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Updated on January 2, 2024
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What does Split Panes in Excel Mean?

Splitting panes in Excel means breaking a workbook into different parts. This technique is available in the “View” tab’s “Windows” section. We can split panes horizontally or vertically, or it can be a cross split. The horizontal and vertical split can be seen in the mid-section of the worksheet. However, we can do a cross split by dragging the panes.

How to Split Panes in Excel? (with Examples)

Let’s understand the working of split panes by the below simple examples.

Example #1 – Split Panes Horizontally

As shown in the table below, let us consider a sales data set to apply the split panes to split the worksheet into panes horizontally.Split in Excel Example 1

  1. First, select cell A5, and go to the “View” tab. Then, click on the “Split,” as shown in the screenshot below.

    Split in Excel Example 1-1

    Then you will get a horizontal splitter in your worksheet now. You can compare the data by scrolling.

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Example #2 – Split Panes Vertically

Let us consider the below sales data to apply the split panes to split the Excel into vertical panes.

Split in Excel Example 2
  • First, select column B, go to the “View” tab, and then click on the “Split,” as shown in the screenshot below.
Split in Excel Example 2-1

Then, you will get a vertical splitter in your worksheet, as shown in the above screenshot.

Example #3 – Insert a Cross Split Pane into a Worksheet

We will use the “Split Pane” option in this example to cross-split the worksheet.

But, first, let us consider the below table.

Example 3
  • First, select cell B7, go to the “View” tab, and then click on the “Split,” as shown in the screenshot below.
Example 3-1
  • By applying this, you will get across the splitter, as shown in the below screenshot.
Example 3-2

Example #4 – Unsplit the panes

In this example, we will see the panes unsplit. Suppose you have a date on which the split pane is already applied. If you want to remove the “Split” pane option from your worksheet, then go to the “View” tab and disable the “Split” option to remove the split panes from the worksheet.

Example 4

Things to Remember

  • We can use the “Alt+W+S” shortcut keys to enable the split panes in the worksheet.
Alt-W-S shortcut
  • We must move the active cell to row 1 to split the worksheet vertically into two panes.
  • We must move the active cell to column A to split the worksheet horizontally into two panes.
  • If we select any cell in the middle of somewhere in the worksheet, we will get 4 panes or cross panes.

This article is a guide to Split Panes in Excel. Here, we discuss how to split panes in Excel and examples like horizontally, vertically, and cross split panes. You may also look at these useful functions in Excel: –

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