Print Titles in Excel

How to Print Titles in Excel? (Step by Step)

When we print the excel worksheet the title is present in the first worksheet page but not in others, so in order to print titles in each and every printed page we can select the print options from the headings in the page layout tab which will print the titles for us.

Now I have a huge sheet, and I need to print this with the headers to come in all the printed sheets.

Print Titles Example 1

  1. On the first go, without doing anything, press ctrl + p, the shortcut key to print in excel.

    Print Shortcut Key

  2. In print settings, select Landscape Orientation Select Fit All Columns on One Page.

    Print Titles Example 1-2

  3. Now, all the columns are fitted in a single sheet.

    Print Titles Example 1-3

  4. Now, we need to repeat the heading in all the sheets. Go to Page Layout and select Print Titles in Excel.

    Print Titles Example 1-4

  5. Now, we need to do some settings under this window. Under the Sheet, the tab selects the print area in excel.

    So we need to print from A1 to H701.

    Print Titles Example 1-5

  6. Under Print Titles in Excel, we have an option called Rows to repeat at the top. Here we need to select our headings, i.e., first row.

    Print Titles Example 1-6

  7. Click on the Ok. We have settings to repeat the top row in all the sheets. Now click on Print and see the print preview. The below preview is the first sheet. From a total of 26 sheets, it has been reduced to 15 sheets now.

    Print Titles Example 1-7

    Now, look at the second sheet preview. It also includes headings.

    Print Titles Example 1-8
    Ok in this way, we can have a header across all the printing pages.

    Having column headers in all the printing pages is exactly similar to the way of having row headers across pages. We need to just select the column to repeat.

    Print Titles Example 1-9

Print Excel Titles Row Numbers and Column Alphabets

If you are already smiling because you have solved the problem of repeating rows in all the printing sheets, you have more reasons to smile. Excel does not stop at repeating rows or columns across all the printing sheets; it can also print you excel row numbers and excel column headers as well. Follow the below steps to do this task.

Step 1: Go to Page Layout and Headings under Sheet Options.

Example 2

We can only View the headings as of now. In order to print, we need to tick the checkbox of PRINT.

Step 2: Under Sheet, Options, click the checkbox Print.

Example 2-1

We can also do this setting under an excel print titles window as well. We just need to click the checkbox Row & Column headings.

Example 2-2

Now press Ctrl + P, select the print preview to see the row numbers and column alphabets.

Example 2-3

Things to Remember

  • We need to set the print sheet as Fit all Columns in one sheet to have all the columns in one page itself.
  • We select the entire row to be repeated in all the sheets. We need to select only the data range. The same thing applies to columns as well.
  • By default, we can just view excel row & column headers. If you want to print, we need to set them as a print by checking the box.
  • Printing titles will save a lot of time when we print many sheets together.

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