Equity Investor

What is Equity Investor?

Equity investors are investors (retail or Institutional investor) invested in a company (whether publicly or privately held), to achieve a financial gain or return via capital appreciation, dividend payments, or addition of shares, etc., usually for a substantial period.


An equity investor, unlike a trader, invests in inequities of a corporation for an extended period. Investment in a share is for a target that generally surpasses the yearly barriers. To earn a large amount of wealth from investing in equity requires the company to expand and achieve its potential, which requires an extended time. If invested for a longer period and the business of the company flourishes in an expected manner, typically these stocks provide admirable returns.

Equity Investor

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Risks of Equity Investor


The market is flooded with success stories of long-term stockholders, but not all the stories are the same. The stock market is widely infamous for its volatility and punishments. So, it’s not an easy task to earn handsomely at all times. The following are a few pointers that could increase the chances of success in the equity world.

Equity Investor vs Shareholder

In general parlance, people use the words shareholders and equity investors interchangeably, but these are not the same. Those terms have a slight difference which makes them unique to each other.



Overall, the equity investor faces substantial challenges over holding a period of security, but even one successful stock pick over the years could give the investor a healthy return and history has shown many such examples of these returns.

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