Basic Excel Formulas

List of Top 10 Basic Excel Formulas & Functions

Here is the list of Top 10 Basic Formulas & Functions in Excel.

  1. SUM
  2. COUNT
  6. MIN Excel
  7. MAX Excel
  8. LEN Excel
  9. TRIM Excel
  10. IF Excel

Now let us discuss each of them in detail –

You can download this Basic Formulas Excel Template here – Basic Formulas Excel Template

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#1 SUM in Excel

This Basic Excel Formula is used to get the sum of the value in one or more cells or Range.

Basic Sum Function Formula



Basic Sum Function Example 1

Result = 41 (See Image below)

Basic Sum Function Example 1-1

#2 COUNT Excel Function

This Basic Excel Function is used to Count the numeric value in one or more cells or Range.

Basic Count Formula



Basic Count Example 2

Result = 4 (This will exclude Cell A3 since this formula calculate only Numeric value. See Image below)

Basic Count Example 2-1

#3 COUNTA in Excel

This formula is used to count the value in one or more cells (This will count the cells irrespective of Number or Text value)

Basic COUNTA Formula



Basic COUNTA Example 3

Result = 5 (This will Include Cell A3 since this formula calculate both Text and Numeric value. See Image below)

Basic COUNTA Example 3-1

#4 COUNTBLANK in Excel

This Excel Basic function is used to count the blank value in the Range. (Note: Only Space in a cell will not be considered as a blank cell).

Basic COUNTBLANK Formula



Basic COUNTBLANK Example 4

Result = 2 (This will calculate the number of blank cell in Range. See Image below)

Basic COUNTBLANK Example 4-1

#5 AVERAGE in Excel

This basic formula in excel is used to get the average of the value in one or more cells or Range.

Basic Average Formula



Basic Average Example 5

Result = 4 (See Image below)

Basic Average Example 5-1

#6 MIN Formula in Excel

This excel basic function is used to get the minimum value in cells or Range.

Basic Min Formula


=MIN(A1:A5). Result = 2 (See Image below)

Basic Min Example 6
Basic Min Example 6-1

#7 MAX Formula in Excel

This basic excel function is used to get the maximum value in cells or Range.

Basic Max Formula



Basic Max Example 7

Result = 9 (See Image below)

Basic Max Example 7-1

#8 LEN in Excel

This basic function excel is used to calculate the number of characters in a cell or Text.

Basic Len Formula



Basic Len Example 8

Cell A1 value is Shivam, which has 6 Character length. So Result would be 6 (See Image below)

Basic Len Example 8-1

#9 TRIM in Excel

This basic excel function is used to remove unnecessary space in a cell or Text.


Basic Trim Formula



Basic Trim Example 9

Cell A1 has two spaces between first name, middle name, and last name. This function will remove extra space to give the result. (See Image below)

Basic Trim Example 9-1

#10 IF in Excel

IF function is used to perform a logical test in excelLogical Test In ExcelA logical test in Excel results in an analytical output, either true or false. The equals to operator, “=,” is the most commonly used logical more.

Basic IF Formula


=IF(A1>33,”P”,”F”). A value in Cell A1 is 50, and a logical test is if the value is greater than 33, then the result would be P else the result would be F.

Basic IF Example 10

Since the value 50 is greater than 33, the result would be P. (See Image below)

Basic IF Example 10-1

Things to Remember

  • A formula should always start with equal sign else it will show an error.
  • If you are entering any text value instead of giving a cell address, then the text value should be given within Inverted Comma (“”)
  • Before entering the function in a cell, make sure that cell format in general. If a Text format is selected, then the formula will not work.
  • Space (_) is always counted as a single character so if you are working with blank cells, keep this thing in mind that if a cell has only space, it will not be counted as a blank cell.

Basic Excel Formulas Video


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