Investment Banking in Atlanta

Market Overview of Investment Banking in Atlanta

Like Boston and San Francisco, Atlanta is one of the most significant places of being an investment banker.

Atlanta is a bigger city. It means if you are looking for an investment career, it would be easier. A bigger city would not only have bulge bracket investment banks, but it would also have bigger boutique investment banks. That means you would be able to get into a boutique firm quite easily. You will also be able to avail the opportunity of multiple internships opportunities if you require.

The culture in Atlanta is almost similar to New York. But Atlanta is not as intense as New York is in terms of investment banking. Although working hours are mostly similar in bulge bracket investment banks, in few firms the working hours are fewer than the average working hours in New York.

If you are doubtful and don’t see any opportunities in boutique or bulge bracket investment banksBulge Bracket Investment BanksTop 10 bulge bracket investment banks are - Blackstone, Goldman Sach & co, Morgan Stanley, J.P Morgan Chase & co, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Citi, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, more, you should aim for the southeast region of Atlanta. In the southeast region, many small investment banks have been doing great work. You can try out for them to start your career. And later can give interviews for bigger and better.

Services Offered by Investment Banks in Atlanta

Investment Banking in Atlanta

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Though many investment banks in Atlanta offer a whole gamut of services, here are the few significant services provided by the most investment banking in Atlanta –

  • Capital Raising: Raising and managing capital is one of the most important functions of any business. The investment banking in Atlanta helps their clients raise and manage the capital effectively through equity private placements, debt placements, public offerings, and loan placements.
  • Mergers & Acquisition Advisory: To expand one’s business, a company needs to look for different alternatives. And it can be in the form of merging with another homogeneous competitor or to acquire a low-key enterprise that may turn out to be a threat in near future. The investment banking in Atlanta first look at the long-term goals of the clients, find out the issues that may affect the transactions, and then create a deal that supports both the shareholders and the society at large.
  • Strategic Planning: This is the most critical part of any business. How to strategize so that every move one makes will make them more competent and expansive! The investment banks in Atlanta look at the regulatory environment, look at several transactions and sit with board membersBoard MembersBoard members comprise the individuals whom the shareholders elect as their representatives. They are responsible for taking crucial corporate decisions regarding the company's policies, dividend payouts, top-level managers' recruitment or layoff and executive more to find out what the company is actually looking for.
  • Company Valuations: Many companies look for an accurate valuation so that they can plan to liquidate if required. The investment banking in Atlanta helps the companies find out the actual value of the company and help them liquidate without any hassle.

Top Investment Banks in Atlanta

Here is the list of top investment banks in Atlanta –

  • Vercor
  • Brookwood Associates
  • Neri Capital Partners
  • FD Capital Advisors
  • Croft and Benders
  • Barclays
  • Suntrust Robinson Humphrey
  • Harris William
  • Sterne Agee
  • Raymond James
  • Morgan Keegan
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Cantor Fitzgerald
  • Houlihan Lokey
  • Hammond Hanlon Camp LLC
  • Coker Capital Advisors
  • Cary Street Partners
  • Mazzone & Associates
  • The Inman Company
  • TM Capital
  • Kurt Salmon Associates Capital Advisors
  • Genesis Capital LLC

Recruitment Process of Investment Banking in Atlanta

The recruitment process in Atlanta isn’t very intense like the investment banking jobsInvestment Banking JobsThe investment banking job description is a formal narrative that lists out the essential qualification, basic skills and technical skills required in a candidate to fill in the vacant investment banker position. It also explains the roles and responsibilities to be performed in this job more in New York. There are two differentiating factors behind this –

  • First, the number of investment banks is huge in Atlanta.
  • Second, there are many small investment firms in Atlanta as well as bulge bracket investment banks.

Due to these reasons, you need to ensure that you’re networking well. If you feel that you’re not from a top-notch school and you can’t get in a big investment bank right now, look for a small firm in the south-east region. And then have some hands-on experience. Then, you can gradually work your way up.

Another factor that’s important here is the internships. Have as many internships as you can get at the beginning of your career. It will help you understand each domain of work under investment banking. And as a result, the opportunities will also be magnificent because of your hands-on experience.

Culture in Investment Banking in Atlanta

In Atlanta, if you’re working as an investment banker, 100+ days would be traveling days (especially if you’re in a higher rung). At the same time, you need to reach office around 7:30 a.m. in the morning and will go back home when you’ve done the jobs of helping clients, creating reports, meeting prospects and so on and so forth.

That means you will be working around 90+ hours weeks, months after months. And if you complain about extraordinary working hours, you can find a different domain in the financial industry.

Investment Banking Salaries in Atlanta

The average salary for an investment banker in Atlanta is quite handsome. According to, the average salary of an investment banking analyst in Atlanta is the US $148,274 per annum. Compared to other cities in the US, this amount is quite handsome.

Exit Opportunities for Investment Banking in Atlanta

People don’t tend to quit their investment banking jobs in Atlanta and do something else. If they do, they can look for the corporate finance industry or start a position in a company. Or else, they can also start their own entrepreneurial venture.

Since Atlanta has many opportunities for investment banking, people tend to stick to their jobs and look for a higher rung rather than a different domain of work.

This has been a guide to Investment banking in Atlanta. Here we discuss the Investment banking market, Top Investment Banks in Atlanta along with their culture, recruitment process, salaries offered, and exit opportunities. You may learn more about Investment Banking from the following articles –

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