Excel Worksheet Tab

Worksheet Tab in Excel

Worksheet tabs in excel are rectangular tabs visible on the bottom left of the excel workbook, the active tab shows the active worksheet available to edit, by default there can be three worksheet tabs opened and we can insert more tabs in the worksheet using the plus button provided to the end of the tabs also we can rename or delete any of the worksheet tabs.

Worksheets are the platform for Excel software. These worksheets have separate tabs, and every excel file must contain at least one worksheet in it. We have many more things to do with these worksheets tab in excel.

The worksheet tab can be found at the bottom of every excel worksheet tab.

In this article, we will take a complete tour about worksheet tabs regarding how to manage worksheets, rename, delete, hide, unhide, move or copy, the replica of the current worksheet, and many other things.

Excel Worksheet Tab

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#1 Change No. of Worksheets by Default Excel Creates

If you have observed when you open the excel file at first, excel gives you 3 worksheets named Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3.

Worksheet tab excel step 1

We can modify this default setting and make our own settings. Follow the below steps to modify the settings.

  1. Go to FILE.

    Worksheet tab excel step 2

  2. Go to OPTIONS.

    Worksheet tab excel step 3

  3. Under GENERAL, go-to when creating new workbooks.

    Worksheet tab excel step 4

  4. Under this, Include this many sheets:

    Worksheet tab excel step 5

  5. Here, you can modify how many worksheets tab in excel need to be included while creating a new workbook.

    Worksheet tab excel step 6

  6. Click on the OK. We will have 5 excel worksheets tab whenever you open a new workbook.

    Worksheet tab excel step 7

#2 Create Replica of Current Worksheet

When you are working in an excel file, at a certain point, you want to have a copy of the current worksheet. Assume below is the worksheet tab you are working on at the moment.

Create Replica of Current sheet 1
  • Step 1: Right-click on the worksheet and select Move or Copy.
Create Replica of Current sheet 2
  • Step 2: In the below window, click the checkbox of Create a copy.
Create Replica of Current sheet 3
  • Step 3: Click on the OK; we will have a new sheet with the same data. The new worksheet name will be 2017 Sales (2).
Create Replica of Current sheet 4

#3 – Create Replica of Current Worksheet by Using Shortcut Key

We can also create a replica of the current sheet by using this shortcut key.

  • Step 1: Select the sheet and hold the Ctrl key.
Create sheet using shortcut key 1
  • Step 2: After holding the control key, hold the left button of the mouse key, and drag it to the right side. We would have a replica sheet now.
Create sheet using shortcut key 2

#4 – Create New Excel Worksheet

  • Step 1: In order to create a new worksheet, you need to click on the plus icon after the last worksheet.
Create New Worksheet 1
  • Step 2: Once you click on the PLUS icon, we would have a new worksheet to the right of the current worksheet.
Create New Worksheet 2

#5 – Create New Excel Worksheet Tab Using Shortcut Key

We can also create a new excel worksheet tab by using the shortcut key. The shortcut key to insert the worksheet is Shift + F11.

If you press this key, it will insert the new worksheet tab to the left of the current worksheet.

#6 – Go to the First Worksheet & Last Worksheet

Assume we are working with the workbook, which has many worksheets. We are moving between sheets regularly; if you want to move to the last and first worksheets, then we need to use the below technique.

First Worksheet & Last Worksheet 1

In order to come to the first worksheet, hold the control key, and click on the arrow symbol to move to the first sheet.

First Worksheet & Last Worksheet 2

#7 – Move Between Worksheets

Going through all the worksheets in the workbook is a tough task if you are moving manually. We have a shortcut key to move between worksheets.

Ctrl + Page Up: This would go to the previous worksheet.

Ctrl + Page Down: This would go to the next worksheet.

Move between Worksheets

#8 – Delete Worksheets

Like how we can insert new worksheets similarly, we can delete the worksheet as well. In order to delete the worksheet, right-click on the required worksheet and click on DELETE.

Delete Worksheets

If you want to delete multiple sheets at once, hold the control key and select the sheets you want to delete.

Delete Worksheets 1

Now can delete all the sheets at once.

We can also delete the sheet by using the shortcut key, i.e., ALT + E + L.

Delete Worksheets 2

If you want to select all the sheets, you can right-click on any of the worksheets and choose Select All Sheets.

Delete Worksheets 3

Once all the worksheets are selected and if you want to unselect again, right-click on any of the worksheets and choose Ungroup Worksheets.

Delete Worksheets 4

#9 – View All the Worksheets

If you have many worksheets and you want to select a particular sheet but don’t know where exactly that sheet is.

You can use the below technique to see all the worksheets. Right-click on the move buttons at the bottom.

View All the Worksheets 1

We will see below the list of all the worksheets tab in the excel file.

View All the Worksheets 2

Things to Remember

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