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Free Business Plan Template

The business plan template is defined as the blueprint of your business plan on the excel template. It includes all your business objectives to be achieved and the detailed plan of how you are going to achieve them. You will be required to present the business plan template to the investors if you need to secure funds for your business.

Anyone who wishes to start a new business needs to create a business plan. It can be created with an excel template, which is considered the smartest way of creating a business plan. It is a handy and straightforward tool that consolidated all the required information to create a business plan. It could prove the viability of the fact that business will work or not, does the market exist for its products or services.

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About the Business Plan Template

  • It is basically an excel based document that includes a detailed business plan with desired objectives to be achieved and strategies. It is considerable use for you, including the investors who will invest their money in your business. It includes every step of how the business will operate, its financial planning, and if the business is sustainable in the future or not. It will generally have stated objectives, strategies, finance, sales & marketing.
  • It includes all the relevant information which is required to present to the investors. It presents the information in a way that makes the investors invest in the business. Once investors decided to invest the money in the business, the owners of the business can initiate business according to the plan written in the template.
  • The owner should make sure that they should strictly follow this template. There should not be any diversion. In case it is required to change in the business plan, the template can easily be customized to insert the required changes. It should cover all aspects of the business, which have a considerable impact on the business.

This template is very critical in the following circumstances:

  • If you want to start your new venture or business;
  • If you need to restructure your existing business;
  • To set the desired objective, which can be achieved.
  • To raise a fund to start a new business from the investors.


  • This template presents the plan in a structured way, which makes the idea clear behind the business.
  • It helps in achieving the objectives step by step and solving the issues that come on the way towards achieving the stated objectives at the same time.
  • It provides strategies with the help of which business will proceed.
  • Such a template is very often a regulatory requirement if you are supposed to secure external business finance.
  • With this template, you can monitor business and achieve the stated objectives in a disciplined way.
  • It makes sure that all the concerned persons are working towards the same objective and goals.
  • The template also lets you plan your future course of action.

Key Elements

It is required to include all the critical information concerning the business, and the way business will proceed to convey the message to the investors and analysts that business will sustain in the future. These elements of the business plan template could make you secure business finance from investors.

Following are the significant elements to be considered while creating business plan template:

#1 – Nature of Business

It starts with the nature of your business. In this section, you need to describe the products and service your business will be offering to potential clients.

#1 – Business Objectives

At the very outset, you should make sure that the business plan template should have clear objectives that are achievable and sustainable from the business perspective. It should also specify the period when the objectives shall be achieved.

#3 – Skillset and Relevant Experience

It should have a section where you should include your skills and relevant experience to run the business. It is very critical for the success of the business.

#4 – Target Clients and Customers

As we all know that the customers and clients are the ultimate users of the goods and services a business produces. This should define the particular clients and customers for which they are producing the goods and services.

#5 – Target Market

The business plan template must include the target market of the business. It should also include how the demand should be created in a particular market.

#6 – Sales & Marketing

This section, template required the sales and marketing strategies to sell the goods and services to potential clients—the kind of brand and logos to be used for marketing your product & services, including the prices. In addition to the above, you should describe the quality of products and services in detail so that clients are well informed about the goods and services in advance.

#7 – Financial Planning & Forecasting

In this section, a template is required to provide a detailed overview of financial planningFinancial PlanningFinancial planning is a structured approach to understanding your current and future financial goals and then taking the necessary measures to accomplish them. Because this does not begin and end in a specific time frame, it is referred to as an ongoing more & forecasting.


  • A well-described business plan template is one that demonstrates the ability of the business understanding of its target customers or clients, how to create the demands for its products and services. A well-explained business plan template can easily secure finance from investors as it includes all the relevant information, which is vital for the very foundation of the business under consideration.
  • It also explains how you and your business is different from your competitors and the way your business will attract potential clients and customers. It should be presented with facts which could include the survey of its goods and service, clients’ views on the quality of products, statistics figures, etc.
  • It should also be defined the risk business will face during the ordinary course of business so that investors are well informed about the risk in advance and the ability of the management to manage the risk to make the profit in the long run.
  • Last but not least, a business plan should not be confused by giving detailed information about everything thing. Instead, it should include the information in a manner that is important for the investors and lenders to understand the fundamental objective and its strategies in a concise format.

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