How to Unhide Columns in Excel?

Unhide Column in Excel (Using Top 7 Methods)

You can unhide columns in excel using one of the following 7 Methods –

You can download this Unhide Columns Excel Template here – Unhide Columns Excel Template
  1. Using the Ribbon
  2. Using the shortcut key
  3. Using ‘Context Menu’
  4. Using ‘Column Width’
  5. Using the Ctrl+G (Go To) command
  6. Using the Ctrl+F (Find) command
  7. By double-clicking the ‘double-line’ for hidden columns.

Method #1 – Using the Ribbon

To unhide column, we need to select the columns of both sides and then choosing the ‘Home’ tab-> ‘Cells’ group -> ‘Format’ dropdown -> ‘Hide & Unhide’ -> Unhide Columns

Method #2 – Using the Shortcut Key

After selecting the column of both sides, we can press Alt+H+O+U+L.

Unhide Column step 6

Method #3 – Using Context Menu

After selecting, the column of both sides, then by right-clicking and choosing the Unhide.

Method #4 – Using Column Width

After selecting the column of both sides, then by right-clicking and choosing the column width, please specify the ‘Column width’ to any number.

Method #5 – Using the Ctrl+G (Go To) Command

As we know, column C and D are hidden; using the ‘Go to’ command (Shortcut Key: F5), we can specify the reference of any cell in B like B1 and then choose any of the methods mentioned above, we can unhide column in excel.

step 9

Method #6 – Using the Ctrl+F (Find) Command

Sometimes, we don’t know the cell reference; we know the data written in the cell; in that case, we can use the ‘Find’ command to go to the required cell reference and unhide the column in excel by using any of the above four methods.

step 10

Method #7 – By double-clicking the ‘double-line’ for hidden columns.

By double-clicking the ‘double-line’ on the column labels, we can unhide the column in excel.

To do the same, we can enter single cell reference of the required column into the Name box and then use the command available through the Format button on the Home tab of the ribbon to unhide the column in excel.

Locating the Hidden Columns

To locate the hidden column, after selecting the entire sheet, we need to use ‘Go-To’ (F5) command -> Special ->Visible Cells only->OK.

step 11

There is a line which is showing the hidden columns. Now, after selecting the columns, we can use any of the mentioned methods to unhide the column.

step 12

Custom View

If one user wants to view the hidden columns and the other user does not’. Then we can use the ‘Custom Views’ command on the View tab, add the view, and use this whenever by not hiding and unhiding the columns.

step 13

Things to Remember

  • The columns disappear from the display. Notice, however, that the other columns do not change; they retain the same column labels. Excel does, however, leave a thick bar in the column header area to indicate where the hidden columns would normally appear.
  • If the first column (column A) is not displayed in the worksheet, it is a little tricky to unhide it because there is no easy way to select that column. We can select the entire worksheet, and then unhide columns (Home tab, Cells group, Format drop-down, Hide & Unhide command), but that displays all hidden rows and columns in the worksheet, which we may not want to do. Instead, use the Name box in excel (Next to the formula bar) or the Go To command to select the column and then type A1, and then press ENTER.

step 14

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