NOT Excel Function

NOT Function in Excel

NOT Excel function is a logical function in excel which is also called negation function, it negates the value which is returned through a function or a value from another logical function, this is an inbuilt function in excel which takes a single argument which is the logic which can be a formula or a logical value.


NOT Function Formula

Compulsory Parameter:

  • Logical: it is numeric value 0 is considered false and the rest of the values considered as true. Logical is an expression that either calculates the TRUE or FALSE. If will return TRUE if the expression is FALSE and return FALSE if the expression is TRUE.


You can download this NOT Function Excel Template here – NOT Function Excel Template

Example #1

Here we have to check which value is greater than to 100; then we use the NOT function in the Logical testLogical TestA logical test in Excel results in an analytical output, either true or false. The equals to operator, “=,” is the most commonly used logical more column, and it will return the reverse return if the value is greater than 100, then it will return FALSE, and if the value is less than or equal to 100, it will return the TRUE as output.

Example 1

Example #2

Let consider one another example wherein we have to exclude the color combination of Red Blue from the set of Toys data; then, we can use the NOT to filter out this combination. The output will be True because here the color is Red.

Example #3

Let take the employee data wherein we have to find out the bonus amount for employees who did the extra task and no bonus for whom did not perform the extra task, and employees get 100 Rs. for each extra task done them.

Example 3

The output will be = 7500 Rs. As it will first check for a blank entry in a cell, if not blank, then it will multiply the extra task and 100 to calculate the extra bonus unlocked by the employee.

Example #4

Suppose we have to perform a check on colors such as for the below example, we have to filter out the toy name having the color Blue or Red r from the given set of data.Example 4

First, this will check the condition if the color column contains any toy with the color blue or red if the condition is true, then it will return blank as output; if not true, then it will return x as output.

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