Excel Not Responding

Why Excel Not Responding Error Occur?

There are various reasons excel stops responding, so there are various solutions to it. We will discuss solutions in examples of how to resolve Excel Not Responding error.

Let us address the common issues first.

Excel Not Responding Error

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#1 Changing the Default Printer

This is one of the easiest solutions to fix this Error. Whenever we reopen excel, it checks for default printers because excel is concentrated on printers. So whenever this issue arises, we can change the default printer. How to do this is explained in the steps below:

  • Step 1: Press the Windows button + R to open run command and type control panel to open the control panel.
  • Step 2: In the Control Panel, go to devices and printers. There we will find an option for Microsoft Document XPS Writer.
  • Step 3: Right-click on it and set it as the default printer.

#2 Update Excel

One of the other reasons why we get excel not responding error is maybe because our excel version is not up to date. To fix this error, we can check for current updates available. How to check for updates are explained below:

  • Step 1: In the file tab beside the Home tab, we go to Accounts.
  • Step 2: In Accounts, we can see product information, and if excel is not updated, we can find updates now in update options.
  • Step 3: Update excel, and this may fix the error.

#3 Re-install or Repair Excel

From Control Panel from uninstall a program, click on uninstall, and windows pop up an option for excel to be repaired or uninstalled.

#4 Re-Install Anti Virus

Sometimes anti-virus software also can cause excel to freeze or not respond. Reinstalling Antivirus also helps to fix the error.

Solutions to Fix Excel Not Responding Error (with Examples)

Here in the below-given examples, we will show you how to fix this error message permanently

Example #1 – How this Error Occur and How to Fix it?

  • Step 1 – Open an excel file. And write a number 1 in cell A1 and 2 in cell A2, as shown in the screenshot below.
excel responding examples 1-2
excel responding examples 1-3
  • Step 3 – Now press enter and see excel calculates the value.
excel responding examples 1-4
  • Step 4 – Now copy the formula to the last cell of the G column and see excel freezes itself in the calculation. Even if we click anywhere, it does not work.
excel responding examples 0-3

We get the above screen as a result. Excel has stopped responding. Why because we have selected the whole 1048576 rows for the calculation, which didn’t have any values in it. But after some time, excel will have done the calculation.

  • Step 5 – Now, try to add a simple another formula in any cell, like in cell C3.
excel responding examples 1-5

When we press enter, we have the following result.

excel responding examples 0-3

Why do we get the same excel, not responding result? Because once we press enter, excel again automatically recalculates all the formulas in excel. We need to turn it to manual calculation.

  • Step 1 – Go to File beside the home tab.
Excel not Responding
  • Step 2 – Click on Options in the last section.
excel responding examples 1-4
  • Step 3 – In Excel Options go-to formulas,
excel responding examples 0-1
  • Step 4 – In calculation Options, we can see that the default option is Automatic,
excel responding examples 0-2
  • Step 5 – Check It to Manual and uncheck recalculate before saving to stop excel from recalculating a workbook before saving.
Excel not Responding 1-4

Example #2 – Remove Excel Add-in to Fix Excel Not Responding Error.

Sometimes when we enable some excel add-ins, it can also cause excel to freeze or not respond. But once we have already enabled the add-in and cannot open the excel workbook, how to open excel and disable it?

We will learn the same in this example. In this example, we will start to excel in safe mode.

  • Step #1: Press Windows button + R to open run window,
Excel not Responding 2

In Open Bar type,

Excel not Responding examples 2-1
  • Step #2: When we press OK, it opens excel in safe mode for us. Now go to File Tab beside the Home Tab.
Excel not Responding examples 2-1
  • Step #3 – Click on Options in the last section.
  • Step #4 – In Excel Options, we can see Add-in in the second last option.
Excel not Responding examples 2-2
  • Step #5 – Click on it, and in the add-in window, click on Go Beside Manage Add-Ins.
Excel options (Add-ins Window)
  • Step #6 – Another Wizard Box opens up where we have selected our add-ins.
Add-ins Solver addin
  • Step #7 – De-select any add-in selected and click on Ok.

Now try reopening the excel file; this may fix excel, not responding issue.

Example #3 – Remove Conditional Formatting to Fix Excel Not Responding Error

In the above examples, we have seen that when the whole excel file stops responding or freezes due to large data or large referencing formula. But there may a situation arise that we have problems with Excel Not responding in only one of the worksheets in excel.

First, let us discuss how this could happen; why only in one worksheet of excel? When we use conditional formatting and change the default formatting of a larger amount of data, it can also cause excel to stop respond or freeze because conditional formatting works on some conditions provided by the user, which is formulas in general.

Select The total data by CTRL + A, but the most advisable method to select total data in a worksheet is clicking on the button shown below.

Examples 3

Now go to conditional formatting in the home tab under the styles section.

Conditional Formatting

Click on conditional formatting; we will see an option of clear rules.

Conditional Formatting

When we click on clear rules, it gives us two options of clear rules from selected cells or from the entire sheet.

Conditional Formatting

Click on clear rules from the Entire sheet.

The above method will remove any conditional formatting done in the worksheet, which may troubleshoot the issue of excel, not responding.

Things to Remember

  • If we need to disable something to come out of excel, not responding issue, open excel in safe mode.
  • Always install an excel version (32 Bit, 64 Bit) as per the configuration of the computer.
  • Try to move large data in different worksheets rather than keeping them in a single worksheet.

This has been a guide to Excel not Responding. Here we will discuss why do our excel file freeze or stops responding and top tips solutions in to resolve Excel Not Responding error. You may learn more about excel from the following articles –

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