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  1. wallstreetmojo | ChiragChirag says

    Great article – I am on the verge of finishing my MBA from Kellogg. Will appreciate if you can provide any guidance on switching careers into the PE Industry – My background has been engineering and have worked for 10 years in the field. My major is Finance for my MBA

    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says

      Hey Chirag, many thanks. not sure if one can jump to PE industry directly. In most cases, students join an Investment Bank and then move to PE Industry. With your background, you should not find it too tough to enter in this Industry.

      All the very best,

  2. wallstreetmojo | JitJit says

    Hello sir,

    Actually i am getting a job in Private equity research, but I am confused as I have worked in A/C & finance for more than 7 years. I just want to know the scope & challenges in Indian Scenario.

    Eagerly awaiting for your reply

    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says

      Hi Jit,

      If private equity fascinates you, then you should join this job! It has great potential in the Indian Scenario.


  3. wallstreetmojo | AddisonAddison says

    Thank you for giving out such useful information on the PE industry. I have been religiously following your blog from recent times and I really enjoy reading your blog. It is indeed very informative!

    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says

      Thank you Addison!

  4. wallstreetmojo | JudyJudy says

    Thanks a ton for this great article and information. I have done an internship at one of the investment Banks for three months and i wish to know if that would be helpful in getting placed at any of the PE firms?

    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says

      Hi Judy,

      An internship in Investment banking should definitely help. All the best!


  5. wallstreetmojo | ARINJAYARINJAY says

    This is very helpful in understanding. You have explained it in simple terms so that one can abstract.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge !

  6. wallstreetmojo | nishantnishant says


    I am a CA final student and i am very interested in investment banking. Can you guide me where i should start.

  7. wallstreetmojo | JadonJadon says

    Would CFA credential help better in getting through Private Equity jobs?

    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says

      Hello Jadon,
      CFA can help you build credentials in the financial industry and will definitely be a plus when applying for Private Equity jobs.

  8. wallstreetmojo | NehashNehash says

    Thank you for such good blog posts. I enjoy reading them and is also giving me a good heads up on the various finance areas.

    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says

      Thanks Nehash! 🙂

  9. wallstreetmojo | Samara JonesSamara Jones says

    The overall article is quite comprehensive, Thanks. I have a question that Is venture capital a form of private equity?​

  10. wallstreetmojo | Vivek PandeyVivek Pandey says

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for sharing this article. We get the clear and in depth knowledge about Private Equity.

  11. wallstreetmojo | DishaDisha says

    Thank you so much Sir for such an informative article.

    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says

      Its my pleasure Disha!

  12. wallstreetmojo | ARAR says

    Thanks for the great article!

    From an Indian perspective, do you think it would be possible for a Chartered Accountant to break into PE with no prior experience? In case yes, should only mid market funds be targeted?

    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says


      there is a possibility of a charted account to break into PE with no experience. I have seen some of my CA friends moving into the investment banking domain and later shifting to Private Equity.

      All the very best,

  13. wallstreetmojo | MisheckMisheck says

    I really needed the information contained in the article. Thanks man for the insightful stuff.

    Ngiyabonga (Ndebele for thank you)


    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says

      Thanks Misheck! I am glad you liked the post.

  14. wallstreetmojo | Manish KumarManish Kumar says

    Thanks…..for your valuable inputs. Its great feeling to get your article every time.


    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says

      Thanks Manish 🙂

  15. wallstreetmojo | Manoj JhaManoj Jha says

    It feels good and helpful always whenever we get an article from your side due to its simplicity on complex issues. Easy to grasp a typical thing.
    CA Manoj

    • wallstreetmojo | DheerajDheeraj says

      Hello Manoj,

      Many thanks for your kind words. 🙂


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