Print Preview in Excel

Excel Preview Print Option

Print Preview in Excel is a tool which is used to represent what will the print output of the current page in the excel, this tool is used to see if there are any adjustments need to be made in the final output to be printed, print preview only displays the document on the screen and it does not print, in other terms it only shows us the format in which the document will be printed.

Print Preview in Excel

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How to use Print Preview in Excel? (with an Example)

You can download this Print Preview Excel Template here – Print Preview Excel Template

When the report or data is ready, we usually send the data online to the user. There is a situation where we need to share offline with the users by printing them. In such situations, you need to know how to print a large amount of data.

  1. For example, assume you have a large amount of data like the below.

    print preview example 1.1

  2. To print this, first select the entire data.

    print preview example 1.2

  3. Then press the excel shortcut key Ctrl + P.

    ctrl p

  4. It will take us to the below window.

    print preview example 1.3

  5. We can see two slabs in the above image. The left side is Print Setting Options, and the right side is the Print Preview window.

    We can see one more slab as well at the bottom, i.e., it will show how many sheets it is going to print. In the above, it says 1 of 36, i.e., out of thirty-six sheets, print preview is visible for the 1st sheet.
    Now take a look at the data headers and compare them with Print Preview.

    print preview example 1.4

  6. We have a total of 11 headers in our data, and below are the headers in order.

    First_name, Last_name, Company_name, Address, City, County, State, Zip, Phone1, Phone2, and Email.

    When we print this data, we usually expect the data to come in a single sheet only, but look at the Print Preview now.

    print preview example 1.5

Out of 11 headers, we could see only 4 headers; after printing these columns first, then it will print the remaining columns. After we got all the print copies, we need to arrange them in order.

Isn’t it a frustrating job to arrange the prints in order, so for this, we need to set up the page first before we print in excelPrint In ExcelThe print feature in excel is used to print a sheet or any data. While we can print the entire worksheet at once, we also have the option of printing only a portion of it or a specific more.

Setup the Page to Preview Print

To set the page first, select the data first, then go to Page Layout >> Print Area >> Set Print Area.

print preview example 1.6

This will set what the area we are going to print is. Now Press Ctrl + P once again to see the Print Preview.

print preview example 2.2

We can still see the same view. The problem here is we could be able to see only 4 columns out of 11 columns. So we need to set the setting as “Fit All Column on One Page” under page scaling.

Click on the drop-down list of “No Scaling” to view all the options.

example 2.3

Select “Fit All Column on One Page” to fit all the columns on one page.

example 2.4

Now it has fitted all the columns under one page. Since the data is large, it has trimmed the size of the fonts to very small.

example 2.5

Even though we print this, we could not be able to read the contents, so how do we overcome this issue now???

To adjust the scaling, we need to change the Orientation of the page from “Portrait” to “Landscape.”

example 2.6

Now we can read the contents a little better than the previous one.

example 2.7

Now the total pages have been reduced from 36 to 13.

Like this option, we can set up the print area, adjust columns, decide on the orientation of the page, and do many other settings with the help of the simple Print Preview Option in excel.

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