Hyperlink Excel Function

Hyperlink Excel function is an inbuilt function in excel which is used to create hyperlinks for a certain cell, when the hyperlink is created it redirects or takes the user to a specified web page or a location, the value on the cell is not a URL as hyperlink formula has two arguments one is the URL while other is the name we provide to the URL or the display value.

Hyperlink Function formula

Explanation of Hyperlink Function in Excel

The Hyperlink in excel sheet accept the following arguments:

  • Link_location: Required. This is the path and document name to the file to be opened. Link_location can refer to a specific place in a file — such as a cell or named range in an Excel sheet or workbook, or to a bookmark in a Word file. The path can be to a document that is stored on a computer drive. The path can also be a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) path on the Internet or an intranet or a universal naming convention (UNC) path on a server (in Microsoft Excel for Windows).
    • Note: The Hyperlink function in excel is valid for internet URLs only. Link_location can be a text enclosed in quotation marks, or a cell reference can be passed that contains the link as a text string.
    • If the path specified in link_location is no longer available in the computer drive (or does not exist) or cannot be navigated, an error pop-up when you click the link.
  • Friendly_name [Optional] It is the text string or numeric value that is displayed in the cell in the form of a link. The text is displayed in a blue and underlined format indicating this is a clickable link. If friendly_name is omitted, the link_location is displayed as a jump text.
    • The friendly_name can be a text, a name, a value, or a cell that contains the jump text or value.
    • If friendly_name returns an error #VALUE, the cell throws the error instead of the jump text.

Hyperlink Function in Excel.

How to Insert HYPERLINK in Excel Sheet

  1. Select the text, cell, or picture on which you would like to insert a hyperlink in an excel sheet.
  2. On the Insert tab, click Hyperlink. You can also right-click the text or picture and select the Excel Hyperlink option on the shortcut menu.

Hyperlink Function EXAMPLE 1

  1. In the Insert Hyperlink box, type or paste the link in the Address box to which you would like to redirect the user.

Hyperlink EXAMPLE 1-1

How to Execute HYPERLINK in Excel Sheet with Examples

Below Excel, Hyperlink examples illustrate how the Hyperlink function in excel is being used to send an email, open documents, and move between the sheets just by clicking the link.

You can download this HYPERLINK Function Excel Template here – HYPERLINK Function Excel Template

In the first Hyperlink example, you can see the Hyperlink function in excel is used to send an email. When you are sending an email using a link, you should add a prefix ‘mailto:’ to an email address, which is an HTML code to send an email.

The moment you click on the link, it redirects you to the email composer page with the given email IDs in the To recipient list.

Hyperlink EXAMPLE 1-2

Example #1 – How to switch between the tabs

Below, the Hyperlink example shows how to switch between the excel worksheets of a workbook.

Let’s say we would like to redirect the user to a specific range of a worksheet from the index page where you have listed all the links to the contents.

To move internally within the workbook, you need to add a prefix ‘#’ to the sheet name you would like to jump off.

As it can be seen in the snapshot to jump to the sheet: Example1 from another sheet using a hyperlink, the excel hyperlink function can be written as =HYPERLINK(“#Example1!A1″,”to Example1”)

Hyperlink EXAMPLE 1-3

The moment you click the link, it redirects you to the destination worksheet, i.e., A1 cell of the Example1 worksheet.

Alternate method:

The same can also be achieved without writing the Hyperlink function in Excel.

As we mentioned above that selecting the hyperlink option from the shortcut menu or by right-clicking on the text to be converted into a link would give you an option to add a hyperlink in the sheet.

As can be seen in the snapshot, you can choose here the destination/ target to be reached once the user clicks on the given link.

Hyperlink EXAMPLE 1-4

Example #2 –  How to open a document

We will go through one more Hyperlink Example in Excel. Here our aim is to open a word or any document stored in a computer directory.

As can be seen in the snapshot, you can directly pass the path of the document to be launched when the user clicks the link. This will open the file mentioned in the provided link.

Give the complete path where the file is saved along with the document name and its extension (file type) into the excel hyperlink function.

Or you can use the command ..\ (MS-DOS command) to move backward or forward from the current directory.

Note: The current directory is where the excel workbook is currently stored.

Hyperlink EXAMPLE 1-5

Again, you can also use the alternate method discussed above to achieve the same.

Things to note about the Hyperlink Function in Excel

  • Link_location should be supplied as a text string in quotation marks or a cell reference that contains the link path as text.
  • If friendly_name is not supplied, the Excel HYPERLINK Function will display link_location as the friendly_name.
  • To select a cell that contains HYPERLINK without jumping to the destination, use arrow keys to select the cell. Alternatively, click on the cell and hold the mouse button down until the cursor changes.

Hyperlink Excel Function Video

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