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Updated on February 15, 2024
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Overview of Investment Banking in San Francisco

If you have ever talked to any investment banking in San Francisco, they will discuss how overhyped New York’s investment banking is, and somehow, it is true. Of course, just because New York is the largest financial center in the US, it’s natural to be enticed by the hype and exaggeration. But the truth is that San Francisco is now lesser than New York in terms of pay package, working hours, or the way the bankers approach investment banking.

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The actual difference lies in the industries that San Francisco covers, the exit routes that the investment bankers in San Francisco opt for, and the cost of living in San Francisco. For example, if we look at the industries, investment banking in San Francisco concentrates on technology and healthcare. On the other hand, in New York, the industries are much more diversified.

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Investment Banking in San Francisco Explained

In San Francisco, investment banking plays a crucial role in the vibrant financial landscape of the city. As one of the major financial centers on the West Coast, San Francisco is home to numerous investment banks that facilitate capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and other financial transactions for businesses in various industries. These investment banks serve a diverse clientele, including tech startups, established corporations, and financial institutions, reflecting the city’s dynamic economy.

The presence of Silicon Valley, located in close proximity to San Francisco, further amplifies the significance of investment banking in the region. Investment banks in San Francisco often specialize in technology and innovation sectors, providing advisory services, underwriting, and financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of tech companies. This specialization in tech-centric industries cements San Francisco’s status as a hub for investment banking activities in the technology sector, attracting both domestic and international investors seeking opportunities in innovative ventures.

Moreover, the strategic location of San Francisco within the broader Bay Area provides investment banks with access to a vast network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and private equity firms. This ecosystem encourages collaboration and innovation, driving the growth of investment banking activities in the region.

If you would like to start a career in investment bankingCareer In Investment BankingAn investment banking personnel is a motivated professional who aims to help their clients reach their financial goals and objectives. The top four investment banking careers are - Analyst, Associate, Vice president, Managing director. read more in the US, your first focus should not be region; rather what specific industry you would like to work in. In terms of cost of living, San Francisco is quite expensive (more expensive than New York).

Let’s now look at the services offered by investment banking in San Francisco

Services Offered

The services offered by the investment banks in San Francisco can be divided into two broad dimensions. One is a strategic advisory, and another is a financial advisory. Since the industry focuses on technology and healthcare investment banking in San Francisco, these banks handle similar deals.

#1 – Strategic Advisory:

Under strategic advisory, there are the top three services that the investment banks in San Francisco offer.

#2 – Financial Advisory:

Under financial advisory, there are also three significant services.

Even for restructuring, the investment banking in San Francisco helps out their clients make the company more profitable.

List of Investment Banks in San Francisco

Let us take a brief look at the top investment banks in the region through the points below.

  • Goldman Sachs
  • JPMorgan
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Citibank
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Business Capital
  • Instream Partners LLC
  • Inverness Advisors, LLC
  • Assay Advisory
  • Venturi & Company LLC
  • Aurus Advisors
  • Orion Capital Group
  • TriSpan Partners
  • Vrolyk Capital Partners
  • Martinwolf M&A Advisors
  • Starlight Investments, LLC
  • Boston Meridian
  • JMP Group Inc
  • Aquilo Partners
  • LRG Capital
  • Barnard Montague
  • Arbor Advisors
  • Financial Technology Partners
  • Eaton Capital Corporation
  • Ridgecrest Capital Partners
  • Atalyst Financial Group
  • Wells Fargo FINET
  • GVC Financial Services, LLC
  • WaveEdge Capital
  • Inertia Advisors
  • Silicon Valley Partners LLC
  • Steelhead Advisors LLC
  • Atlas Technology Group, LLC

Recruitment Process 

Recruitment isn’t a big deal if you want to get placed in investment banks in San Francisco. But it’s important how you approach the recruitment process. If you’re going to get into a specific niche (or industry), you should prepare for that particular industry and be thorough with the recent deals that happened.

At the same time, you need to pay special heed to the network. Once you decide to start your career as an investment banker, you need to network as your life depends on it. If you can grab a couple of internships with reputed investment banks, you will be on your way to a lucrative career.


In the US, the culture is slightly different in every region. But the things that matter are more or less all the same. For example, if you talk about working hours in San Francisco, it’s at least 85 to 90 hours. In New York, it’s almost similar. Even the cost of living in both of these regions is quite the same.

But if you talk about opportunities, New York is far better than San Francisco. However, if you want to work in only technology or healthcare, San Francisco is a good option.


The compensation for investment banking in San Francisco is quite good. As per Glassdoor, here’s the average salary of an investment banking in San Francisco –

Investment Banker Salary in San Francisco


The average salary of an investment banker in San Francisco is USD 128,836 per annum.

Exit Opportunities

For investment bankers, there are many exit opportunities. But in New York, the IB exit opportunitiesIB Exit OpportunitiesAmong the several exit options available to investment bankers are: 1.Private Equity 2.Hedge Funds 3.Strategy Consulting 4.Fin-Tech 5.Advisory for large more are more than in San Francisco because New York is the financial hub of the US.

Still, suppose you want to quit investment banking. In that case, you can join a technology start-up, or you can go into a completely different career domain like private equity or a hedge fundHedge FundA hedge fund is an aggressively invested portfolio made through pooling of various investors and institutional investor’s fund. It supports various assets providing high returns in exchange for higher risk through multiple risk management and hedging more. Or else, you can also join a corporation and work in the corporate finance domainWork In The Corporate Finance DomainFinancial analyst, cost analyst, credit manager, cash manager, and benefits officer are some of the most popular career paths in Corporate more.

This has been a guide to investment banking in San Francisco, a list of top investment banks, and their services. You may also have a look at these Investment banking services in the below countries –

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