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Updated on April 11, 2024
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Top 10 Best Finance Courses (Online)

The finance vertical has witnessed exponential growth over the past two decades. With this, there are new career roles aimed at specialized skills and services aimed at individuals and institutional clients.

So, what are the courses that you can do? Below is the list of Top 10 Online Finance Certification Courses of all times.

Finance Courses

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#1 – Investment Banking Certification Course

Financial Modeling & Valuation Courses Bundle (25+ Hours Video Series)

–>> If you want to learn Financial Modeling & Valuation professionally , then do check this ​Financial Modeling & Valuation Course Bundle​ (25+ hours of video tutorials with step by step McDonald’s Financial Model). Unlock the art of financial modeling and valuation with a comprehensive course covering McDonald’s forecast methodologies, advanced valuation techniques, and financial statements.

#2 – Financial Modeling Certification Course

#3 – Equity Research Certification Course

#4 – Private Equity Certification Course

#5 – Mergers & Acquisition

  • Overview: Merger & Acquisition is a huge subject. This finance certification course will learn about how mergers and acquisitions happen. And how as a firm’s representative, you can help with mergers & acquisitions deals.
  • Benefits of Learning This Course: Since this course is fully focused on only M&A deals and how they’re done, you will begin to understand why to go for mergers and acquisitions and how mergers/acquisitions can help the company increase the market share.
  • Top Skills Required – M&A modeling, Advanced Excel, Purchase Pooling Method, Advanced Accounting, Accretive Dilutive Analysis.
  • Job Profile: You can work as an investment banker that deals with M&A deals, or you can be an analyst who will build the right models to help the management make a prudent decision about a particular M&A deal.
  • Who Should Do This Course: Individuals/professionals who would like to make M&A deals or love to analyze the M&A deals should do this finance certification course.

#6 – Venture Capital Certification Course

  • Overview: If you want to understand what venture capital is or become a venture capitalist, this is a good place to start.
  • Benefits of Learning This Online Finance Course: By doing this Venture Capital course, you will understand the early stage entrepreneurship, how you can get more ROI from a start-up, the pitfalls of investing in an early-stage venture, and how much would be at stake.
  • Top Skills Required – Deal Structuring, Startup valuations, Venture Capital Modeling, Pre-money Post Money analysis, Fund Raising, Term SheetTerm SheetA term sheet is an agreement facilitating a fundraising process whereby two parties mutually agree to abide by the mentioned clauses concerning the more
  • Job Profile: You can work in a venture capital firm or start as a venture capitalist, depending on your knowledge and experience in the industry.
  • Who Should Do This Course: People who would like to go to the venture capital industry or start as a venture capitalist should do this course.

#7 – Project Finance Certification Course

#8 – Hedge Funds Certification Course

#9 – LBO (Leverage Buyout) Certification Course

#10 – Credit Modeling Certification Course

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