Group Columns in Excel

Excel Column Grouping

Group Column in excel means bringing one or more columns together in an excel worksheet, this gives us option to contract or expand the column and excel provides us a button to do so, to group columns we need to select two or more columns and then from data tab in the outline section we have the option to group the columns.

How to Use Column Grouping in Excel? (with Examples)

You can download this Column Grouping Excel Template here – Column Grouping Excel Template

Example #1

Following are the steps of excel column grouping –

  1. Select the data that you are using to group the column in excel.

    Excel Column Grouping example 1.1

  2. Go to the data option in the excel toolbar and select the group option in the outline toolbar, as shown in the below screenshot.

    Excel Column Grouping example 1.2

  3. When you click on the group, it will enable you to group the particular column in your excel spreadsheet. As shown below in the screenshot, you will able to see the minus sign symbol added to the outline above the selected columns.

    Excel Column Grouping example 1.3

    This is the result when you want to hide the column C and D in a spreadsheet, and it automatically enables the grouping option in your spreadsheet.

Example #2

  • Step 1: Select column B and C
Excel Column Grouping example 2.1
Excel Column Grouping example 1.2
  • Step 3: Go to the option group and make the group of a column as selected.
Excel Column Grouping example 2.2

Now you will be able to see the two minus signs; it means that there are two groups created in a particular spreadsheet that you want to group.

How to Hide or Unhide the Group Column?

  • Step 1: Click on the minus sign, which was created while grouping the column.
Excel Column Grouping example 2.3
  • Step 2: When you clicked on the minus sign, a column will collapse, and it results in the hide in a column.
Excel Column Grouping example 2.4
  • Step 3: Once you clicked on the minus sign, it automatically shows the plus sign, which means that if you want to unhide the column, just click on the plus sign to unhide the columns.
  • Step 4: You can likewise utilize the small numbers in the upper left corner. They let you cover-up and unhide all groupings of a similar dimension without a moment’s delay. For instance, in my table on the screen capture, clicking on 2 will conceal columns B and D. This is particularly helpful on the off chance that you made a progressive system of collection. Clicking on 3 will unhide or hide columns C and D.
example 2.5

Shortcut Keys to Hide or Unhide Column Grouping in Excel

  • Step 1: Select your data. Press Shortcut Excel Keys – Shift + Alt + right arrow. You will see the dialogue box in your excel spreadsheet as follows-
Shortcut key to hide group
example 3.2
example 3.3
example 3.4

Why you should use the Excel Column Grouping

  1. To effectively expand and contract the section or areas of a worksheet.
  2. To limit schedules or side estimations that different users probably won’t require while working in excel worksheets.
  3. To keep data composed and in an organized structure.
  4. As a substitute for making new sheets (tabs).
  5. As a better option than hiding cells.
  6. It is the better function as compare to hiding the column function.
  7. It helps you to set up the grouping level.

Why you should not use the Excel Column Grouping

  1. You won’t be able to make a group of the cell which is not adjacent cells.
  2. If you are managing different worksheets and need to assemble similar lines/columns on numerous worksheets in the meantime, it is not possible to use this function.
  3. Always need to check that your data should be in a sorted form.
  4. You always need to check while grouping the column in excel that you are selecting the correct column which needs to group.

Things to Remember

  1. You won’t be able to add the Calculated Items to grouped Fields in your excel spreadsheet.
  2. It’s impractical to choose a few non-nearby columns.
  3. Clicking on the minus icon will hide the column, and the icon will change to the plus sign letting you instantly unhide the data.
  4. You can select the range and press Shift + Alt + left arrow to remove the grouping from your excel spreadsheet.

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