Insert Comment in Excel

How to Insert Comments in Excel Cell? (Steps)

Follow the below steps to insert a comment to a cell in excel:

  • Step 1: To add a comment in Excel first, you need to Right-click on the cell with which the comment needs to be associated.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Insert Comment’ and type your own comment.

Shortcut to Insert Comment in Excel

Shortcut to insert a comment in the cell is Press Shift+F2

Insert Comments shortcut key

Another way to insert a comment in Excel is: Clicking on the Review tab and selecting ‘New Comment.’


You can download this Insert Comment Excel Template here – Insert Comment Excel Template

Example #1

Example of adding a comment attached to a cell in excel.

If we wish to find how a student scores in an exam. There are two exam scores of a student, and we find the total score (sum of the two scores)

Insert Comments Example 1

Below are the steps to insert comment in excel –

  1. To add a comment in excel with the total score, right-click on the cell containing a total score and select Insert Comment.

    Insert Comments Example 1-1

  2. A box will appear: Type the comment in the box

    Insert Comments Example 1-2

    The red triangle at the top right corner of the cell indicates that a comment is associated with it.

Example #2

Now, let’s say we want to find the maximum salary per month from a list of some employees’ salaries:

Insert Comments Example 2
  • Step 1: To insert a comment in excel with maximum salary, right-click on the cell containing maximum salary and select ‘Insert Comment.’
Insert Comments Example 2-1
  • Step 2: A box will appear: Type the comment in the box.
Insert Comments Example 2-2

Example #3

If a picture needs to be inserted as a comment in excel, the following steps can be carried out:

  • Step 1: Right-click on the cell and select ‘Insert Comment.’
Insert Comments Example 3
  • Step 2: Enter the text to be displayed in the comment and right-click on the edge of the comment box and then select ‘Format Comment.’
Insert Comments Example 3-1
Insert Comments Example 3-2
  • Step 4: Then select the Picture tab and click ‘Select Picture.’
Insert Comments Example 3-3
  • Step 5: Browse for a picture of your choice and click OK.
Insert Comments Example 3-4

How to Add a Comment to Multiple Cells in Excel?

A single comment can be copied to multiple cells at the same time. The following steps can be carried out to do so:

  • Step 1: Insert a comment in the first cell.
Example 4
  • Step 2: Select the commented cell and press Ctrl+C, which copies the cell to the clipboard.
Example 4-1
  • Step 3: Select the range of cells on which you wish to paste the same comment.
Example 4-2
Example 4-3
  • Step 5: Select the Comments button and click OK.
Example 4-4
  • Step 6: On doing this, the comment from a cell in the first step would be copied to the range of cells selected in step3.
Example 4-5

If the range of cells selected already had some comments, then those comments would be replaced by the comment we are pasting from a cell in step2.

Things to Remember

  • When collaborating on documents, cell comments help communicate ideas, problems, and questions. They make the document review/understanding process smoother and faster for everyone involved.
  • After entering the text as a comment and then clicking on any cell again, the comment gets hidden, but the red flag or comment indicator remains.
Insert Comments Red Flag
  • Right-clicking on cell and selecting ‘Show/Hide Comment’ enables to show or hide the comment associated with that cell.
Insert Comments (Show or Hide)
  • If we wish to show all the comments on all worksheets in a workbook, click ‘Show All Comments’ in a Comments section on the Review tab.
Insert Comments Show all Comments
  • When we have too many comments on a sheet, there may be a possibility that some of the comments may overlap. To fix this issue, we have an option of ‘Move or Resize a Comment.’ So if some comments are blocking other comments or cells, we may want to move them. To move a comment, the comment should display without the user hovering over the cell.
  • So first, show the comment using ‘Show or Hide Comments.’
  • Move the cursor over the border of the comment box until the cursor turns to a plus sign with arrows.
  • Then click to select the comment box, and we will see sizing handles appear on the sides and corners of a box.
  • Now keep the mouse cursor over the border of the comment box and then click and drag the comment box to another location.
Insert Comments select and drag

We can see that some comments are overlapping, so we drag them to another location using the above method of moving and resizing a comment.

Insert Comments Resize
  • Right-clicking on the cell and clicking ‘Edit Comment’ in excel can help to make changes in a comment.
Edit Comments
  • A comment associated with a cell can be deleted by right-clicking on the cell and selecting ‘Delete Comment’ in excel.
Delete Comment
  • To format a comment, we first make a comment editable using ‘Edit Comment’ in excel. Then highlight the text that you wish to format. Right-click on the selected text and click ‘Format Comment.’ This will open a ‘Format Comment’ dialog box. Any changes can be made to apply a different format to the text. Let’s say we want to make some text bold and blue using ‘Font Style’ and ‘Color’ dropdown list:
Format Comment

This will make changes in a comment with the new formatting.

  • When we have too many comments, the red flags on the cells might be distracting. We can remove these flags from the cell in the following way:
    • Go to File-> Options, and click on ‘Advanced’ on the left side of the Excel Options dialog box.
    • On the right side of the Excel Options dialog box, scroll down to the ‘Display ‘section.
    • Select ‘No comments or Indicators’ under ‘For a cell with comments, show.’
    • With these options selected, hovering over a cell with a comment will not display the comment.
No comments or indicators

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