Substitute Function in Excel

What Does Substitute Function Do in Excel?

Substitute function in excel is a very useful function which is used to replace or substitute a given text with another text in a given cell, this function is widely used when we send massive emails or messages in a bulk, instead of creating separate text for every user we use substitute function to replace the information.


Substitute Formula in Excel

Substitute function in excel has four parameters three (text, old_text,new_text) are compulsory parameters and one (instance_num) is optional.

Compulsory Parameter:

  • text: It is a text from which we want to substitute some text.
  • old_text: It is a text which is going to replace.
  • new_text: It is the text which replaces the old text.

Optional Parameter:

  • [instance_num]: it specifies the occurrence of old_text. if you specify the instance only, that instance will have replaced by a substitute function; otherwise, all instances are replaced by it.

How to Use Substitute Function in Excel? (with Examples)

You can download this Substitute Function Excel Template here – Substitute Function Excel Template

Example #1

In the first example, we will substitute the “_” with space in the given set of Name data.

Substitute Function Example 1

To get the desired output, Tanuj Rajput from Tanuj_Rajput apply the Substitute formula SUBSTITUTE(A2,”_,” “1)

Substitute Function Example 1-1

It will replace the first instance of “_” with space, and you will get the desired data as output.

Substitute Function Example 1-2

Example #2

In this example, we will replace the first instance of character “a” with “w” in the given dataset of full name by using the substitute function.

Substitute Function Example 2

Let’s apply the =SUBSTITUTE(A2,”a”,”w”,1) formula in the Formula column,

Substitute Function Example 2-1

As shown in the below table and you will get the output in the Output column, shown in the third column.

Substitute Function Example 2-2

Example #3

In this example, we will replace all instances of character “a” with “w” in the given data set

Example 3

By using the substitute formula excel =SUBSTITUTE(B38,”a”,”w”)

Example 3-1

And drag it to in the formula column to the output with no “a” values, as shown in the below table.

Example 3-2

Example #4

In this example, we will replace all the spaces with blank from the given set of Full names.

Example 4

Here, we will apply the below substitute formula to achieve this =SUBSTITUTE(I8,”, “)

Example 4-1

By using this, you will get the Output without space, as shown in the below table.

Example 4-2

Things to Remember

  • The substitute function is the case-sensitive function.
    • Substitute function considers tanuj and Tanuj as different values, which means it can distinguish b/w lower case and upper case.
  • Substitute function does not support wildcard characters, i.e. “?” ,“*” and “~” tilde.

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