TODAY Excel Function

TODAY Function In Excel (Today’s Date)

Today function is an excel worksheet date and time function which is used to find out the present system date and time in excel, this function does not takes any arguments also this function auto-updates itself whenever the worksheet is reopened and this function only represents the current system date, not the time, the method to use this function is as follows =Today().



Displaying the Current Time Using TODAY Function

TODAY formula in Excel displays the current time as a time serial number (or a serial number without an associated date):


You need to format the cell with a time format to view the result as a recognizable time. The easiest way is to choose Home->Number->Format Number and then select Time from the dropdown list.

TODAY function Example 3-3

You can also display the time, combined with text. The TODAY date Function that follows displays this text:

The current time is 3:56 AM.

=”The current time is “&TEXT(NOW(),”h: mm AM/PM”)

TODAY function Example 3-4

How to Use TODAY Function in Excel? (with Examples)

You can download this TODAY Function Excel Template here – TODAY Function Excel Template

Example #1

If we want to calculate the number of days of a year for the current date, for example, the excel today’s date is 08/1/2018, and the user wants to calculate the number of days till the current date.

TODAY Example 2

So, the total number of days till the current date is 213

TODAY Example 2-1

Now using the TODAY date Function, Year and Date function, we can calculate the number of days of the year for the current date:

The TODAY Formula in Excel is:


TODAY Example 2-2

Example #2

A Service based company named SS Brother Solutions provides the maintenance for Printers. The company has the list of clients with an annual maintenance contract’s (AMC) end date and the amount of AMC for the year 2018. The Manager has been asked to provide the total amount of AMC pending for the current year from the current date.

TODAY Example 3

For the upcoming months Aug, Sep… till Dec, the manager needs to calculate the AMC amount pending.

There are 5 companies whose AMC will be collected on the given AMC end date.

TODAY Example 3-1

In order to calculate the total amount pending, we will use the SUMIF and TODAY date Function to calculate the amount pending for the current year

The TODAY Formula in Excel will be


TODAY Example 3-2

So, the total AMC amount pending for the upcoming dates is $51,743

Example #3

We have a list of items with their purchase dates, and we need to find the count of the items purchased on the current date.

TODAY function Example 4

So, in order to find the total count number of the item purchased on the current date, we will use the COUNTIFUse The COUNTIFThe COUNTIF function in Excel counts the number of cells within a range based on pre-defined criteria. It is used to count cells that include dates, numbers, or text. For example, COUNTIF(A1:A10,”Trump”) will count the number of cells within the range A1:A10 that contain the text “Trump” read more and TODAY Excel function.

The TODAY Formula in Excel will be


TODAY function Example 4-2

TODAY Excel Function Video


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This has been a guide to TODAY Function in Excel. Here we discuss the TODAY Formula in excel and how to use Excel TODAY date Function along with excel example and downloadable excel templates. You may also look at these useful functions in excel –

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