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How to Save Excel Files in Microsoft OneDrive?

Lets follow the below steps.

  1. When you are saving the file, click on file option and see the option save or save as.

    onedrive example 1.1

  2. Go to Save as Option in Excel and choose OneDrive at the right-hand upper side.

    onedrive example 1.2

  3. Click on Sign In and enter details if you are a registered user of Microsoft Account.

    onedrive example 1.3

  4. Enter your email address/contact number to sign in. If you are already registered user of OneDrive:

    onedrive example 1.4

  5. Enter a password and you are now able to use Microsoft Excel OneDrive.

    onedrive example 1.5

  6. If you are not registered with this online platform, click on sign up to register an account or use the link

    example 1.6

  7. Click on Sign Up for Free.

    example 1.7

  8. Create the account by filling the necessary details in the required box. If you have or Xbox live account, no need to signup for the new account.

    example 1.8

  9. We can sign up for the account with a phone or email address and need to verify the email address by entering the verification code.

  10. After Sign Up for the account, now you can access the one drive files.

    example 1.9

  11. Once you click, as shown above, it will directly go to files that are already on your computer.

    example 1.10

  12. Select the folder and Save the file.

  13. Now you can easily edit this file online from anywhere even without installing the excel software on your computer.

How to Open OneDrive Excel Files Online?

  1. Open the web browser, use web address
  2. Select the folder where you have saved the file, click on the file, open it, and start working on your file.

Benefits of Using Onedrive Excel

  • Access your file from anywhere in the world if the internet connects and the gadget is with you.
  • OneDrive is private until and unless you won’t share it with anyone.
  • It provides you free storage of up to 15 GB.
  • Story any kind of file whether it is documented, excel files, word document, photos, videos, etc.
  • You can easily share the data with anyone.
  • Also, you can link the one drive account with social network sites.

Drawbacks of Using Onedrive Excel

  • OneDrive functions good for the individual, yet is restricting when it comes to sharing documents with your colleagues, and customers/providers/stakeholders as well.
  • Users need to follow some standard security measures to avoid any kind of misuse of their files by others, so they should use a strong password.
  • Always try to share the data with others which are required, not to share all your files with other people.
  • While your files are synced with one drive, it got altered while uploading the files on the drive.

Things to Remember

  1. Share the file with trusted users only.
  2. While working online, no need to save the file manually it got automatically saved on a server.
  3. When you are saving your files online, make sure the file should be uploaded successfully otherwise you won’t be able to access the file online.
  4. Always make sure to take a backup of your files.
  5. OneDrive App can be download and used in mobile phones as well.
  6. Always check that which folder you want to sync with OneDrive.

This has been a guide to Excel OneDrive. Here we discuss step by step how to save and use Microsoft excel OneDrive along with examples. You can also go through our other suggested articles here –

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