IF AND in Excel

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IF AND Excel Formula

The IF AND excel formula is the combination of two different logical functions often nested together that enables the user to evaluate multiple conditions using AND functions. Based on the output of the AND function, the IF function returns either the “true” or “false” value, respectively.

IF AND in Excel


if and formula 1.2

The IF AND formula can be applied as follows:

“=IF(AND (Condition 1,Condition 2,…),Value _if _True,Value _if _False)”

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How to Use IF AND Excel Statement?

You can download this IF AND Formula Excel Template here – IF AND Formula Excel Template

Let us understand the usage of the IF AND formula with the help of some examples mentioned below:

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Example #1

The table given below provides a list of apartments along with their age (in years) and type of society. Now we need to perform a comparative analysis for the apartments based on the age of the building and the type of society.

Here, we use the combination of less than equal (<=) to operator and the equal to (=) text functions in the condition to be demonstrated for IF AND function.

if and formula example 1.1
  • The IF AND formula used to perform the analysis is stated as follows:

      “=IF(AND(B2<=2,C2=“Gated”),“Consider”, “”)”

  • The succeeding image shows the IF AND condition applied to perform the evaluation.
if and formula example 1.3
  • Press “Enter” to get the answer.
if and formula example 1.2
  • Drag the formula to find the results for all the apartments.
if and formula example 1.4

The results in the cell D of the above table shows that the IF AND formula will be performing one among the following:

The IF AND formula can also perform calculations based on whether the AND function returns “true” or “false,” apart from returning only the predefined text strings.

We will understand this concept with the help of the below-mentioned example.

Example #2

The given data tableData TableA data table in excel is a type of what-if analysis tool that allows you to compare variables and see how they impact the result and overall data. It can be found under the data tab in the what-if analysis section.read more has the list of employee name along with their orders received, performance, and salaries. Calculate the employee hike (or bonus) based on two parameters–the number of orders received and performance.

The criteria to calculate the bonus is as follows.

  • The number of orders received is greater than or equal to 200, and the performance is equal to “A.”
if and formula example 2.1
  • The IF AND formula will be,

“=IF(AND(B2>=200,C2= “A”),D2*10%,D2*5%)”

example 2.2
  • Press “Enter” to get the final output. The bonus appears in cell E2.
example 2.3 result
  • Drag the formula to find the bonus of all employees.
example 2.4

Based on these results, the IF formula does the following evaluation:

  • If both the conditions are satisfied, the AND function returns “true,” then the bonus received is calculated as salary multiplied by 10%.
  • If either one or both the conditions are found to be “false” by the AND function, then the bonus is calculated as salary multiplied by 5%.

Examples 1 and 2 have only two criteria to test and evaluate. Using multiple arguments or conditions to test them for “true” or “false” is also allowed.

Example #3

Let us evaluate multiple criteria and use AND function.

A table with five stocks and their parameter details including financial ratiosFinancial RatiosFinancial ratios are indications of a company's financial performance. There are several forms of financial ratios that indicate the company's results, financial risks, and operational efficiency, such as the liquidity ratio, asset turnover ratio, operating profitability ratios, business risk ratios, financial risk ratio, stability ratios, and so on.read more, such as ROCEROCEReturn on Capital Employed (ROCE) is a metric that analyses how effectively a company uses its capital and, as a result, indicates long-term profitability. ROCE=EBIT/Capital Employed.read more, ROEROEReturn on Equity (ROE) represents financial performance of a company. It is calculated as the net income divided by the shareholders equity. ROE signifies the efficiency in which the company is using assets to make profit.read more, Debt to equityDebt To EquityThe debt to equity ratio is a representation of the company's capital structure that determines the proportion of external liabilities to the shareholders' equity. It helps the investors determine the organization's leverage position and risk level. read more, and PE ratioPE RatioThe price to earnings (PE) ratio measures the relative value of the corporate stocks, i.e., whether it is undervalued or overvalued. It is calculated as the proportion of the current price per share to the earnings per share. read more is provided (shown in the below table).  Using this data lets us test the condition to invest in suitable stocks. That is, using the parameters, let us analyze the stocks to derive the best investment horizonInvestment HorizonThe term "investment horizon" refers to the amount of time an investor is expected to hold an investment portfolio or a security before selling it. Depending on the need for funds and risk appetite, the investor may invest for a few days or hours to a few years or decades.read more, which is important for growth.

If and in Excel example 2.5 data

The following syntax is used where the conditions are applied to arrive at the result (shown in the below table).


If and in Excel example 3.1 syntax
  • Press “Enter” to get the final output (Investment Criteria) of the above formula.
If and in Excel example 3.2 output
  • Drag the formula to find the Investment Criteria.
If and in Excel example 3.3

In the above data table, the AND function tests for the parameters using the operators. The resulting output generated by the IF formula is as follows:

  • If all the four criteria mentioned in the AND function are tested and satisfied, then the IF function returns the “Invest” text string.
  • If either one or more among the four conditions or all the four conditions fail to satisfy the AND function, then the IF function returns empty strings (“”).

The Characteristics of IF AND function

  • The IF AND function does not differentiate between case-insensitive texts.
  • The AND function can be used to evaluate up to 255 conditions for “true” or “false,” and the total formula length does not exceed 8192 characters.
  • Text values or blank cells are given as an argument to test the conditions in AND function.
  • The AND formula will return “#VALUE!” if there is no logical output found while evaluating the conditions.

Key Takeaways

  • IF AND excel statement is a combination of two logical functions that tests and evaluates multiple conditions.
  • The output of the AND function is based on, whether the IF function will return the value “true” or “false,” respectively.
  • IF function is used to test a single criterion whereas, the AND function is used to test multiple criteria.
  • The syntax of the IF AND formula is:

“=IF(AND (Condition 1,Condition 2,…),Value _if _True,Value _if _False)”

  • The IF AND formula also performs a calculation based on whether the AND function is “true” or “false” apart from returning only the predefined text strings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use IF AND function in Excel?

The IF AND excel statement is the two logical functions often nested together.

“=IF(AND(Condition1,Condition2, value_if_true,vaue_if_false)”

The IF formula is used to test and compare the conditions expressed, along with the expected value. It provides the desired result if the condition is either “true” or “false.”

The AND formula is used to test multiple criteria. It returns “true” if all the given conditions are satisfied, or else returns “false.”

2. What is the IF AND function in Excel?

IF AND formula is applied as the combination of the two logical functions that enable the user to evaluate the multiple conditions. Based on the output of the AND function, the IF function returns the output “true” or “false.”

3. How to combine IF and AND functions in Excel?

To combine IF and AND functions, you need to replace the “condition_test” argument in the IF function with AND function.

“=IF(condition_test, value_if_true,vaue_if_false)”

“=IF(AND(Condition1,Condition2, value_if_true,vaue_if_false)”

In AND function we can use multiple conditions.

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