Top 10 Jobs for B.Com Graduates (Freshers)

Updated on April 5, 2024
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Jobs for B.Com Graduates (Freshers)

Jobs for B.Com graduates are jobs relating to the bachelor of commerce which involves knowledge of accounts, economics, and finance and various other jobs available are teaching jobs, government jobs (accounts officer, cashier, etc.), handling finance like making books of accounts (accounting); filing of tax returns, auditing jobs (internal or external), preparing cost budgets and analyzing market trends.

Although a B.Com degree is just a lesser degree in the resume of many brilliant commerce students, many other students choose various job options mentioned in this article based on acquiring their B.Com degree only. Nowadays, leading organizations need such commerce graduates who can help them manage their routine business operations in a trouble-free way. And hence, getting a basic job opportunity after completing B.Com graduation is quite hassle-free. The candidate can opt for one of the following fields based on their independent interest and future career.

Bcom Graduates Jobs

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Jobs for B.Com Graduates in Top Sectors

After completing B.Com, ample job opportunities are available in public, and private sector industries. Out of which, the top 10 jobs for B.Com graduates are mentioned below;

  1. Accounting and Auditing
  2. Tax Advisory Services
  3. Financial Services
  4. Commercial Banking
  5. International Banking
  6. Insurance Services
  7. Telecommunication Services and BPOs
  8. Manufacturing Services
  9. Government Services
  10. Other Sectors include Automobile, Hospitality, Media, and Information Technology Services.

A B.Com graduate can land a job with a good basic salary ranging from ₹10,000/- to ₹25,000/- per month in one of the above employment fields. It is a business-oriented degree, so industrial organizations prefer to appoint B.Com graduates (Freshers) jobs in different positions like accountant, marketing executive, sales officer, commercial manager, purchase officer, inventory manager, etc.

We will discuss the above employment areas one by one in detail, including the job profiles and their roles available after completion of B.Com in a particular field.

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#1 – Accounting and Auditing

It is the most relevant section for B.Com graduates (Freshers). Candidates can work as a junior accountant, account executive, senior accountant, and accounts manager. Being a commerce student and having complete knowledge of accounting systems, such B.Com graduates can work very effectively in this area. From passing the journal entries to finalizing annual accounts, everything needs to be done here. The accounts manager also has to check the internal accounting policy and internal control process of the organization and may do some routine auditing in the capacity of internal auditor of the organization, who will also assist the Statutory Auditors in completing their tax audit, cost audit, statutory audit and so on. The accounts department of the organization is also liable to maintain the accounting and other records of the organization. The big companies like Infosys, Wipro, Reliance, and Tata are always searching for competent B.com graduates for their organizations.

#2 – Tax Advisory Services

After completion of B.Com and acquiring advanced knowledge in direct and indirect taxes, jobs for B.com graduates (Freshers) can start with Tax Consultancy Firms of their own, who will guide and advise the different types of taxpayers to calculate and pay their statutory taxes and files various statutory returns on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually basis with different Government Authorities like Income Tax Department, GST Department, Professional Tax Department, Excise and Customs Department, ROC Department, etc. The need for such small tax advisory firms has increased in India after implementing GST, which requires timely payment of GST taxes and filing returns. It is an excellent opportunity for B.Com graduates to provide more tailored tax services in society and earn handsome money.

#3 – Financial Services

Finance is one of the core parts of the commerce stream. Thus, jobs for B.Com graduates (Freshers) are supposed to have an edge in the industry, where they can be appointed in some private finance companies like Mahindra Finance, Shriram Finance, Bajaj Finance, DHFL, Indiabulls to sell the different financial products of the company and manage their customers daily. The jobs for B.Com graduates (Freshers) may appoint there as Finance Executive, Sells, Officer, Finance Manager, Area Manager, Customer Support, Team Leader, and other positions based on the candidate’s experience level.

#4 – Commercial Banking

The jobs in the banking industries are very much in demand. Some leading banks like HDFC, Axis, SBI, ICICI, IDBI, etc., offer job opportunities to B.Com graduates on passing the necessary eligibility exam of respective banks. As we are going for a concept like digital India, effective banking channels are necessary. And hence, the need for B.Com graduates in the commercial banking sector is also enhancing day by day. The banks like the private sector, public sector, scheduled banks, and co-operative banks require more B.Com graduates to improve their service areas throughout their branches located in different cities. They employ such graduates on different profiles like cashiers, accountants, probationary officers, clerks, reporters, compliance executives, relationship managers, customer support, etc.

#5 – International Banking

As international banking is growing in India, the demand for B.Com graduates is increasing. The bulge bracket investment bank like J. P Morgan & Co, Custodian Banks like Bank of New York & Mello, Third Party Service provide like Syntel & Co. hires the B.Com graduates to manage their entry-level tasks, mostly on the profile of Associates, Junior Analyst, Research Analyst, Reporting Executive, Billing Executive and many more. These banks seek more skilled and intelligent graduates with good communication and other skills. It is a dynamic career area to explore and pays higher salaries to its employees than others.

#6 – Insurance Services

It is one of the most traditional financial service sectors that hire B.Com graduates in positions like Insurance Agents, Relationship Managers, Product Development Officers, and many more. The Government sustainably takes initiatives to promote the importance of insurance within society, and they also provide tax exemption on various insurance products. The insurance companies will train such B.com graduates to promote and sell their standard insurance products like health insurance, vehicle insurance, medical insurance, and many more. LIC is the oldest government undertaking that is rendering insurance services in India.

#7 – Telecommunication Services and BPOs

Communication is a need for the generation, and considering the competition among telecommunication companies, every company focuses on providing more customized and cost-effective services to its customers. Companies like Idea, Reliance Jio, and Airtel are the biggest players. To provide better customer support to the people in a country like India, a heavy customer support team is built by such companies and is kept going. Many B.Com graduates found excellent career opportunities in such companies as Customer Support Officers, Team Leaders, Area Managers, Development Managers, and many more.

#8 – Manufacturing Services

The manufacturing of any product requires huge financial and human capital like steel or seeds manufacturers. They require smart graduates like B.Com to administer their business operations efficiently. The manufacturing companies like JSW Steel, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra frequently hire B.Com graduates. After completing B.Com, students can be appointed as Assistant in Charge, Store in Charge, Store Manager, Store Keeper, Supervisor, Purchase and Sell Head, Head of Departments, Inventory Manager, and many other posts based on their experience level.

#9 – Government Services

Both the Central Government and State Government of every state have some excellent jobs for B.Com graduates freshers, which are sustainable. The different departments of Governments like Revenue, Railway, Defence, PWD, Forest, Research, and Healthcare hires B.Com graduates for a post of Probation Officer, Clerks, Accounts Assistants, Divisional Officers, and other posts regularly. The candidates have to pass some tests and eligibility exams.

#10 – Other Sectors

The jobs for B.Com graduates(freshers) found to be great in business management. They offered plenty of job opportunities in Automobile companies like Bajaj Auto, and Maruti Suzuki, Hospitality companies like Trident, Media companies like NDTV India, Information Technology companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and Education Sector companies like Podar Education Trust, real estate companies like DLF, Reliance Infrastructures to manage the wider business operations of such large business organizations. There are many other fields where B.Com graduates are hired.


Jobs for B.Com graduates, i.e., Bachelors in Commerce, is a graduate-level degree in the stream of commerce, and many students in the commerce stream obtain this degree at the beginning of their professional career. The crucial subjects like Corporate Accounting, Financial Management, Banking, Economics, Taxation, and Business Administration make the course more informative and interesting to learn among the candidates.

The B.Com candidates can have many job opportunities after graduation from one of the reputed universities. However, the students should possess a few additional professional qualifications and their basic B.Com degree to acquire an edge in their professional life. There are few career options available after B.com that will help the candidates to have higher-paying jobs viz Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary Exam, Cost and Management Accountant, Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Computers Application, Bachelor’s of Law, Masters in Law and many more courses available in the market.

This article is a guide to Top 10 Jobs for B.Com Graduates. Here, we discuss job opportunities for B.Com graduates in different areas. You can also have a look at these other articles on careers in finance: –

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