Win/Loss Ratio

What is Win/Loss Ratio?

A win/loss ratio is ratio of won opportunities to lose opportunities in trades and is therefore, focused on only finding how the number of winners and losers, instead of taking into account the amount won or lost.


The win/loss ratio is more involved to determine the count of winners or losers than the magnitude of the amount of sum won or lost. In business, it is majorly used to find the deals which are won and the deals which are lost but do not take into consideration the deals which are still in progress or pipeline.

Win/Loss Ratio Formula

Win/Loss ration can be explained by the formula mentioned below:

Win/Loss Ratio = No. of Opportunities Won / No. of Opportunities Lost

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For eg:
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Here it does not take into account deals that are in the pipeline or progress. Only the deals which have been completed and we have an outcome are taken into consideration.

How to Calculate the Win/Loss Ratio?

There are primarily three steps involved to calculate the win/loss ratio.

Example of Win/Loss Ratio


  • Although the win/loss ratio is primarily used to predict the success rate and assign a probability for it, which comes handy for stockbrokers or traders, at times, it may not be that effective measure. It is because it misses on the ground that it does not take into account the monetary value of the opportunities won or lost for each trading activity.
  • But still, it can be considered a key benchmark for traders in the market to determine the number of winning relatively to the occasion of losing trade too. It overall tells us how many times a trader will be successful in making money to how many times he will taste failure.
  • The win/loss ratio is categorically used with the win rate ratio to calculate the probability of success for a trader. However, as stated above, this is not always the real picture because we are not taking into account the dollars involved in a trade. An efficient trader is one who has a more win-loss ratio in terms of not only a count of trade but also the dollar value involved in the trade.

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