelWe use random numbers in Excel when we wish to generate absolutely random random numbers to randomize our data for a sample evaluation, . In Excel, there are two built-in functions that offer us random numbers in cells: the =RAND() function provides us any value from 0 to 1, and the =RANDBETWEEN() function takes user input for a random number range.read more?

  1. RAND ()
  2. RANDBETWEENRANDBETWEENRANDBETWEEN excel formula determine random numbers between two extreme variables (bottom and top numbers). The user needs to fill in the bottom and top numbers in the syntax =RANDBETWEEN (bottom, top) to acquire the random integer.read more (BOTTOM, TOP)

Answer: (b) RANDBETWEEN (Bottom, Top)

3 – What is the formula for finding the average of numbers?



4 – How to find the current date and time in excel?

  1. Now ()
  2. Current date ()
  3. Date time ()
  4. Today ()Today ()Today function is a date and time function that is used to find out the current system date and time in excel. This function does not take any arguments and auto-updates anytime the worksheet is reopened. This function just reflects the current system date, not the time.read more

Answer: (a) Now ()

5 – What is a short cut to insert the table?

  1. CTRL+S
  2. CTRL+T
  3. CTRL+A
  4. Alt+T

Answer: (b) CTRL+ T

6 – Shortcut for expanding or collapsing the formula bar?

  1. CTRL+ Alt+ A
  2. CTRL+ Shift + U
  3. CTRL+ Alt + U
  4. Alt+ Shift

Answer: (b) CTRL+ Shift + U

7 – Company X is looking into three of the potential projects and will accept the project only if the IRR from the project is expected to be 12% or above. What is the formula which shows whether to accepts or Reject the projects under consideration?

Excel Test - question 7


Excel Test - question 7.1

  1.  IF(B$13>12,”accept”,”reject”)
  2. IF(B13>12,”accept”,”reject”)
  3. IF(B$13>12,accept,reject)
  4. IF(B13>12,accept,reject)

Answer: (b) IF(B3>13,”accept”,”reject”)

8 – What is the Formula for Rounding off the Number fully without any decimal?


Answer: (a) =ROUND(NUMBER,0)

9 – What is the table tool for evaluating and analyzing the data?

  1. Pie chartPie ChartThe pie chart is a circular excel chart representing the visualization of data in a circular format. In this circular chart, every category of data has its part, and all the categories make it as a whole circular data.read more
  2. Insert Table
  3. Insert Chart
  4. Pivot TablePivot TableA Pivot Table is an Excel tool that allows you to extract data in a preferred format (dashboard/reports) from large data sets contained within a worksheet. It can summarize, sort, group, and reorganize data, as well as execute other complex calculations on it. read more

Answer: (d) Pivot Table

10 – What is the formula for calculating EMI in Excel?

  1. =PMT (rate,nper,pv)
  2. =PMT (nper, rate, pv)
  3. =PMVT (rate, nper, pv)
  4. =PMET (rate, nper, pv)

Answer: = (a) PMT (rate, nper, pv)

11 – A taken Loan of $ 5,00,000 for 5 years, rate of interest is 9% p.a calculate EMI?

  1. $ 3750
  2. $ 3820
  3. $ 3978
  4. $ 3650

Answer: (a) $ 3750

12 – What is the shortcut to insert the hyperlinkInsert The HyperlinkTo insert a hyperlink, right-click on the cell, click on hyperlink, and then choose the last option, which will open a wizard box to insert a hyperlink. Then, in the field for an address, type the hyperlink's URL.read more?

  1. CTRL+K
  2. CTRL+Q
  3. CRTL+E
  4. ALT+K

Answer: (a) CTRL+K

13 – What is the shortcut for entering the current time?

  1. Ctrl + Shift + ;
  2. Ctrl + Shift + :
  3. Ctrl + :
  4. Ctrl + ;

Answer: (b) Ctrl + Shift + :

14 – Shortcut for Copying the Formula from the above row?

  1. Ctrl + “
  2. Ctrl + ‘
  3. Alt + :
  4. Alt +’

Answer: (b) Ctrl + ‘

15 – Shortcut for Copying the value from the above cell?

  1. Ctrl + Shift + “
  2. Ctrl + “
  3. Alt + Shift + “
  4. Alt +’

Answer: (a) Ctrl + Shift + “

16 – Shortcut for selecting the entire column?

  1. Ctrl + Spacebar
  2. Ctrl + A
  3. Ctrl + Q
  4. Alt + Spacebar

Answer: (a) Ctrl + Spacebar

17 – Shortcut for activating the previous workbook?

  1. Ctrl + Shift + Fn
  2. Ctrl + Shift + Tab
  3. Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
  4. Ctrl + Shift + Capslock

Answer: (b) Ctrl + Shift + Tab

18 – Formula used for totaling the numbers?

  1. Sum (the selected numbers)
  2. Autosum (the selected numbers)
  3. Total (selected numbers)
  4. Calculate (the selected numbers)

Answer: (a) Sum (the selected numbers)

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