Hedge Fund Jobs

Hedge Fund Jobs & Career Path

Hedge funds jobs are very common among the people of finance domain as they can get lucrative salary by getting into it where the various jobs in hedge fund include the role of the fund manager, role of analysts, role of Sales Manager, the role of Marketing Manager, the role of accountant, etc.

Want to land up with a hedge fund job? Well, it is not something uncommon today. What makes it the highly looked-for path in the finance domain is that it provides excellent prospects to have a thrilling work life and make piles of money. I am sure you are tempted to know how and why? Let’s get started.

Types of Hedge Fund Jobs

You could be hired for any of these hedge fund jobs;

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  • The analyst is often the typical entry-level position in hedge fund careers. The hedge fund analyst job is also referred to as the investment analyst or research analyst.
  • Role: In this role, you would be evaluating- company financials, economic and market conditions, investments such as bonds, commodities to invest for the hedge fund. Also, you are required to analyze financial statements, prepare financial models in excel, evaluate the risk of an investment, and find assets that comprehend the hedge fund strategy to bring in maximum returns.
  • Pre-requisite: Working as an analyst in a small hedge fund would require a broad knowledge base, whereas, in the case of a larger one, it could be more extensive with specific know-how of the industry, region, or investment.
  • You could spend a lot of time attending meetings, traveling, and making phone calls, which is why making contacts is vital for their success.


Sales and Marketing Manager

  • This hedge fund job is for you to maintain client relations, particularly when the fund manager does not desire to take up this responsibility.
  • Role: Your job would involve bringing in the capital for the fund. This is done by marketing the strategy and returns of the fund to prospective investors. The work would be more target-based; for example, you would be expected to bring in at least 10 million for the first year at the fund.
  • Pre-requisite: As a  marketing and sales manager, you will have to manage and maintain client relations and continuously bring capital into the fund. Therefore, someone in this role must be confident, persuasive, and have good people skills.

Fund Managers

  • Maximizing the return on investment funds is the most crucial goal of the hedge fund manager.
  • It depends on the size and type of strategy employed in the hedge, more than a kind of hedge fund manager specific to the kind of investment such as bonds, commodities, or sectors such as telecommunication or pharmaceutical.
  • Role: Hedge fund career as a manager is responsible for selecting the investments of the hedge fund in certain specific proportions to make up a portfolio. For choosing the investments, you would be required to research a wide range of assets such as stocks, currencies, bonds, etc. and pick the best ones for the portfolio. So basically, you are buying and selling those investments on behalf of the hedge fund for the corporations and individuals. You could also be partial if nor entirely responsible for the client relations and explaining investment strategies.
  • Pre-requisite: The job as a fund manager would require more experience than managers and analysts who usually begin their careers as hedge fund analysts.

Pros and cons of Hedge fund jobs

Looking at the brighter side of the hedge fund jobs;

  • Hedge fund jobs allow a greater level of individuality than other areas of the domain.
  • Compared to the investment banks, the hedge fund is generally smaller, which gives them greater intimacy and control.
  • It can be considered a highly rewarding hedge fund career; it is not uncommon to see people in this field at the significant funds pulling down $5 million a year. It is so because, in hedge fund jobs, one can easily quantify the contribution to the total profit of the fund.
  • You have the opportunity to do well and get noticed quickly. This can help you in getting up the ladder rather sooner and get compensated well for the same.

Looking at the darker side;

Hedge Fund Job Essentials

Hedge Fund Jobs are isn’t the type that you can pick up straight after an MBA degree. The size and structure of the fund decide the positions, which are where the candidate would be eventually placed depending upon the academic credentials and skills.

The hedge fund job positions generally include being a junior trader, strategist, analyst, quantitative, software developer, risk manager, and various administrative roles. To finally get into any of these roles and enter the hedge fund careers will require specific credentials and preparations, discussed in the below infographics.

Skills Required in Hedge fund Jobs.

Listed below are the skills or characteristics that are required for hedge fund jobs.

  • High intellect
  • Confidence
  • Competitive
  • Strong domain knowledge
  • Consistency and accuracy
  • Deep investing and finance knowledge.
  • Financial Modeling Skills
  • Strong quantitative and legal skills

Apart from these, you need to feel the financial marketsFinancial MarketsThe term "financial market" refers to the marketplace where activities such as the creation and trading of various financial assets such as bonds, stocks, commodities, currencies, and derivatives take place. It provides a platform for sellers and buyers to interact and trade at a price determined by market forces.read more and sense the changes and act accordingly. The essential quality expected is credibility as you would be handling a massive sum of money coming from the public.

Hedge Fund Career Track

There cannot be a very typical hedge fund career path or hierarchy in the hedge fund organization strategy as it depends a lot on the size. There could only be two titles, such as the analyst and portfolio manager, excluding the fund manager.

For more significant firms than this, they could have more complex structures that could include multiple portfolio managers, managing directors, intermediate vice presidents, etc. Have a look at the hierarchy and their role below starting with the highest position first;

Hedge Fund Manager Job

  • The hedge fund manager’s job is responsible for directing the activities related to the operation of the fund.
  • They decide on the composition of the fund’s portfolio and look after its daily affairs.
  • Speaking about their compensation, they are compensated generously, but they also face tremendous pressure because of the high risk of the portfolios they manage.

Portfolio Manager:

  • This hedge fund job involves making hedge fund strategy and make investment decisions and allocations.
  • The portfolios are compensated via a modest management fee and a performance fee based on the fund’s annual performance.
  • Fund managers only get a performance fee if the fund makes money.

Hedge Fund Analyst:

Hedge Fund Trader:

Like in the case of a career as a hedge fund analyst, we have Junior and Senior level traders. A junior trader would have a degree and about two years of work experience. After working for five years or so, they might move up the ladder to become a senior trader. Within the traders’ clan, we have the execution traders who execute the trade or ideas of the research team, and others do both the tasks of generating ideas and implementing them.

Hedge Fund Salaries

  • If you are someone with a few years of experience in Investment Banking, you would usually start with a basic salary (excluding bonus) of $75,000-$125,000. The compensation would vary according to your and the funds’ performance but is usually 2-3x of your basic salary.
  • As a senior in this profession, you would earn anything between a couple hundred thousand USD to $1 million, $10+ million, or even more. These vast figures could get inspiring but keep one thing in your mind straight; your bonus would entirely depend upon the funds’ performance.
Hedge Fund Salary

You may find the salary numbers in hedge fund jobs unusually high, but of course, many others make much less and many more who fail altogether. All who participate in this industry take on high risk. It would eventually boil down to skill, timing, and a little luck. In a recent salary review of starting compensation for recent graduates of the most extensive MBA programs, the highest average starting pay was hedge fund jobs.

According to Robert Half Accounting & Finance Salary guide (2015), hedge fund management firms are hiring and are in particular search for the positions of senior-level talent to manage the portfolio companies, trade support, and middle office professionals, and also people with capability in accounting and Finance for fund accounting For Fund AccountingFund accounting is a method used by non-profit organizations and governments to account for funds or grants received from individuals, grant agencies, governments, or other organizations who have placed restrictions or conditions on how the funds from the grants are utilized (condition could be implemented on full funds or part of the funds as per the donor).read more, taxation, and investment valuation analyses.

The below diagram explains the average salary for various hedge funds jobs during the years 2014 & 2015 and shows an increase of approximately 3% over the previous year.

Hedge Fund Salary Change
  • It is important to note that the income of a hedge fund manager is majorly dependent upon the Hedge fund that is created then only on the base salary.
  • The payment structure you would have as a fund manager would include a fee for managing the fund and a performance bonus depending on how the fund finally earns.

Few Guidelines for Getting Hired


Hedge funds careers are here to stay. The industry is going to grow and get competitive with time. But it would help if you were sure of why you want to get into hedge funds. Would it be work or money? Make sure the work excites you and not just the money. This field requires passionate about investments & markets, not because they want to make a few million bucks. Good luck to you as you envisage a Hedge Fund jobs.

This has been a guide to Hedge Fund Jobs. Here we discuss the Hedge fund career path and skills required as an analyst, accountant, portfolio manager, trader, and sales and marketing manager. Here we also discuss the salaries of hedge funds and top tips to get hired in a hedge fund. You may also learn more about hedge funds from the following articles –

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  1. Akshay Pareek says

    Dheeraj, you’re doing a great help to toddlers like me.. Can you plz tell me what kind of software knowledge is needed for both equity research analyst and as a hedge fund analyst.

    • Dheeraj Vaidya says

      Hi Akshay, For equity research not much of software knowledge needed. You need to master Excel.
      For hedge fund analysis, you are expected to be great at quant stuff and some programming languages like R, Python etc (depending on which role are you in).

  2. Sam says

    Hi, I am an electrical engineering graduate and would like to enter into the hudge fund market. How can I find such a job or prepare myself for one?

    • Dheeraj says

      Hi Sam,

      Best way to do prepare yourself for this is to take some certifications like CFA or FRM as it will provide you with financial understanding. In addition, it will boost your resume.


  3. Wayne says

    Hi. Can you list a few hedge funds in India? Is the CFA certification a must to join a hedge fund?

    • Dheeraj says

      Hi Wayne,

      It may not be absolutely necessary for you to take CFA certifications in order get into hedge fund. Here is the list of hedge funds in India

  4. Wayne says

    Hi, I am currently working in operations at an investment bank. How do I make the switch to a hedge fund?
    Do I need to do a CFA course? Also, can you list a few hedge fund firms in India.

    • Dheeraj says

      Hi Wayne, In order to make a switch from your current role in operations into a hedge fund, you will require some certification that authenticates your knowledge in finance. CFA course can be a great start.


  5. Carla says

    The article is very informative! I soon wish to switch my career from Investment banking to hedge funds and this has provided me with the overview of the industry really well. Thank you so much.

    • Dheeraj says

      Thank you Carla! I am glad you found this article usefu!

  6. Sudipto Biswas says

    Quite insightful information for someone like me who wants to make a career in hedge funds. I have got some clarity as to how the industry is structured, so thanks a lot for this. I believe working in hedge funds would be better if I have some prior experience in sales trading?

    • Dheeraj says

      Hi Sudipto,

      Thanks. Having an experience in Sales & Trading will be of sure help for an hedge fund analyst. However, if you are getting a chance to move into Hedge fund directly, then why not take it.