Print Labels From Excel

The print label option in Excel is used for various purposes. It saves a lot of time to the users in the arrangement of data and convenience in printing data presented under the single label or multiple labels. The following steps are to be followed to the creation of labels and printing them, as shown in the figure.

Print Labels Process

As described in the figure, the steps should be followed clearly to create and use the labels effectively. These steps are the same for all versions of Excel from 2007 to 2016. Each step described is further required to follow the sub-steps to print the labels.

How to Print Labels in Excel


In excel, labels are printed in two ways. The following examples illustrate the use and print labels from the excel sheet.

You can download this Print Labels From Excel Template here – Print Labels From Excel Template

Example #1 – Print Address Labels from Excel with the Help of Word

  • Step 1: In the first step, the data is arranged into the rows and columns, creating the headers, as shown in the figure.

Print Labels Example 1

As shown in the figure, header columns are created as Customer ID, Title, First Name, Last Name, Date of birth, Address, city, and state.

Give a name to the data presented in the excel sheet in the following way:

Select the list of addresses in the excel sheet, including the header.

Print Labels Example 1-1

Go to the “Formulas” tab and select “Define name” under the group “Defined Names.”

Print Labels Example 1-2

A dialog box called a new name is opened. In that, give a name and click on “OK” to close the box.

Print Labels Example 1-3

  • Step 2: Create the mail merge document in the Microsoft word. Place the cursor over the Mailings tab and select the ‘Start mail merge’ option; then, choose the labels option as shown in the figure.

Print Labels Example 1-4

Then, the label options dialog box is displayed, as shown in the figure.

Print Labels Example 1-5

Click on the Details tab to preview the label properties.

Print Labels Example 1-6

Here, we can change the margin, height, width, pitch, and size of the label and width, height, and size of the page. Click on ‘OK’ after making the required changes. Then, the page is displayed, as shown in the figure.

Print Labels Example 1-7

Click on the Design tab to add table styles to the labels. The appearance is changed, as shown below.

Print Labels Example 1-8

Step 3: Link the labels from the existing list from Excel to the mailing list.

  • Go to the Mailing tab and choose the “Use an Existing List” option from the select participant’s category.

Print Labels Example 1-9

It displays the ‘select data source’ dialog box shown in the below screenshot.

Print Labels Example 1-10

Choose the Excel sheet in which the table created is presented and click on open.

Print Labels Example 1-11

Choose the table name and click on the “ok” button.

Print Labels Example 1-12

Then, the page is displayed, as shown in the figure.

Print Labels Example 1-13

  • Step 4: Arrange the labels into the table.

Place the cursor in the first record of the table and insert the labels. To do this, click on the “Insert Merge Field” button.

Print Labels Example 1-14

Click on each label one by one. While inserting the labels focus on the arrangement of labels and press “Enter” to add a label to the next line.

Print Labels Example 1-15

Next, click on the “update labels” option to apply the same format to the remaining records of the table. Then, the page is displayed.

Print Labels Example 1-16

Go to Finish and Merge and choose the option “Edit Individual Documents.”

PrintLabels Example 1-18

Enter the record numbers from 1 to 12 (varies based on the table size in the excel sheet) to merge the data to the labels to the new document.

PrintLabels Example 1-19

It will be displayed as given below.

PrintLabels Example 1-20

  • Step 5: Print the labels

To print the labels, go to the print option in excel File Menu.

PrintLabels Example 1-22

The Labels are printed, as shown below.

Print Labels Example 1-21

Method #2 – Print Single Address Label from Excel without Word

  • Step 1: Use the excel sheet, which has a tiny macro to rearrange the column data to the printable address labels.
  • Step 2: Enter data into column A.

Print Labels Example 2

PrintLabels Example 2-1

  • Step 4: Enter the number of columns to print the labels.

PrintLabels Example 2-2

Then, the data is displayed.

PrintLabels Example 2-3

  • Step 5: Set the custom margins as top=0.5, bottom=0.5, left=0.21975, and right=0.21975.

PrintLabels Example 2-4

  • Step 6: Set scaling option to “Fits all columns on one page” in the print settings and click on print.

PrintLabels Example 2-5

Things to Remember

  • Don’t forget to save a label created for reports and invoices. It supports in use of the labels in the future.
  • Using the labels templates in word saves a lot of time in creating and printing labels.
  • Make ensure that the excel sheet doesn’t present any empty cells, rows, and columns to avoid inappropriate results while merging in a Word document.
  • Create individual columns for the first name, last name, and title headers instead of one to segregate the recipient information.

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