Treasurer Job Description

Updated on April 10, 2024
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What Is The Treasurer Job Description?

Treasurer Job Description refers to the list of roles and responsibilities that companies or the state or higher authorities look for in a candidate’s profile to ensure the person would be capable of overseeing and managing financial assets, liabilities, and other of the concerned entity in question, efficiently.

The treasurer is the financial manager of any entity, who is responsible for financial management like arranging finance, investing finance, and risk management related to financial activities and also forecasts the cash flow of the organization and makes necessary and sufficient arrangements to prevent the financial crisis and to ensure that business runs smoothly.

Treasurer Job Description Explained

Treasurer job description specifies that the main job of a treasurer is to manage the finance in such a way that minimizes the risk, prevents the financial crisis, and ensures that there is no shortage of finance. The main duties of the treasurer include forecast cash flows, arranging funds, investing funds, ensure sufficient finance available for operating and other activities, ensure smooth conduct of business, maintain relationships with credit rating agencies, bankers, and lenders, invest in various statutory funds like PF, Pension fund, etc., manages other investment also and makes or helps in making the finance-related decision to the organization. Treasurers are known for the leadership of finance management, debt management, and investment management functions and its related affairs. They also supervise the maintenance of internal control to safeguard assets and the integrity of the monetary system.

Treasurer Job Description

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This person is responsible for managing and arranging the funds and its related affairs along with managings the risk, making proper plans of investment to ensure that sufficient liquidity and finance is available for operating and day to day activity. The treasurers are also responsible for maintaining a relationship with investors, credit rating agencies, bankers, and lenders, and they help the top management in making strategic decisions, so that vision and goals of the organization go hand in hand.

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Treasurer job description includes all responsibilities that a treasurer is expected to fulfil. maintain a favorable financial position for the organization so that organization runs smoothly. They are financial managers, and their primary job description includes the following:

  • Accounting and Fiscal Control: The treasurer makes or directs the preparation of financial records, financial plans, policies, and other reports. He also ensures that no financial problems arise in the organization. They also ensure that no financial problems arise in the organization and make sure that sufficient funds are available for operating, financing, investing, and other activities, etc.
  • Makes Financial Planning: The treasurer does financial planning & analysis and forecasts the cash flow so that firm can plan for arranging or investing the funds. They participate in the development of the organization’s plans and programs and evaluate whether funds to be invested in financing activities or investing activities. They figure out the outcome of financial plans and accordingly makes the decision.
  • Manages the Functions: They take care of short-term or long-term financial needs. Manages tax functions. Determines or plans proper capital structure. Manages the risk through planning. Manages investor relationships and directs or helps management regarding strategic functions.


To be a treasurer, the following are some of the requirements that the treasurer should fulfill:

  • For being a treasurer, one should first get a bachelor’s degree in either Accounting, Finance, business, or any of the related fields.
  • After getting the required bachelor’s degree program, the person should find a suitable entry-level position and gain experience in the field.
  • The treasurer should then try to broaden their skills by obtaining a different certificate voluntarily. These certificates and programs help in growing personal skills as well as financially. Examples of the certificates might include obtaining Certified Treasury Professional offered by the Association for the Financial Professionals. Along with this, treasurers can complete the Master’s Degree Program and advance in their fields.

Qualifications and Skills

Let us discuss the qualification and skills of the treasurer.


An applicant applying for the post of a treasurer at entry level should have a bachelor’s degree in either Accounting, Finance, business, or any of the related fields. These degrees help the students in developing analytical skills as well as understanding the different financial analysis tools which help work in the practical world and be successful as a treasurer. Other qualifications that the treasurer may possess include the CPA certification, certification course in MS Office programs, etc.


An individual must possess the following skills and requirements to be hired or promoted as a treasurer:

#1 – Technical Skills

The candidate should have the expertise to put in shape and to enhance the corporate strategy as well as the business growth of the company. This includes the tasks such as management of the investments of the company like handling of the borrowing requirements and cash surplus so that funds are not lying idle, management of the cash flows of the business, and ensure enough liquidity in the company so that operations of the company can continue smoothly, identification and management of the financial risk of the company, identifying the best possible ways for raising the capital for the new business initiatives and mergers and acquisitions, monitoring the prevailing external market conditions and to act accordingly.

#2 – Business Skills

The treasurer of the company should possess necessary business skills so that its treasury knowledge, as well as experience, can be used effectively and ensure that there is proper communication with the company’s stakeholders so that the treasury objectives of the business can be achieved properly. This is important because the treasurer of the company is generally the main point of contact in the company for banks, consultants, credit agencies, regulators, etc.

#3 – Behavioural Skills

The treasurer of the company should possess necessary persuasive influencing skills so that it can be a good team leader as well as a good team player to achieve both teams as well as business objectives. This is very much required to work effectively and efficiently in any organization. Like one has to persuade other people during the working and to support any plan or idea. Also, one has to work with people from different areas and opinions to ensure the availability of enough money as and when required closely.


The requirement of the experience for the treasurer varies from one company to another, and there are no specified criteria for the same. At the entry-level as a treasurer, generally, no experience is required. After completing the bachelor’s degree program, a person may begin the search for the job and find a suitable entry-level position. Further, the criteria and experience of recruitment will depend on the recruiter company. Most of the corporate treasury jobs require extensive related experience.

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