Financial Analyst Job Description

Financial Analyst Job Description Guide

A Financial Analyst is a person who implements the fundamentals of financial analysis in order to evaluate the position of the company from the point of view of raising capital in the form of debt or equity, credit ratings, or budging. They are expected to analyze various scenarios including but not limited to current situations in the market and come up with intelligent inferences.

For example, a credit analystin a bank is primarily responsible for deciding if a loan should be given (also called as loan-sanction by bank officers) to people who come to the bank to borrow money. There are several factors that are responsible for deciding if a person can get a loan from the bank.

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Factors to Get a Loan From the Bank

  1. Whether the person who wants to borrow money is employed or not?
  2. If there is any other loan already taken by the person?

These are some of the many factors a ‘credit analyst’ takes into account before making a decision on whether the bank should lend money or not.

Financial Analyst Job Description


Similarly, a ‘financial analyst’ is one who ‘studies’ a company and tries to make predictions about the financial health of the company in the future. As we mentioned earlier, an analyst has to look at multiple factors before making his/her decisions, similarly, a financial analyst also has several factors to analyze and understand before reaching any conclusions about that particular company.

The foremost Financial Analyst job description is to study financial statements of companies. Just like we, as students, are issued grade-cards by our school teacher with different grades for different subjects and an overall assessment of our year-round performance, companies also issue their financial statements which consist of information on how they performed their businesses throughout the year.

Sample Job Description

Below is a sample Financial Analyst Job Description.

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Financial Analyst supports and analyzes company financials monthly, quarterly as well as annual and assists in preparing and forecasting annual budget. Below are some of the key responsibilities of a Financial Analyst

  • Support monthly and year-end accounting
  • Analyze business units, its performance on a monthly basis and provide budget vs variance analysis as well as forecasts
  • Financial modeling resulting in forecasting of revenue, expenses, headcounts, balance sheet and cash flows
  • monitor the key financial metrics of the company
  • perform performing ad-hoc analysis and new project break-even analysis
  • Provide key business analyses and strategic recommendations on pricing, investment, make vs. buy, ROI cost reduction and controls.
  • Assist in due diligence and identification of business acquisition targets

Key Qualifications



Below are the key qualifications required by Financial Analyst

  • Typically a graduate level course in Accounting & Commerce, Finance is necessary
  • Candidates with Engineering background/STEM courses are preferred as they have quantitative and programming skills
  • Candidates from Business Schools with specialization in Finance have an advantage as they are able to read financial statements easily, are aware of different accounting practices and are generally able to understand market conditions more easily
  • Stronghold on Statistics-forecasting techniques, risk modeling, Value At Risk calculations
  • Applied Mathematics and Economics knowledge- to analyze current economic condition and predictions for future economic indicators
  • Mathematical modeling for in-depth data analyses using traditional and advanced methods
  • A Financial Analyst is expected to have good presentations and communication skills.




Here is the list of top skills and knowledge that a Financial analyst must possess –


In conclusion, as a financial analyst, one is responsible for showcasing the ‘report card of the company’ to various stakeholders. One is also responsible for making future predictions on where the company analyzed is headed in business. In the end, it can be seen that a financial analyst needs to have different skill-sets for different financial analyst jobs for graduates like financial statement analysis, database management, modeling, and predictions, and report writing.

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