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Best Free Accounting Software

For the smooth running of the business, all the business activities or transactions are required to be recorded in the form of accounting and for ease in accounting, there is need for accounting software through which all business activities are to be tracked easily so as fix the accountability of the concerned staff where many accounting software are available in the market for free, which ease in accounting records and display the required reports and analysis.

Top 7 Free Accounting Softwares


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Details about some of the free accounting software are as follows:

#1 – Wave Accounting Software

It is one of the efficient accounting software. In this software, recording transactions also allows the user to maintain the soft records of the bills, expenses, and receipt. It requires to scan the bill and record in soft mode. With this, the staff need not open the file of bills again and again for finding details and other information. This software also allows the user to pay the bills and expenses directly through the software, and it also tracks the receipts, payment, expenses, and bank transactions. Hence through this, the transparency gets better, and chances of fraud are reduced.

#2 – Akaunting Software

Akaunting software enables the user to record the transactions as well as set the recurring bills in order to get the probable expenses for cash managementCash ManagementCash Management refers to the appropriate collection, handling, & disbursement of cash for ensuring financial stability & avoiding insolvency risk. read more. This software also allows the debtor and creditor management and tracking of the bills, which help the organization in an effective way to manage and track the expenses.

#3 – Slick Pie Accounting Software

The Slick pie software allows the user to connect to the pay pal for payment, and with this payment gets easily done. The main advantage of this software is, it allows multiple companies to records the transaction on a single identity.

#4 – GnuCash Accounting Software

GnuCash allows the user to track all the costs like employee cost, purchase cost, electricity cost, management cost, etc. through which the organization can plan for cost-cutting measures and track the wastage of the cost. Projects can also be created with the GnuCash accounting software.

#5 – xTuplePostBoks Accounting Software

xTuplePostBoks accounting software like resource planning software. It enables customer management, inventory management, etc. it also enables the integration of accounts and inventory through which the records can be reconciled.

#6 – Inv24 Accounting and Inventory Software

Inv24 Software is specialized in inventory management. It gives the information when the inventory is limited so as to order the inventory. It is one of the best management software. It also allows the user to generate and download the bill so as to maintain the bill in soft records.

#7 – NCH Express Accounts Accounting Software

NCH Express Accounts Accounting Software enables the management of the revenue and also tracks the application of the revenue, which helps the organization to get the accountability of all the receipts and enables the wastage of funds. It also generates more than 15 analyzing reports which help in better and quick decision making.

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